How to Generate Feedback from Your C-level Email Recipients

In email marketing, it’s not enough to just grab your reader’s interests alone. Generating feedback from recipients is an equally-important step in email campaigns. This is even more essential when dealing with contacts from a c-level executive list. Because insights from these decision makers are quite valuable, you have to be able to get their take on issues, and here’s how. Read more

Three Tips for Effective Timing in B2B Email Marketing

Do you ever feel like you’re just playing a game of roulette with your email marketing? If

you are, then you need to do some serious rethinking about your strategies. Email marketing is an investment, not a gamble. One area that affects the results of any email marketing campaign is timing. Timing is a vital component of a strategy that works. Here are some tips to help you optimize any mailing list service. Read more

Some Practical Tips on Consistency in Small Business Email Marketing

As human beings, we all have a natural tendency to favor something that is consistent. In fact this desire is so great that we tend to look for consistency everywhere we can. As a marketer, you can use the power of consistency to your advantage. Take a look at these practical tips on maintaining consistency to maximize the returns from a mail list service. Read more

Small Business Marketing Tips: Turning Offline Readers into Email Subscribers

Small businesses are now integrating print and electronic media in their marketing campaigns. Aside from reaching a broader audience, this approach allows us to direct our prospects from one media form to another. Readers of offline marketing materials such as direct mail, brochures, advertisements, etc. can be redirected to register to your email business list. Here are a few content ideas to turn your offline readers in email subscribers. Read more

How to Avoid Email Blacklists for Small Businesses

The bane of any email marketing campaign is becoming part of an email blacklist. Being blacklisted means that your emails get blocked and, as a result, can no longer reach some or all of your target recipients. To make matters worse, getting out of blacklists is typically quite a messy ordeal. That’s why blacklist prevention is the better option according to most email marketing and business database providers. Read more

How to Effectively Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing for Small Businesses

The debate on email marketing versus social media marketing is a complete waste of time. Rather than hammer away at their differences, why not focus on how to combine their strengths into one seamless marketing plan? Social media and email marketing lists work well together. In fact, they complement each other. Read more