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ContactDB began as an online retailer for business mailing lists. But throughout the years, we have done more than just to improve the quality of our products. Our process of creative innovation and dedication to data integrity has molded our own B2B marketing experience. Today, we still provide businesses over the world with quality, secure contact information. All the while our tried-and-tested combination of technology and skill is now available to create your own effective lead generation campaigns. Not many companies sell data along with the complete process that created it.

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We give you more than just access to the people and information needed for successful targeted campaigns.While our secure Data Integrity Guarantee ensures 100% accurate and updated lists, we want our clients to acquire the most opportunities by giving the expert lead generation tools and teams for maximized results.

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Their database has helped us generate more leads this past month than what we've been trying to do for the past two years!
Danny Sax
UberSystems, Inc
Before using ContactDB, our sales team suffered from a number of problems. Leads took too long before they reached our hands, they didn't even have information to help us close a deal, and measuring KPI was nearly hopeless. At the very least, the help we got from this company helped review what we really knew about sales lead generation and finally got us on the right track.
Charles Morrison
V.P. Sales & Product Management
I was fairly surprised at the amount of consulting I could get from this database company. They not only helped us get the most out of our money but our marketing results have never been better!
Cady Morgan
Executive VP
Harmon-E Solutions
Both the people in sales and customer service really have a way of giving recommendations. Believe them when they say that maintaining their database has taught them a lot about how things work in B2B sales.
Luke Charleston
Marketing Manager
Harmon-E Solutions

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