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How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your B2B Email Content: Ideas from a Content Marketing Guru

business list, business list service, managers business listThe average corporate recipient sifts through 105 emails a day, according to IBM’s Email Deliverability Report. A study published by the Nielsen-Norman Group reveals that email users typically spend about 51 seconds reading a single newsletter. This means emails already take up 1.5 hours from the daily schedules of contacts like decision-makers in your managers business list.

Knowing that such a workload faces your contacts, what reasons would you give them to open, read, and respond to your emails?

The best answer would be distributing relevant and timely content. But, as you may fully be aware of, content doesn’t grow on trees. It takes a great deal of time and effort to think of and produce useful content. Content development is such a daunting challenge for every B2B marketer that this activity is usually delegated to someone else. However, for those who can’t find “someone else” to produce content for them on a regular basis, they have to rely on their own creativity which waxes and wanes unpredictably.

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Common B2B Email Marketing Issues: How to Identify & Fix Them

contact lists, contact lists companyAt some points in our lives, things just don’t go our way. It’s really no different in B2B email marketing where a lot of things can and will go wrong; from the start of building an contact database to the actual qualification of the leads. But, be that as it may, the more important thing is that many of these setbacks can be identified, fixed, and minimized or even eliminated. This post looks at areas of email campaigns where problems commonly arise – from contact lists to content choices – and discusses how to diagnose and treat these anomalies.

In a blog entry from a few weeks ago, we’ve talked a little bit about the three T’s in email marketing (test, tweak, and track). This concept is worth revisiting for our purposes today as it helps in finding and fixing problems in our campaigns.

Your campaign metrics are the indicators that enable you to see where your email marketing project needs more work on. These vital signs are the variables you’ll be using to test and verify an educated guess about your campaign’s state. As you’re fully aware of, there’s plenty of email metrics to go around which makes it essential for you to isolate the ones that really describe what you’re trying to determine.

Here are three areas in your email marketing campaigns where issues tend to frequently show up:

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Top 5 Reasons That Drive CEOs Toward Social Media and Why These Matter To Your B2B Marketing

Around 57% of CEOs think social media will play an increasingly important role in their business over the next 3-5 years. This is according to IBM’s Global CEO Study which surveyed over 1,000 chief executives more than 60 countries. Accordingly, B2B marketers must go beyond this headline numbers and examine the reasons beneath such a trend in order to help them make more informed decisions in terms of lead generation, contact list building, branding, ads, etc.

buy updated CEO business email list

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What Your IT Prospects Want to Read in Your Email & How to Deliver the Right Content

contact list, IT contact listContent materials that offer “practical advice” are what technology buyers, like those in your IT contacts list, want to read the most, among other things. This is according to a recent study cited by the Content Marketing Institute where the respondents consisted of both vendors and buyers in the tech sector. As a subset of this group, the prospects in your IT contact list most likely share the same preferences.

This post takes a look at the content that your IT prospects want to read in your B2B email marketing blasts and discusses some ideas to help you meet their content demands.

The survey mentioned by CMI reveals a lot of useful information on the things that make up quality content from the point of view of tech buyers and sellers. About 65% of respondents prefer to read best practices; 59% wantcompetitive comparisons” while 54% are attracted towards how-to guides. From the tech vendors’ side, 64% use facts/figures as foundations for their offer, 62% include business/technical aspects, and 58% use recent developments.

Another area that the above study sheds light on is the effect of content age on readership. About 41% of tech buyers want to read information that is at most one year old, 28% accept information between 12 to 18 months old, and 31% say information more than 18 months old is still valid.

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How to Segment Your B2B Mailing Lists According to Buyer Personas

mailing lists, mailing lists provider, c-level mailing listsBefore the terms “targeted” and “content” became inseparable in B2B marketing speak, marketing databases like executive mailing lists were typically segmented according to crude criteria like demographics and company profile only. Today, these segmentation methods are no longer up to the task of facilitating laser-precise content mapping with email and other marketing activities. B2B email marketers need more thorough segmentation techniques for mailing lists to match content and audience, generating prospects of the highest quality.

In the blog post “Six Smart Ways to Cut B2B Email Lists into Precise Segments for Targeted Campaigns,” we briefly discussed the idea of segmenting mailing lists using buyer personas. This post dives deeper into buyer personas and shows you how to do this method of slicing your mailing lists.

Buyer personas are categories of prospects based on certain unique characteristics they have, particularly their role in the buying process. These help us to better map our content to the right audience. As such, buyer personas can enhance our lead nurturing efforts to produce true qualified leads.

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How To Develop Workable Lead Nurturing Strategies for B2B Email Marketing

contact list, contact list for businesses, business contacts, email listsWe’ve taken a look at applying lead nurturing concepts broadly to an integrated marketing campaign in a previous blog post. Now, let’s narrow down our discussion to cover lead nurturing in the realm of B2B email marketing and see what we can do with our B2B contact lists, email messages/content, and other campaign considerations to improve the quality of our prospects.

We’ve also already seen in the above-mentioned blog post that there is evidence in the real world suggesting proper lead nurturing improves the efficiency of the marketing and sales process. Organizations that are really good at lead nurturing report marked improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales teams (50% better conversion rates, 33% lower marketing costs) plus higher potential for developing customer loyalty.

Yet, despite its clear advantages, other studies also indicate that lead nurturing is not on the radar screens of many B2B marketers at this time. A UK-based study shows that as much as 3 out of every 4 B2B marketers there have no lead nurturing strategy. In terms of email, around 42% of respondents in a separate study rated this channel as best suited for “quantity” of leads, not lead quality.

With recent and broader B2B marketing trends strongly showing a shift in focus toward lead quality (given top priority by 53% of B2B marketers), these imply the underlying need to follow and nurture prospects throughout the sales pipeline. That’s why every marketing channel including email campaigns should follow a lead nurturing strategy, and here are the steps to build one:

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Seven Things Your Email Campaign Metrics Are Saying That You Might Be Ignoring

contact database, contact database provider, b2b contact databaseYour B2B email marketing campaign talks to you through a special language called analytics which use numbers instead of letters to form words called metrics. Through combinations of these metrics and other data, your campaign lets you know about any aspect in your project —topics/content reception, effectiveness of timing, B2B email contact database accuracy, etc. This post looks at seven of these messages/warnings that you might be ignoring.

There are lots of email marketing metrics used today. You’ve got open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, spam percentage, abuse reports, etc. to look at which can be quite overwhelming at times. To filter out the noise and make some sense out of them, you have to take them into context and not in isolation. Oftentimes, you need to compare these values to some benchmark or index as well as other measurements in your marketing campaign like ROI, conversion rates, and social metrics to arrive at valid and accurate conclusions which may include the following:

1. Adjust sending frequency. Sometimes, your metrics may be telling you that you’re sending too frequently or extremely rarely, depending on their values. If you suspect this to be the case, try changing your sending frequency on a small sample from your B2B contact database and see how the changes affect open rates, unsubscribe rates, and abuse reports.

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The Four Areas in Your B2B Email Campaigns Where Twitter Proves Its Worth

email list, email list service, b2b email listA couple of blog posts ago, we saw how LinkedIn could be effectively combined with your email marketing in growing B2B lists, broadcasting content, and becoming a thought leader in your niche. Today, we’ll take a look at another extremely powerful social media tool you can use to enhance your B2B email marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Although having some similarities with LinkedIn in terms of impact on your email marketing projects, Twitter lends itself to other key areas in your campaign.

Over the years, Twitter has grown massively and now has around 500 million registered users. Each day, about 33 billion Tweets are made around the so-called Tweetersphere by its most active users, 50% of whom follow companies’, brands’, or products’ Twitter pages. That’s why 57% of companies engaged in social media marketing use twitter with 82% dedicated to B2B marketing – and for good reasons.

Twitter holds enormous B2B marketing potentials. In fact, B2B marketers who use Twitter are doubling their leads generated per month. Around 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow while 67% of US Twitter users say they’re more willing to buy followed brands.

These figures by themselves make it easy to see why B2B email marketing stands to benefit from adding Twitter into the mix. You can plainly see that Twitter can help you with such things as expanding your B2B email databases, promoting your brand/products, and elevating your online presence. But how exactly does this social site boost your B2B email campaign results? Here are four key email marketing areas where Twitter does its magic:

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How to Create an Effective Elevator Pitch for Your Email Marketing and Win More C-level Leads

executive list, executive list provider, Malaysia executive listYou’re in an elevator with a very important company executive, and you’re about make a proposal on which the fate of your business rests. The official seems to be in a hurry and, to make matters worse, he’s getting off on the next floor. How would you explain your ideas in such a short period of time? If you think about it, this question is also quite valid if you’re sending emails to contacts you acquired from an executive list provider. It’s the same set of persons and the same pressure.

An effective ‘elevator pitch’ is a good approach in organizing and presenting your ideas and proposals to important an audience, like decision makers. But, quite apart from what the phrase implies, a good elevator pitch has a broader range of applicability including email marketing. The elevator pitch helps you deliver your message to recipients more effectively and efficiently. It works best with contacts who are not yet part of your official subscriber list. Here are a few guidelines on how you can apply this method.

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Six Ways to Boost Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign with the Help of LinkedIn

b2b leads, leads database, mailing lists, b2b mailing listsWith 161 million users and counting, LinkedIn is certainly the largest professional networking site today, growing at a rate of 2 new subscribers per second. As such, LinkedIn is one of the top destinations for marketers to generate online B2B leads. LinkedIn offers new opportunities for B2B email marketing with many features and functionalities useful to our campaigns.

This post talks about six tactics for B2B email marketers to enhance their results through incorporating LinkedIn into their projects.

The idea of using social networking sites to boost email marketing results is certainly not new. Studies have shown that 36% of B2B marketers integrate social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as part of their email marketing strategy. Of these, around 25% prioritize building leads database and B2B mailing lists while 35% say they use these sites to announce upcoming email newsletters and other content.

Exactly how LinkedIn fits in your B2B email marketing campaign depends on the purpose you want to achieve. These goals are basically three-fold: to build mailing lists, to syndicate content, and to gather/share information. This post gives you two tactics for each as follows:

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