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Measuring Potentials

posted by Margaret Spencer on December 23, 2013

Marketers are trying to plot out the right segmentation and targeting course since their business is challenging an important flaw. A customer who does not show any interest in the marketer’s offer may either have no need in the offers or they do not want what is offered. Or it could be that the marketer’s effort and approach does not compliment the customer’s interest. If so, then there is a need for a method in order to measure the potential for a customer to engage and spend while incapacitating the barrier built by the preconceived notion of acquired customer data.

The Pointers

Great minds think alike: this seems to be what the clients are also thinking when it comes to how advertisers should approach them. According to clients, this is how potential measurements should go:

  • Quality over Quantity. The priority of how relevant and worthy the information a data contains should be placed over how many information is acquired.
  • Data perceptions. Data and information should provide insights and how it would be possible and achievable.
  • Computable and Delivered. The benefits are tangible and possible to produce. They should also be delivered properly to customers. (more…)
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Immunization of Databases

posted by Margaret Spencer on December 16, 2013

There are many diseases all around the world that scientists, researchers and doctors have finally produced vaccinations so that people would finally be immune from these diseases. Email marketing can also develop immunity for diseases such as inactive emails or sudden changes of email addresses. Universally speaking, statistics show that 30% of the email addresses […]

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The Values of Communication

posted by Margaret Spencer on December 13, 2013

Online marketing means there is a need for communication at both ends; the marketer is not the only one who is active, but the customer as well. It is through the customer that marketers know which part of their products that they have to improve and assess in order to improve and subsequently increase customer […]

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Don’t Let Them Go

posted by Margaret Spencer on December 9, 2013

When the word “Spam” is on the screen, it is dreadful to see on the inbox. However there is another “click through” link that customers never bother to click for it is the unsubscribed link. While there is email marketers that would agree that minimizing unsubscribes are in their greatest importance, it is most likely […]

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No Replies, No Calls

posted by Margaret Spencer on December 2, 2013

Questions are raised on how to reactivate dormant subscribers in their database. In most cases there are 30%-40% of email database that can be considered inactive. Augment this to the number of hard rebounds that amass regularly as a result of normal list churn: there is approximately 30% per year. This is how difficult it is […]

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