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About Us

For many years, ContactDB has been compiling its massive business contact database to continuously provide valuable and accurate information for B2B marketers everywhere. With every client, we put our lists through a constant cycle of addition and revision. This guarantees up-to-date information that can be repeatedly recycled with fresh, new contacts every time.

But alongside that, we also like to share our experiences as quality analysts, market researchers, and lead generators. Our dedication to quality data goes beyond what we sell and towards better practices that shape the future of B2B marketing.

Data Refinement and Repair Service


Provide/Generate Data

Our customers have complete reign over their information. You can choose to have us generate data straight from our own, secure database. Alternatively, you can provide us your own information and we’ll put it through the same, dedicated cleaning process that allows us to provide accurate, quality contact lists.


Commence Extensive Research

Once information has been acquired, we immediately begin researching the contacts. Our online researchers analyze every individual entry down to every individual detail:

  • Emails.
  • Social media accounts.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Websites.
  • Business directories.

We look for any and all information that will allow your marketers and sales people to reach out.


Exterminate Bad Entries On Sight

ContactDB uses a strong mix of manual and automated qualification processes to make sure bad entries are completely eliminated. We do not tolerate sock accounts and duplicate contacts on our lists nor do we include dead domains and spam traps.


Additional Research For Replacements

Cleaning data shouldn’t be to the point that you don’t have much contact information left. That’s why the elimination of bad entries is quickly followed up by another round of extensive research. This is not only to repair incomplete contacts but also find possible replacements for dead ones.


Data Testing Before Delivery

In only three business days before delivery, we run full test on the newly cleaned list to double check the accuracy of every entry whether they’re new, old, or modified. As in Step 3, our resources use the combined strength of both skilled data qualifiers and precision technology. You can be sure that once you have your list, it has already been primed, tested, and well-ready for campaign deployment.

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