Setting up Social Media Objective and Goals

This is the first step of a good digital marketer in building his social media marketing strategy. The process will have you establish objectives and goals that you must achieve. Establishing these set of goals will set your track on the right path if ever your social media campaign fails to meet your expectations. Not having these goals establish means that there is no gauging in your success and too, no interest in getting back your return of investments.

The goals referring into must be inclined with your marketing strategy; this is to drive your social media effort in your business objectives. You can have executive buy-in and investment if your social media marketing shows that your business goals are being driven forward.  These objectives must also results far from vanity metrics like retweets or Likes, rather than advanced metrics like leads generated, complaints or website traffic referred. To have a simple approach you can now use SMART approach, meaning they should be all specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded.

  • Specific– be specific in reaching out one’s goal like in a week time your goal is to increase you web traffic. Such so will make it even.
  • Measurable– make sure that your goal is measurable by numbers not by any comments or complaints by you followers or any like.
  • Attainable– your goals should not be a wish in a bottle. Make it seem less and possible.
  • Relevant – goals at the end of the day has to be business oriented.
  • Timeabounded –your goals should be attainable in a week or monthly basis. Daily goals are good too.

Simplifying the way you should start your social media marketing plan by jotting down at least three goals. Make it sure that you have an overview of what will be the goal be like after completion and use it to determine how to track it.

Benefits Of Email Marketing Today

It’s a tough challenge. Propagating the value of your client relationship while converting new prospects can be viewed in the same sense. Marketing tools for emailing campaign well is free and affordable. You just have to know how to do it. But why email marketing? Here are some benefits in emailing campaign and blasting to keep both on the track.

Optimize the Marketing ROI

Traditional marketing is depleting while email marketing is 30 times more cost efficient. If your company is suffering from financial capability, it’ll only take few cents or dollars in starting your own email traffic driver. Of course, start first with creating your own company website. Email marketing is 6 percent less expensive to sell to a current customer than traditional face to face marketing.


Improve Client experience and loyalty

In using email marketing, sensible and relevant relationships are formed and that will drive professionally the customer service. Emailing is not that difficult and again not expensive and it is also use in long-lasting customer-friendly relationship. You can start making newsletters, promotional contents, new service announcements or event invitations.


More Sales Conversions

In email marketing, conversions are important. Begin by smoothly lead a prospect through the sales process, provide important information and push a little forward your prospect towards your website. Email marketing allows you to communicate at the speed of the internet, so choose a reliable network connection for your business. For campaigns, response should be sent within 48 hours.


Utilize Tracking and Response

When you already in the stirring wheel of email marketing, keeping a numerical measurement is a bit difficult. But email marketing is traceable. You can see who visits and clicked links from your email and your website. You can also read important feedback from you customer to keep your business updated.

Rethinking Email Marketing

Email marketing has been most and the rich source of lead generation by B2B marketers. It’s like a melting pot of rich and authentic contact list of people from different fields of work. It’s every granule of information make it the most convenient way of reaching out real people. It’s like a portal or roster of business people you may or never heard of. Yes, email marketing is the root of lead generation services since its first broadcast in 1965. But email comes from different shape and sizes. Email can be accessed through different medium.

This media can be divided into two, desktop and smartphones. A survey shows the percentage of opened email vs conversion vs usage conducted to have a comprehensive study for market research. The data shows as follows.

  • 70% of opened emails came from smartphones and 30% came from desktop PC. This shows that most of the sent emails are being accessed with smartphones and only 30% from desktop PC.
  • 52% of conversion from desktop PC and 48% from smartphone. This shows that most conversion prefer website rather than mobile application since client can focus more on the details using a desktop than using a mobile.
  • Time spent in mobile is average of 15 seconds and time spent on desktop is average of 15 seconds and above. This shows that most of the conversion takes time in detailing the content of the email rather than just skimming through it.

From the data above, we can see the relation of conversion via device per time usage. We draw from the report that most of the emails sent are read and being studied by prospects through the use of desktop and prefer the conversion in the same manner. We can now tell how we should utilize the report by having comprehensive utilization of email content using a desktop or mobile device.

Raising A Child be like Lead Nurturing

Ask your parent if raising you was like heaven, or more probably be like hell. Just like any parents already know how to rise a child it always turns out they still has a lot to learn from new siblings. Children behave differently thus parent in other word must apply their, awesome parenting skills a lot differently. Same way as to lead nurturing, b2b marketing firm must know how their lead behave and apply their effective “parenting” or “nurturing” skills on their leads. Leads more likely behave like a child that needs special attention. So we have come up with some lead nurturing strategies that may be usable and will serve as your reference in the future.

First thing here is to keep your leads reminded. A child may not need you for quite some time but you have to be there when they need you. Your leads need up to date information from you. That will work with your tool and educational tips. With this, you can keep an eye of your lead, just like a babysitting a child.

Secondly you must set authority. Set the parental boundary between you and your child. But that does not mean you are a robot, give some feelings and empathy in any situation and occasion. In lead nurturing, your leads may ask of too much from you. You just have to ask them nicely though.

Third is you must maintain a close relationship with them. Between you and your child, your relationship must never go waste and must be maintained well. Keep a consistent not copied and personalized emails and voice prompt. Thus, keep them at bay for source of info and tools.

Fourth is to highlight you from everybody else. Personalized make it comfortable enough for your child or lead to feel you as well. These days when all seems never-changing, try something new instead.

Above it all is never ever get discouraged by a turned down lead no matter how much time you exerted in keeping them. Learn the art of letting go. But keep your lead warm and tender or else they may look for another competitor. Trust me, your child may go for another parent better than you. Sure, lead nurturing has come a long way down the road.

Qualifications for Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is tricky when it comes to how and why we choose such leads to be nurtured. This approach in giving of extra mile to work on with un-interested people needs not to be a narrow-filtering-funnel. When it comes to nurturing a leads, one may think that it is necessary to put on so much effort but true and not all the time. But this is just one of the many facets of which we have to include along the process.  A series of reminders the cues are listed accordingly based on the data analysis we produced. Feel free to see if you notice such cues from your leads.

  1. Your leads have a lot of queries –don’t be too happy about this because many robotic program acting like a real person will deceive you that they hold such persona in them. Remember that traffic is one of the facets in marketing by which they can be your competitor like a wolf in clothes of a sheep. Be sure to check background and verify the person behind who has been asking too many questions.
  2. Your lead is too good to be true –having a leads that qualifies all parameters in your agenda is too good to be true. Needless to say but this can be one of the scam a robot software can do. Again, verification of lead is one of the important things before anything else.
  3. Your lead is innocent –upon generating a lead, next thing is what I said is to verify them thru phone. But the story behind every telemarketer is that as if they called so many possible lead yet they don’t sound like they know the business themselves. They say that they don’t know anything about marketing or so what. This cause normally for people creating fake accounts from real people in social media.

Remember that ContactDB takes only qualified and quality lead for their clients. This is to keep our commitment in taking the business in the future.

5 Ways to Nail Down Leads

With more competition nowadays with B2B marketers, pinning down a lead within an hour is almost impossible. Together with the help of many researchers and SEO personnel, this task can be achieved through effective strategy and methods. But undeniably, some of the gray areas of lead generating consultants are way more than what we thought. So to, further assist with the matter, we would like to share some tactics in dealing with this by not doing so much.

  1. Your website should not only about impression but more of information and achievements. Being too impressive of your services but not providing good impact is a bit of a complication from your clients. This can be pulled by summing up FAQs about how you can help your clients in the future.
  1. Provide online education from your sites. Having tutorials and tips a good but not good enough, provide some educational material that your client can take and learn from different media. The common mistake among marketers is that they are too focused on what’s up ahead not what’s going on.
  1. Systematic interaction should always be within the premise of your site. The idea of interacting interchange through the timeline is different from talking real time.
  1. Provide new topics for your readers because they will get boring if you are just feeding them with used topic. Try trendy news and lashing some issues about society.
  1. Opt in for content because your content must not be taken for granted. If they want to view this special content, they must opt-in their email address which is valid by the way, to maximize your contact list.

Lead generation must come up with good and accessible contents by which it can be read with different angle. B2B marketing is not just about subscribing the subscribed but allowing more subscription to flow in.

Comprehensive Categorization of Content Marketing

Many writers and editors dilemma are into producing new and authentic topic by not compromising the quality of work, especially in b2b content marketing. This happens when these people ran out of new ideas of what to present in a weekly basis or daily basis even. The problem is not the lacking of idea but how these ideas can be used to create new, or in other critics, can be a new category with the used of categorization.

We totally understand of how to promote new and authentic topic, the problem is that, many of us are too afraid to show new ideas which might not be suited for our audience. In a broader sense, categorization theory will help us create and organize new ideas that may help us along the way.

Here are many categorization theories and techniques. In a broader historical view, however, three general approaches to categorization may be identified:

Classical categorization –this theory are introduced by Greek philosopher Plato. Application of this is narrowing one’s point of view about a living thing. It promotes topic such “Is your Lead Generation effective”, “how is your sales doing”, and “Can you promote media marketing”.

Conceptual clustering – this theory are introduced during the 1980s and it brings the notion of deriving from attempts to explain how knowledge is represented. In this approach, classes (clusters or entities) are generated by first formulating their conceptual descriptions and then classifying the entities according to the descriptions. It provides the learner for certain objects are referred to as supervised classification, supervised learning, or concept learning

Prototype theory – mainly founded by Rosch and Lakeoff during 1970s and it explains the idea of necessary and sufficient conditions is almost never met in categories of naturally occurring things. It has also been suggested that categorization based on prototypes is the basis for human development, and that this learning relies on learning about the world via embodiment.

The importance of categorization is for you to cycle the knowledge and use it to utmost advantage for effective content marketing.

Content Marketing in Targeting Prospects

For B2B marketing and lead generation process, prospect targeting with the use of content marketing is highly considered. Regardless the fact that competitors are out there eating out the data traffic, the good and efficient use of content marketing towards targeted prospect is a great strategy. In prospect targeting, considering the fact that your website is being visited by random yet can be categorized persona, you can divide your viewers to produce more relevant content whether if it is video blog, web content or music videos.

So before diving into making your unique content, make sure you have already qualified the type of audience you expected.

Neutral – this type of audience is new to your website or just a passerby. Since there is little interest for your content, lead generation value is depleted. Marketing method for this type is to find a way to get your audience to care or to become invested without offending them.

Hostile – this is the least audience you want on your list. They don’t care at all what is being said. So you can find a common ground, a starting point where either your audience can relate to you or you can relate to them.

Uninformed – next from the hostile, you may consider this type. They are not aware of what you are going to show, so don’t bog the audience down with too much background information.  Make sure you are still sticking to the main point you want to make in the paper.

Expert – this type is very critical towards your topic. They know and well-informed about the topic so try not to say any loophole and make sure your source are reliable. So do your research.  Don’t think that a brief overview of sources will be enough to convince this audience.

Business – this type is very timely and don’t have the pleasure to read or watch your content. So don’t waste time painting a picture or telling a story.  Get right to the point. Always make sure your audience feels as though you are considering them, not focusing on yourself.

I know you are one of these four audiences right here, so I know you can do better the next time you present your content in your marketing.

Efficient Telemarketing Tips

The peak of the B2B telemarketing is to close a sale no matter what. Easy said than done and as far as it goes, most telemarketers are struggling to close a deal. Whenever you try to think about the clients that never had any interests in dealing business, telemarketers tend to be drowned in frustration mostly under the pressure of their boss. The running quota of everyday call figures seems far from the reality and the pressure seems unending.

So before your telemarketers decide to quit on the job, you must not give them any reasons to commit suicide on the job. Pretty harsh isn’t it? But how can you do this? Pretty simple configurations for telemarketing tips on work atmosphere will do and the rest is up to them. So, we have come up with four Es on our list, and tell me not if this would not work.

Establish leadership

Make a great example of yourself. Remember that being a leader shows a good example in working. Don’t just tell them you’re good but rather give those examples out of yourself. The reason for your success depends on them as well as it depends on you.

Encourage not pressure

Work sometimes and most of the time pressures us. But tell me not to give them reason to cringe their daily dose of work. Yes, your goal is much important but other than that is your asset is important as well. Give them air to breathe the small pressures and lead the way.

Enough Load to work on

Establish a good working load for them. Never underestimate an employee. The loads you are giving them are achievable if you make it so. Feed them some load that they can chew on, because giving them a ton of load work might choke them.

Expedite the incentives

Money reveals it all. Employee needs money. Business needs money. But business needs employee therefore business should give money to the employee. Don’t be a cheap skate because the money that runs the business is the reason is still running.

So thus you can go ahead and start experimenting. With this, we hope you can build up the ties between you and your telemarketing team. Once again, you are to take the step in leading your success to the fullest.