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The Superstore of Specialty Lists

Why Contact DB?

We give you more than just access to the people and information needed for successful targeted campaigns. While our secure Data Integrity Guarantee ensures 100% accurate and updated lists, we want our clients to acquire the most opportunities by giving the expert lead generation tools and teams for maximized results.

Our Services


Data Profiling.

Still can’t find the right data? Not to worry, we’ll look for entirely new contacts just for you. If you feel that your business deserves only fresh information, we have the resources to profile all those untested contacts and package them into a list for you to use in future marketing campaigns.

Data Cleansing & verification.

We’ve cleaned our lists. We can clean yours. Dirty data only creates dirty business (and not the successful kind either). Avoid calling dead businesses. Keep in line with DNC and CANSPAM regulations. Get names right the first time you call, not after the awkward moment.

Linkedin Profiling.

Some say that marketing is more than just knowing what numbers to call. We agree with those people. That’s why we can do more than just give you numbers to call too. Run a survey to determine your target market. Collaborate with our own analysts to determine metrics, sample size, and publishing.


Email Marketing.

Lists are just the first step to a successful email marketing strategy. You’ll also need creative resources for templates as well as the best practices to avoid violating anti-spam regulations. All of which are now available here at ContactDB.


You can now start calling campaigns right after you purchase. ContactDB also offers teams of highly-trained telemarketing professionals to serve any vital in the B2B sales process. These include: Lead Nurturing, Verifying Appointments, Follow-Up Calls.

Social Media.

Whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn, creating the best networking connections on social media requires more than knowing who’s who.We here at ContactDB can help you create a strong presence and further engagement with prospects on various social media networks.

What They Said About Us < >

Their database has helped us generate more leads this past month than what we've been trying to do for the past two years!
Danny Sax
UberSystems, Inc
Before using ContactDB, our sales team suffered from a number of problems. Leads took too long before they reached our hands, they didn't even have information to help us close a deal, and measuring KPI was nearly hopeless. At the very least, the help we got from this company helped review what we really knew about sales lead generation and finally got us on the right track.
Charles Morrison
V.P. Sales & Product Management
I was fairly surprised at the amount of consulting I could get from this database company. They not only helped us get the most out of our money but our marketing results have never been better!
Cady Morgan
Executive VP
Harmon-E Solutions
Both the people in sales and customer service really have a way of giving recommendations. Believe them when they say that maintaining their database has taught them a lot about how things work in B2B sales.
Luke Charleston
Marketing Manager
Harmon-E Solutions
There are times where I'm still astonished at the level of modern marketing expertise the people of ContactDB have. They're not dinosaurs of the telemarketing age. They knew what was coming with the internet changing the way salespeople worked and how social networking just added to the pile. My people try to keep up. But with so much work, I'm glad that this company could at least help us find the few missing pieces when it comes to our lead generation campaigns.
Rachel Stern
Roadmeister Manufacturing
The start of our year was really tough. We've been cold calling for weeks with no leads and only more frustration. That's when we stumbled on ContactDB. While there were plenty of other database providers out there, this was the only company that was willing to take our calls and actually guide us through the process of purchasing. That alone is enough to get my vote and I look forward to doing business with these people in the future.
Jessie Wilhelm
Sales Manager
EastEye CRM
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