Difficult, But It Is Within Reach

Advertising? That is just an easy profession, is it not? Wrong.

The saying goes that one can lead a horse to a river, but cannot force to drink the flowing waters. No one can force customers to like a product and purchase it.

That is the great challenge of marketers when it comes to making their products more appealing to the general public. Does the product and services suit the need of the people? Is it worth it of attention?

“Yes” is the usual answers of marketers. It asserts their self-worth and confidence. There is the challenging portion, on the other hand, and that is to build off the answer towards an achievable goal and feature set. The email marketing community is not completely conscious of the methods that can make newsletters deliverability at its optimum level. Most of the problems of deliverability stem from the underlying list and marketers need to keep their databases of contacts as new in addition modernized as possible to optimize deliverability and presentation. Continue reading

Is It Safe?

When we set off for a vacation, we would all want a safe trip. Of course, we all want to see our loved ones again after we have reached destinations and that we would want to see that magical place once again, right? We all want to avoid any accidents, mishaps or any unfortunate even that we could possibly encounter on our way home or even to our destination. We would all like to arrive, to and fro, in one piece.

In online marketing, advertising mails are like travelers: they should get to their destination safely and unscathed. The slightest errors can lead to blacklisting and in worse case scenarios, blacklisted. It is not entirely a safe journey, is it? These emails should not be deterred along the way for they bear important messages for the marketer’s success. Continue reading

Watch Out For Those Traps!

Traps are set out for a reason. For one, hunters use them to catch their quarry. One could say it is quite similar to email addresses. And they are called “spam traps”. It is probably a sly and dreaded thing by online marketers.

These traps are set my addressees in order to save up their inbox spaces. Sometimes these traps can cause havoc than any marketer may imagine. Email advertisements might never reach their predestined inboxes, sent to spam folders, unread and worse, deleted. These traps can even cause blacklisting and blocking issues. These two situations do not sound very pleasing to online marketers; their data and announcements will never reach to their targeted customers.

Thankfully, there are methods in avoiding those spiky spam traps.

Be Nimble and Quick!

Here are some quick tips to jump over those harmful traps: Continue reading

Managing Through Hardships

The road to success is never smooth or easy. Success in online marketing is an astounding which not many can be able to do. It is a difficult task, but it does not mean doable. Being a success in online marketing of course needs a lot of perseverance, crafty and control.

Being Out of Danger

It is not a bit of a shock that an email marketer would be fanatical with the protection of their email list. It is no longer news about the dangers of theft and data corruption is rampant. The marketer ought to be guided in the measures that need to be taken in order to safeguard their databases. It is demanding to keep databases clean, but the results of carelessness and laidback in data safety. The best defense is to stay cognizant and prepared. Continue reading

The Center of Attraction

It has always been on the subject on transporting significance to online subscribers that experts’ advice what to do. Undeniably, it is a good advice. However, attractive offers and contents are just a waste of inbox space if the email does not clasp the attention of subscribers’ responsiveness. The sad part is that if the subscribers do not even recognize the advertising email, the might brand it as junk mail and it will be consequently be sent to the spam folder. This is reasonably an ache; contemplation is a little infrequent in the internet. So now the inquiry lies on how to get that attention.

This proclaimers the solution at the threshold in the procedure of signing-up. This boosts interests between subscribers to recognize and seek out the emails of the said advertising company.

Six Ways on How to be the Center of Attraction

  • Explicate and rationalize the significance of the emails in the sign-up duplicate. The follow-up should be that value should be reinforced in the authorization page. It is not enough to simply say “Thank you for signing up!”; it would be wise to add: “Look out for email discounts coming your way!” Continue reading

Relevance that Go with the Flow

Relevancy is an idea to which email marketing success factors is a must-have. There are a lot of surges that continues to persist marketers in every place. The surge may be there, but the methods are unknown to some. The same marketers point out the exciting potential in computerized messaging, the analogous tools and the like. However, there is one strategy that is often disregarded and that is the unpretentious happening or innovative relationship.

Concepts should also be added. An example of this would be an innocent-looking merchandise offered by an advertising turn out to be more and more interesting when it is presented as a holiday gift suggestion and accompanied by seasonal imagery. It is common that it is a strategy to get subscribers into the fold. Continue reading

Optimizing Investment Returns

Advertisers should ask email industry professionals occasionally in order to weigh in on timely topics that are vexing email advertising today. Asking experts who can give insights to advertisers can give them an advantage on what to do in their next online advertising campaigns and subsequently increasing their ROI or Return of Investment.

Don’t Miss Out On Something Great

When advertisers acquire results that are “good enough”, that does not settle for excellence. Many email marketers have fallen into this conception for that would mean that they are missing out on something great. Marketing via email is kept afloat by its economic cost compared to other forms of advertisements. However, it is not enough that these emails are simply sent to the right recipients. These emails need to be read. Continue reading

The First Round of Battle: Avoiding Email Bounces

Online marketing can be a never-ending battle; there are many things to watch out for and the type of field changes as time goes on. One of the blights of online marketing is bouncing emails; it torments many email marketing program. Bouncing emails can result in an array of damaging results containing dropped answer regularity, misplaced proceeds, squandered advertising assets and, the most dreaded of all, blacklisting or complete shut out. It is a common trait for online marketers to keep a close watch on their deliverability rate; this is like a standard operating procedure. Even having a glamorous delivery rate, the serious data quality issues lurking beneath the surface of the email database can lie dormant and undetected. Who knows when it would simply strike to the surface with unexpected and deadly results? That is the fight in the first round of battle marketers need to be prepared for. Continue reading


There are many subscribers in databases but even so, the ones who remain inactive can always be reactivated. It is better to retain these contacts rather than immediately disposing them and look for new ones. So how exactly does one reactivate subscribers that are not clicking or opening their mails?

First of All…

First of all, marketers should look at their subscribers’ activity beyond opens and clicks. These metrics often tell only a small portion of the story. Scrutinize the statistical facts like website traffic after an email was set out and the “read” rate or exactly how many subscribers have read the emails without enabling images.

Continue reading

It Is Not Easy, But It Is Attainable

There is always that question of making online advertising easier.

That question is asked between advertisers and with customers whenever they are reviewing and planning advertisers’ offerings. “Yes” is usually the answer. There is the difficult part, however, and that is to build off the answer towards an achievable goal and feature set. The email marketing community is not fully aware of the methods that can make newsletters deliverability at its optimum level. Most of the problems of deliverability stem from the underlying list and marketers need to keep their databases of contacts as fresh and updated as possible to optimize deliverability and presentation.

There are still things to attend to in order to make online advertising a whole lot easier.

Three Things to Watch to Make Things Easier

  1. Immediacy of Data Processing. Spotless and precise problematic and invalid email addresses before they make their way into the marketing databases are immediately proofread and corrected. Each address is checked in order to confirm that the account is valid and available to accept advertising mails.
  2. Improvements and Polishing. Existing databases should not be overlooked as well. There could be some glitches that have been missed out in previous checkups. It is necessary to perform periodic corrections in existing databases. Continue reading