4 tips in perfecting your sales cadence

4 Tips in Perfecting Your Sales Cadence

A sales cadence is the chain of actions that you take in the hopes of closing a sale with a prospect. It includes every contact attempt, or touchpoints, a salesperson makes with a prospect, including emails, phone calls, voicemails, and social media interaction.

An effective sales cadence is essential for companies because it gives their sales representative a systematic framework to follow while they’re on the job. However, if your sales cadence is not well-built, they can also irritate your prospects and drive them away from your business.

Perfecting your sales cadence will ensure that you drive your prospects into your sales funnel, and not out of it.

Here is how to create your perfect sales cadence:

1) Be persistent, but not annoying.

Prospects often get annoyed with repeated calls and frequent emails, so it’s best not to flood their emails with constant contact attempts. At the same time, you don’t want your prospect to forget about you, so you shouldn’t wait too long between contact attempts either.

The ideal duration between the first and last contact attempt is between two to four weeks, which is enough to provide your prospects time to consider your products and services, without constantly being at the top of their inboxes.

To achieve the right balance between persistent and annoying, you should:

  • Allot a 1-4 days space between your contact attempts
  • Increase the amount of time between contacts

2) Contact right away, and with the right content

Figuring out the best channel with which to reach your prospects can be tough, but no matter how you contact a prospect, it’s always necessary to have the right thing to say.

The majority of first contacts happen through email, so it’s crucial that your emails are worth opening and responding to.

Send out different types of content that you think will resonate with your prospect. You can share with them an ebook that addresses a common pain point in their industry, a link to an article covering a recent industry event, or case studies and testimonials that similar clients have about your product or service.

Should you choose to have your initial contact with your prospects through a phone call, focus on how your call will benefit them. 

3) Make the number of touchpoints matter

Studies show that it takes 7-13 contact attempts to deliver a qualified sales lead. In reality, however, many sales representatives often give up after just one attempt with a prospect.

Set yourself up for success by intending to contact each prospect 10-15 times during your sales cadence. You can test your sales cadence and recalibrate it over time to identify what works best for your target market.

4) Recalibrate as needed

It’s necessary to identify which works for your company and your target audience. You can nail this down by testing out your sales cadence, and adjusting to results as needed.

In calibrating your sales cadence, you should track the following metrics to see what works best for you:

  • How many touchpoints it takes to get a response
  • How many touches it takes to move to a prospecting call
  • How many touches it takes to close a sale
  • Open and click-through rates of prospecting emails
  • Which types of content get you the highest response rates
  • How many prospects ultimately convert into customers

Information on what is and what’s not effective for you will give you insight on how to improve your sales cadences for the future.

Use these examples of sales cadences below to get you started:

Example 1: Inbound sales cadence

Inbound prospecting deals with people who have already expressed interest in your company, so a phone call is safe to try right away. Since the prospect is already interested in your company, you may have the first few contacts close together.

  • Day 1: Phone Call 1, Voicemail 1, Social Media Contact 1
  • Day 2: Phone Call 2, Voicemail 2, Email 1
  • Day 4: Email 2
  • Day 7: Phone Call 3, Email 3
  • Day 11: Email 3
  • Day 15: Email 4
  • Day 21: Phone Call 4, Voicemail 3, Email 5

           Length of sales cadence: 3 weeks

           Number of touch points: 14

Example 2: Outbound sales cadence

Outbound prospecting deals with people in your target audience who have not yet made initial contact with your company. Since they are basically strangers to your company, it’s good to make the first contact attempt over social media or email. Contacting them through social media or email gives them time to warm up to you and your company before you jump on to a prospecting call. The touches should also be spaced further apart and fewer in between.

  • Day 1: Social Media Contact 1
  • Day 2: Social Media Contact 2, Email 1
  • Day 4: Email 2
  • Day 7: Phone Call 1, Voicemail 1
  • Day 11: Phone Call 2, Email 3
  • Day 15: Email 4
  • Day 21: Phone Call 3, Voicemail 3, Email 5

           Length of sales cadence: 4 weeks

           Number of touch points: 12

To recap: You can perfect your sales cadences by being persistent (but not annoying!) with your contact attempts, reaching out to your prospects through the right channels and with the right content, and testing and adjusting your sales cadence.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your current sales cadence, or create a new one from scratch! But if you need more help in optimizing your business practices, you can always count on us to help you.

Reach out to us now and discover more of the industry’s best practices with ContactDB.

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