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How to Build a Contact List You Can Be Proud Of

posted by Nick on October 7, 2015


In B2B marketing, connection are important matter. A piece of information that is collected and compiled and set as a database for the benefits of a particular needs –a contact list. While it may be too dreamy to think about big contacts from big businesses, creating a contact list from a small-scale business and set […]

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Little Known Ways to Leverage Email Marketing

posted by Nick on October 5, 2015


Just as old the telemarketing ways, the email marketing can often be an indication that your marketing tactic is old. But that does not mean it’s already obsolete. It is just old. But that is alright. We all know that email marketing has always been in the umbrella of digital marketing since it’s started in […]

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Three Types of Profiling in Marketing

posted by Nick on October 2, 2015


Profiling programs are designed to guide the marketing automation platform in determining what category would your website visitor are into so to identify the marketing needs of those individual in the marketing process. Profiling software consists of scoring those individual in terms of content visit, email interaction and click rate ration. This helps business in […]

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Email marketing Programming and its Benefits

posted by Nick on September 30, 2015


Email marketing is not new in B2B marketing. Email marketing might be a thing in the past but business these days are not using this simple yet effective strategy in prospecting. Email marketing that we know is just a regular text with recipient and sender and that is all. Without thinking through the possibility of […]

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Reaching the Critical Point of Digital Marketing

posted by Nick on September 28, 2015


Many years ago we wished upon the stars that advertisement pop-up would disappear in our home screen or page that we are visiting on the web. Well, that wish has been granted by ios 9 and the brand war between Apple, Google and Facebook. Another reason is the percentage use of mobile web user and […]

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Marketing your Marketing Services

posted by Nick on September 25, 2015


How many B2B marketing company is in there? Can you even count the number of marketing company around the globe? Do have any clue that even yourself is an asset of the marketing process? Most, probably people don’t have any idea that from the moment they buy a bottle of water or can of juice, […]

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Machine Base Content Marketing

posted by Nick on September 23, 2015


Machine-learning technology rising its way to the peak of its value. It has been hastily integrated in the marketing methods. Contact DB currently started its pavement through in using landing page optimizer that will be suited in using Adobe Experience Manager in helping marketers maximize their landing page potential.

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Do CTR truly helps Lead Generation?

posted by Nick on September 21, 2015

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Lead generation and lead nurturing are the pillars of B2B marketing. Not only has it found new possible clients but as well as keeping them on sight to ensure close parameter with them. This process requires online researching and grabbing of new visitors online. It has been a culture in the online world that to […]

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B2B Marketing – Finding the Long Term Solutions

posted by Nick on September 18, 2015


The main point of B2B marketing is to establish connections between businesses in the community business. Looking at the point of view of a good business man is sure to sell services or products to a large number of consumers and make profit. Yes. That is true in the short time period but how about […]

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SEO and Content Marketing Quick Tips

posted by Nick on September 16, 2015


Big companies like Facebook, Twitter, and such are aware of the essentials in executing the basics tactic in search engine optimization (SEO). In starting B2B marketing, content marketing is one of its avenues to increase the popularity of its website. Unless if the website is already popular or popular in the real world.  But if […]

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