What Clients Don’t Know about Data Profiling

What Clients Don’t Know about Data Profiling

There are many things that clients should know before inquiring about Data profiling, of course, this is something that most marketers that are really business inclined already knows, and that is, there are information or data that isn’t accurate and worthwhile.

There are some business owners who will give it all just to provide accurate data’s, but there are instances that these data’s will change over time, nothing stays the same (As they say).

Nothing stays the same

It’s true that nothing really stays the same. Take emotions, it’s always going to be different from time to time, from the morning you wake up, you’ll experience a different kind of emotions, Happy, Sad, Disgust, Anger, Fear and many more, And that’s only the moment you wake up. What more if we need information that shouldn’t change over time.

The Information we get from the net isn’t always accurate. Some don’t even update their information, which make data cleansing quite hard. Of course, there are ways how Online Researchers can get the information they need, and that’s through Cold-Calling.

Is it really important to have accurate information?

The question is somewhat idiotic, but there are some Online Researchers that seems to be confused whether they should give out accurate information. So it is really that important give out accurate information? The answer is a big YES!

Accurate information is what  your client paid you, so why give or hand out missing information to clients that already bought your data? Isn’t it the reason why you choose a data profiling business?

Giving accurate information can be a huge help

Handing out accurate and worthwhile information, can be a huge help for both you and your client and here’s why;

  • Referrals – If your clients are satisfied in your data’s then some of your clients might refer your company to some of their friends or businesses
  • Relationship – Building relationship is the real goal for all businesses. Without business relationship, your business will just be one of those unnoticed businesses around the street.
  • Monthly or Yearly Contract – Some of your clients might ask for your help again, we will never know.


Data Cleansing: 4 ways to generally clean your list

You can’t avoid messing up your own Data, let alone fixing other data. Inaccurate or outdated information data can hurt your company, so it’s important for you to clean, fix and remove duplicate data. Of course, having said this, you need tools to help you clean unwanted Data from time to time.

Ensuring that your data is clean and in good working order you need to apply methods that is effective in cleaning up your data. I’ll reveal to you some of the ways I’ve learned throughout my Data Cleansing experience.

#1 Removing Duplicates Rows

Some clients will require you to clean duplicates, having said this, you need to analyze every single one of those lists to ensure that you can spot duplicates. So how can we know if it’s a duplicate? Well, it’s pretty easy considering that the name of the person, job title, number and company are the same. There are instances that the company is double but the name of that person is different, this can be considered as duplicate if the client only asks for one member of each company.

#2 Spell Check

Misspelled words can cause you a lot of misunderstanding in your data, if you want to avoid those misspelled word from happening, use a spell checker.

#3 Misusage of Formats

Maintaining a clean database means  that you need to make sure that everything must be in its proper format. If those formats are incorrect then your entire database will be in ruins. Of course, in excel it’s easy for us to properly format the list.

#4 Removing unnecessary data

To keep your list on the right track, you need to remove incorrect data and replace or search for the correct data to be inputted.


There are many ways to clean your data, you can read it or you can learn from it by practicing it every time, you are asked to do it. But only remember that you need to input the right Data in order for your data list to be accurate.

Data Profiling: One does not simply profile (And here’s Why)

When you’re in a Data profiling job, you will always hear some clients asking for something like this,

Can you produce 200 records daily?

I’m looking for 4000 record list that only consist of… The specs are in the email I sent to you

Well, it isn’t that hard of a job when you don’t really have a deadline to catch, but when the deadline is only within a day or two. Then this job will need everyone in your team to work hand in hand.

Data profiling isn’t what I could say a “Piece of a cake” kind of job. Although we have some guidelines to follow, we seldom do it by what we know and that is, Double check some data’s and correct some.

Understanding how profiling works.

Understanding how profiling works is one thing that every customer or client need to know. Why? Because customers or clients need to be fully aware that some of the missing data can’t be found or some of their specifications aren’t that free or searchable.

Some data’s like personal emails or mobile number are personal, so it is set in private by that person. Data profiling doesn’t only depend on LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter to gather data from people within the list. It usually depends on the person who is working and this is why data profiling takes a lot of time.

It depends on how a person does its job on the given list.

When a prospect or client gives out its specification, it is given to two to three persons. This means that on every data profiling project, two or three people are working on it. And once the list is done, the team leader or the one who assigns to finalize everything will double check the list, to avoid duplicates or fill out what is missing.

Data profiling requires a lot of time and accurate research, but more importantly, it requires personnel that is good at finding information that can’t be research by its fellow profiler.

How to Bake the perfect Email List! (A not so step by step procedure)

Baking a fresh batch of muffin in the morning is one of the best feeling you can ever feel. Why? Because of the aroma of the ingredients is still fresh and can be easily smelled right after you take it out of the oven. Isn’t that what some of us dream of?

Well, there’s no doubt that if you’re inquiring or buying an Email list, you want a freshly profiled batch of Lists.  But if you think it’s easy like baking a muffin, I have bad news for you, It doesn’t!


Data profilers are like pâtissier, but instead of pastries, they’re baking a freshly made Email list!

Baking the perfect list is something that Data Profilers are looking forward to, In hope that what they bake can make their clients happy. Whether the aroma of the list still lacks what some clients can sense, “Freshness”. Still, what clients really look forward to is the complete set of list ready to use.


I bet you’re wondering “Why Bake?” or “Can we really compare baking to data profiling” Well, of course we can, but it truly depends base on how you see things. So how can we bake the perfect Email list? Well, I’ll give you a rundown on how to bake
the perfect list

Step one: Prepare what is needed in your list – It may consist of the following, Name, Company, Email Address or any Specs that your client asked for

Step two: Choose who would be the pâtissier – choosing a data profiler can be tricky, so you might want to hold on to someone with more experience.

Step three: Start baking! – Well, here’s the tricky part. If some of the information lacks some specs you better need to search high and low for that spec.

This are the few things  you should know when you’re thinking of baking a perfect list.

Why you should Rest before Data Profiling!

What is data profiling? When you looked it up on the internet the definition will sound like this

Data profiling is the process of examining the data available in an existing data source (e.g. A database or a file) and collecting statistics and information about that data”

and that’s from Wikipedia, where anyone can edit its content.

But if you ask some of the people who work as a data profiler, maybe you’ll get this kind of response “A haggard way of draining your brain cells” or “A slow way to kill yourself” Well, I can’t blame them if they answered by question with pure anger towards Data profiling. Why? Because I tried it, and it seriously drained a part of my brain cells.

Is Data Profiling that dangerous?

Well, it’s not that dangerous if you can properly rest your brain for a minute or so. But how can you, when you’re at  the peak of breaking apart? But let’s not dwell on the subject of dying. But rather how come data profiling is dangerous?

Well, First of all, I might have exaggerated a little about Data profiling draining a part of my brain cells, but let me tell you this, it can really drain your energy.

Most of the time you stare at your computer screen and search for those Data’s that needs to be replaced. Furthermore, you’re constantly thinking where you can find the right data for those incorrect ones.


Well, you might wonder what’s the difference when we are always looking at our smartphones or playing computer games all the time. To be honest, I spend most of my time when I was still staying at my parents’ place, playing computer games all day long.  But of course, I have the time to rest up and it usually took me 12 hours of sleep and only around 8 hours of playing games.

But when you are data profiling, it’s your job to submit those correct data on time, and if you can’t then you might get the boot sooner or later. Of course, you wouldn’t want that, do you?

Stop doubting! Email marketing is the new black!

Ever heard the saying Orange is the new black? Or anything that associates with the new black saying? Maybe you’ve heard of it from a movie or saw it on the social media? But let me tell you one thing, even if its old or new, people will decide what’s trending or not.

Email marketing has been one of the strongest marketing strategies that marketers are currently using, It is effective to drive more traffic towards your website, keeping communication lines open with your clients and develop strong relationships.

It’s old, but it still the new black in marketing. Mostly because it’s mostly used by every marketer or companies. Well, who wouldn’t when you can build relationships over an email? Most people will hang up if their phone started to ring, as for the email, they could just ignore it or it can automatically be placed in the Spam folder.

Although there’s still a doubt in our mind whether to stick with email marketing in the near future, knowing that there will be changes in the marketing industry. Having said this, we are still undergoing some changes that we aren’t used to.


The marketing world would never be the same anymore. Without Electronic mail marketing, marketers will have a  hard time coping up with what they are used to. But of course, with the change or renew of some marketing campaigns comes another opportunity to grab.

Even though Email marketing will be long forgotten, there will be instances that it will be used in the near future. And if that happen email marketing will be used greatly and dearly by many marketers.

Be the Witch of Email Marketing

Have you played Clash of Clans? One of the best mobile app that was created for the enjoyment of young adults and probably some celebrities? If you have, then you probably know one troop  that is called the “Witch” The witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warrior. This can also be applied in Email Marketing, and guess who’s the witch? you are!

Well, it’s not bad being the witch in Email marketing. Although the term might give off some misunderstanding so let me clarify it to you why I choose the term witch


Having the power to control and create, that’s what witches do. But of course, it’s only in a limited time. And if we compare it to Email marketing,
Marketers who specialized in Emails are considered to be a witch. Creating contents that allure prospects’ attention and control who many sends out they will use.

Although it’s not necessary to be the witch of email marketing, but sometimes it helps to be one. There’s nothing wrong in alluring your prospects with your choice of words, and control how many emails you might send.


In marketing, you don’t have an ally, it’s the fight of the fittest if I do say so myself. But you can’t change the fact that email marketing is currently seeking more people to help out in making e-mail list, Content Writing and even Verification of the bought lists or Cleansing data lists.

This Email list, Content Writing and cleansing of lists can’t be done by email marketers alone. Especially when the deadline is within a day or two. So each time a prospects ask for an accurate list, Email marketers will ask aid from the three I mention before. This is the allies of the witch in Email marketers.


This question can only be answered by you alone. Whether you want to or not, it’s your choice if you need help or not. But be mindful of the person you put your trust in too. Because not everyone will be on your side. Just like any other pet/slaves of the witches

Why you should always check your Data Records

Ever receive a complaint from customers that your product is defective or isn’t well built? Well, there’s no doubt that you are at fault here. Why? Because you didn’t double check before sending it to the customers. Which means that you’ve failed them and the company. Your service will be questioned and you might lose your job if you always will commit this mistake.

As an Email marketer, I could say that this sort of double checking is worthwhile. Why, you might ask? Because by the end of the day, I know that I’ve submitted a top-notch or a worthwhile record list. Even if it took my entire team a day to make that list.

Double checking your data records doesn’t take much of your free time, unless if it’s really needed. Some customer might ask you for a number of lists within an hour or a day. And that can’t be done by you alone. This will test your leadership and your team’s capability to get the job done.


We all know the result if you handed a wrong or inaccurate list. The customer will get mad and ask for a refund. But what you don’t know that some customers will ask for you to double check and replace all the wrong or inaccurate list. This means that your customer still put their faith in you can give them a top-notch list, failure in doing so means that you lost one customer that put their trust in you. And this will be bad for you and your company.

So aside from that there are still many things that can happen if you handed them the wrong list. And here’s some of them;

  • Refund
  • Lose interest in doing business with you
  • Get another company
  • Write a bad review about you

This is just a few of what will happen, so if I were you. You better double check your list before handing it to your customer.

Why you should prioritize Data Profiling more

Have you ever wondered why some data records or lists that you stored isn’t accurate after a few months or year? Well, I bet you already know why. It’s because Data’s can change over a period of time.

In marketing, Data profiling is essential. If you’re more in the email marketing strategy, you need accurate Email lists. If you’re in telemarketing, you need accurate lists. Everything must be accurate for you to satisfy your client.

Data profiling is the most common data quality-related activity that some companies uses. The only problem you may face is that when you started with data profiling, you can get into some bad practice. To avoid this bad practice, I’ve outlined the simple techniques that you’ll find useful as you develop your data profiling skill.

Segment Your Data Along Information Chains For Faster, More Relevant Results

Data profiling tools don’t have the performance challenges we used to face; they can typically cope with the full volume of data. However, this doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to always perform an exhaustive profile of the entire data set, particularly when reporting back your findings.

By joining up the data along the information chain and creating an “end-to-end” profiling story, you’ll be adding far more value to the business. You’ve also created the basis for ongoing data quality rules management and monitoring.

Adopt the Right Profiling Approach for the Right Type of Data

When profiling, you have to be mindful of the impacts you’re witnessing based on the underlying type of data.

Adopt an “Inside-Out” and “Outside-In” Mindset

A data profiling tool can give you lots of information and insights into where problems exist, but it also gives you a lot of noise. If you’re examining a legacy system for the first time, you can often find literally thousands of seemingly erroneous data

Email Marketing Tip: Common Mistakes may get the best out of you! (And here’s how you avoid it)

Email has been the strongest marketing strategy that some company is currently using, rather than telemarketing and social media.

As an email specialist, you’re well aware of the possible mistakes you and any other email marketer can create in your campaign. From misspelled words to inaccurate segments, things can go for the worst even in the most experienced marketers. This is why many email marketers experience the fear of pushing “Send” on a campaign

Nonetheless, Email marketing has been by far the most useful and effective marketing strategy, even if they are still doubting whether to press the “Send” button.

So what are these common mistakes that email marketers often commits? Well, here’s the few things that


Mistake No.1 – Emailing without prospect permission

One way to kill your list before even starting is not getting prospect permission to do so.  Of course, some might wonder “Why should I ask for their permission? I’m just sending out email”

Mistake No.2 – Wrongly Segmenting Your List

Once you have filled up your List with approved contact, you probably need to segment them by their product of interest, Location and their buying behavior

Mistake No.3 –  Not your own list or Bought useless list

It’s dangerous to buy from companies that are just starting out or have a bad review in giving lists that are full of inactive contact. Although some companies provided handy lists, you might want to rely on your own capabilities before buying.


A common misconception, dealing with these mistakes takes only a minute to resolve.

Most email marketers have a back-up plan, and that’s the data pro-filers. These two work hand in hand in order to get the right email contact lists. By this, Email marketers will just now verify or modify some information in their list