Email marketing Programming and its Benefits

Email marketing is not new in B2B marketing. Email marketing might be a thing in the past but business these days are not using this simple yet effective strategy in prospecting. Email marketing that we know is just a regular text with recipient and sender and that is all. Without thinking through the possibility of email. We may not be using it properly and effectively. Remember that email is also dynamic and it takes a lot of forms.

Knowing that, we would be easily doing what it takes for our email campaign towards our lead and prospects.

One thing to consider is on how to program your own email. Programing email may seem it’s going to be modified through various ways yet this is just a step forward. Email may come in three different forms, and that follows as:

  1. Interactive and responsive
  2. Entertaining
  3. User-friendly layouts

Interactive and responsive email may come in example as newsletter. It will look like a small website that is linked to your site and it contains similar image as to your site. It has all the CTA and contact information so for the convenience of your recipient. It will brand your company name yet it will look into the need of your audience.

Not all of your audience or recipient will be interested immediately in your email, yet you must still capture their attention in order for them to forward it to someone else. Put some demo videos and gif if you can and program it in the way that audience would see it as an advertisement type. Americans appeal to advertising is much higher than those in marketing type approach.

Lastly is make it mobile friendly, browser enabled and cookies enabled. This is to capture all three variance of your prospects information. You will know if they are into mobile or desktop browser and get their email address in just one click. Isn’t that easy?

Email marketing is not yet dead. It is just changing. B2B marketers and lead generation service must know this.

Reaching the Critical Point of Digital Marketing

Many years ago we wished upon the stars that advertisement pop-up would disappear in our home screen or page that we are visiting on the web. Well, that wish has been granted by ios 9 and the brand war between Apple, Google and Facebook. Another reason is the percentage use of mobile web user and the flooding of web enabled phone.

People nowadays frequently use the internet through their phone and digital marketers use this feature to come up with the idea to put ad pop and cookies to track their prospects. Well, Apple just crushed this ad pops.

Not like Google and Facebook which main revenue draws from the payments of the digital markets, Apple draws its revenue from its own product such iPhones and IPods. Their brands does not need the help of digital advertising pops and cookies because people already know them and by releasing a software that actually block in many ways other’s (Google and Facebook) revenue is a bold action.

Columist Jonathan Hochman explains three reasons why advertisement blocker became undeniably annoying towards the user and there are four reasons;

  1. Redundant Tracking Scripts
  2. Too Many Social Media Widgets And Buttons
  3. Dynamic Content Like Sliders And Carousels
  4. Giant But Unnecessary Images

Looking at the reasons, we can finally see why Apple saw these an opportunity to strike the core of its competitor. We cannot blame them for doing so and we all know this new ios 9 is beneficial to Ios users.

I cannot see Android would be doing this, despite of the development of Android platform in the market. Android is owned by Google and I don’t really think it would do the same thing as Apple did.

On the other hand, Microsoft just released its new OS Windows 10 which obviously snatch and insert hidden agendas for marketing and advertising purpose (see Windows 10’s dark side).

Now, as a user it is time to think that there is always a price to pay. Not everything is free. Having the perception of free usage is just what brand marketers wanted us to think yet it can be the other way around.

Marketing your Marketing Services

How many B2B marketing company is in there? Can you even count the number of marketing company around the globe? Do have any clue that even yourself is an asset of the marketing process? Most, probably people don’t have any idea that from the moment they buy a bottle of water or can of juice, they will become an asset of the marketing strategy of the brand. Take a look at the label of your bottle and you will realize that upon buying that, you are encouraging other people to buy that product.

On the contrary, marketing firm will have to think of another strategy in marketing. Wouldn’t it be too obvious if someone will tell you they are marketing their marketing service? Do you think its kind a redundant to think that someone is actually bannering marketing too obviously? This is the main problem of which B2B marketing are having, people don’t always wanted to become a marketing tool.

  1. Being too obvious in introducing their service
  2. Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING”
  3. Business owners know advertisement more that marketing

          Being too obvious in introducing their service. Marketing service is not a joke, and looking for people who actually need it is far more than a serious joke. Marketing your marketing service is double the challenge in marketing. Imagine people hate marketers and giving them a slap face idea that you are marketing your service will make them hate you even more. Then how could we counter this?

          Starters for business don’t know exactly the term “MARKETING.” In a survey in 2013 in US, it has been found out that business owners don’t exactly know and need marketing service. One reason found that, why should one need a market if the market is already in the vicinity. Right! That is correct, business owners are not so confident if other people will introduce or the right term “market” their product or service.

          Business owners know advertisement more that marketing. But why is this so? The term advertising has become a popular term especially for the masses, while marketing on the other hand became a less known and less use in terms of business propaganda. The term marketing is how we deliver the business while advertising is how we let them know about our business.

          Indeed, so to answer the main question. B2B marketers must be specific on how we deliver the term marketing to our audience. We just have to say it clear that we marketers are annoying and yes that is true but we must explain that we are just trying to help their business find potential buyers. Isn’t that easy? Now, marketer around the corner must remember the term exactly because nowadays it seems that they are only concern more of being an advertiser more than being a marketer.   

Machine Base Content Marketing

Machine-learning technology rising its way to the peak of its value. It has been hastily integrated in the marketing methods. Contact DB currently started its pavement through in using landing page optimizer that will be suited in using Adobe Experience Manager in helping marketers maximize their landing page potential.

Contact DB’s Intent technology uses machine learning to help marketers reach the intentional audience on social media networks. These new technique will help company transform their content production from system of non-stop guessing and estimating to one that is efficient and productive.

NLP machine learning will begin to understand user’s intent and what they want to see in your website, your content production system can pinpoint and target content that will keep customers interested in moving down the sales funnel.

The insights given by these machine can be used in modifying emails and customized CTAs that will speak directly to the user.

In the process, you can monitor and respond appropriately with the customers’ need to grow and adapt.

Software customers might need basic Web security software when they first make a purchase for their new startup. Five years later, they might need a more involved system to handle their growing organizations.

A system that can recognize changing needs can help make targeted efforts more productive.

These machine can utilize the gauging the content of brands quality and relevance by looking at the key signals such as:

  • Customer’s frequency in reference to the content
  • Content Variability
  • Predictive trending of content base on the current statistics

In B2B marketing, firm will continue to create more content and they will learn to add in their production of material of how they can uniquely manage their content in targeting their leads more efficient and helpful, improving the user experience and increasing personalization.

Do CTR truly helps Lead Generation?

Lead generation and lead nurturing are the pillars of B2B marketing. Not only has it found new possible clients but as well as keeping them on sight to ensure close parameter with them. This process requires online researching and grabbing of new visitors online. It has been a culture in the online world that to measure the number of visitors in a site, the click-through-rate or CTR has been the instrument of this? Columnist Roger Williams has sought to find this as an old culture and should not be the whole basis of visitor factor and he believed that this type of measurement hinder an industry from growing. But how? Let us take a look on why is to CTR should not be the conclusion of lead generation.

  • CTR can be easily manipulated – CTR can be achieved through various ways. It is only a matter of breaking through the pop-up blocker or ad-blocker on the user’s browser. This can be attained through outsourced data and most probably the content of the site is irrelevant to the user. Also for click baiting, one can manage to insert dual hyperlink per page so that once a user click on it, multiple pop up will be shown. And that is counted in the CTR. So, what is the whole point of this? They are just clicking, not necessarily visiting your website. This seems insignificant in looking for leads not just people.
  • Clicks don’t affect engagement –as said earlier, CTR only measures the click per minute. It does not bother whether if it is a bot or not. Well, some site can block those bot but breach will eventually will come. Sometimes clicks are just clicks, just like a cigarette’s smoke is just a smoke. Many website manager, are very happy to find their CPM rising by the minute but do not take a look into how the engagement of every click satisfy their audience.
  • Clicks on Mobile has sometimes negative impacts –believe it or not, mobile users hate auto-pop. Once open, they will hate the website that use it. Fetching and grabbing the opportunity to make user forcibly or click in unaware is the strategy itself in this CTR system which won’t take the user anywhere in getting interested about your service.

Lead generation nowadays comes in different form. It may be in content or website solution but trust it or not. CTR will remain a mystery of why marketers use this a measurement for goals.

B2B Marketing – Finding the Long Term Solutions

The main point of B2B marketing is to establish connections between businesses in the community business. Looking at the point of view of a good business man is sure to sell services or products to a large number of consumers and make profit. Yes. That is true in the short time period but how about for long period of time?

Consumers aren’t always got you covered in the expenses in the production. They key again is to establish connections, doing business to business contract and make profit with each other’s help. This is how mutual relationship in the ecosystem of business industry. For starters, you may find it difficult to reach out businesses that would help you out in this. Make way, for it is the B2B marketing that will sure kick-start your business adventure.

  1. They will provide list that you can deal with
  2. Not just customer but rather business partners
  3. They will serve as a bridge or Jesus Christ for example

B2B marketers are expert for this, they will give you a service in which it will have a list of business providers around your area, your utmost available time and closer in dealing a contract. Isn’t that easy? At your hand you will have the information that will boost your income and profit. But these are just the facade of this wonderful exchange of information.

They can also deliver your service in the virtual world by not simply advertising your business obviously. It’s about finding the right people and deal with them. Make them an asset as well in creating w web of connection for your business. Yeah. Sure it sounds you are using them in your own benefits but this is how it is. B2B marketers will set your business in a multi-dimensional connections. Your business will, let’s say it like it will exist both in the real world and the cyber world. But don’t be afraid of these, well no one will not be afraid of people hacking into some sites in the web. But being forecaster and brave about venturing in these type of strategy will sure take your business to the next level.

SEO and Content Marketing Quick Tips

Big companies like Facebook, Twitter, and such are aware of the essentials in executing the basics tactic in search engine optimization (SEO). In starting B2B marketing, content marketing is one of its avenues to increase the popularity of its website. Unless if the website is already popular or popular in the real world.  But if one would actually investigate on how to frame up a good SEO, you can read a variety of blog and website speaking and tutoring about what is called basics. Sound fun isn’t it? So if one would actually start in learning the way of SEO personnel is you don’t need actual expertise. We will begin in the basics.

  1. Devotion in the process –you need to like Jesus devoting his own self in this work. SEO is not a one-time battle or event. Search engine logarithms change frequently and regularly, so you SEO should match these changes. What worked last year may not even work today. SEO should be devoted on this task.
  2. Wait for results –SEO is not just about automatic satisfaction. Results sometimes and often takes month especially the smaller you are and newer you are in the online industry. So, wait for results then.
  3. Get to know you SEO company or personnel –aside from making content, your job is to get to know your what kind of strategy you SEO is using. You should ask specifically as to where are the risks are involved and how to prevent so, Do a background research of them, about them and stalk their profiles if you can.
  4. Learn from SEOs –if you are tired of your job, you can at least learn a lot from SEOs so that in the near future you can manage your own SEOs. Learn as much as you can in this process. Fortunately, there are a lot of website and resources that can can gain access with just like this in learning more about SEO processes.
  5. Begin you Analytics –Clear you goal so that you can see how your SEO works will for you. You will be using web analytics software so to track what is working or what is not.

Sure it is obvious that you want to have a great and popular website for you and your company. Many of us wanted to be shown up in the first page of results in Google. To do this, we can work hand in hand so wo achieve both side our goals.

30 Days List Building Strategy

In B2B marketing, building your list is very important in lead generation. This can be achieved through many ways. But one sure fire win to build a list for responsive email list, get this done within 30 days. One would normally ask if this is even possible. Yes. It is possible and you can do this online without spending too much money on your pocket. We will be sharing one of our strategies for you to make your own list.

Find a content developer that will trade their content release to you as a marketer in exchange of plugging your site for about a month if you want. Then start trading these releases so that you can acquire responsive subscribers.

If you are good enough about the content, It will sure to take only a few hours to wait for a new batch of leads to come through just like a continuous wave. You can see then that leads are flocking over to your site which you can trade away for marketers. And to think that the content you made took only couple of hours to complete.

Aside from content, you can also go for:

  • article writing
  • web designing
  • programming
  • SEO
  • audio/video,
  • building website

Or could be anything that your skill is interested in as well, or under the industry market you are working with.

Finding the email list owners is the real deal in this marketing industry. You can leverage the skills that you have so that you can build your own list and then endorse your website.

Building Momentum in Webinar

In B2B marketing, after you made your webinar and select the appropriated platform for it. You already had it in mind what’s going to happen within a week time for your webinar.

ur own webinar. Well this is of course not easy for starters but we can improve this one by citing some hints about how to gain attention and what to do when your webinar is not working.

Start in advance. Starting should be at least several in advance so that you can have plenty of time to get the most out of both free and paid marketing channels. This is the time when you can see how would your webinar is going in or off the charts. As I have said, this period has already been done by you.

    Registration is slow. After a week or so, this period is when the lead time is all about. Registration on your webinar depends on how your previous audience promotes it. This is the best time to decide to go for another webinar or stop the current registration. If registration is running very slow, doubling your marketing efforts or again, consider postponing the webinar.

    Registration is high. Rapid and enthusiastic registration for your webinar is the best thing you can get. This means that your audience is highly promoting the kind of information you are sharing across the web. But let us not be confident about this, remember to assess al registration with a follow-up operation or follow-up again another exclusive webinar for them. This is to gain responsive personas in your data, so again maintaining the momentum of your lead time.

    At the end of this business to web community relationship, you have to keep in mind that building momentum of your webinar does not necessarily lead to long-term gain however successful webinar marketing will lead to a steady schedule or webinars led by various members of your team.

Remembering your Audience Impact: Content Marketing

Delivering content that resonates and at the same time delighting the audience may be a bit too way warding in content marketing. Content marketers will have it in mind that having a content that does not sound about their product isn’t a done well issue. But that is not the case here. Offering your audience value that is genuine and valuable is the main focus of your discussion. To settle the matter, thing that are general needed by your audience must be presented in your content. To start with, in our marketing process here are some of the actions taken into by our content editors in creating a content planning.

Address the challenge. Normally, one would surf the web looking or searching for an answer. This situation requires one to communicate effectively on the information given by a lot of writers in the web. but how would your address your audience if your content is not nicely addressing their concern. just like what you are reading right now, is how we respond to our fellow marketers out there. Make something that is beneficial to others. The main concept of content marketing is fetching our audience. no way other than feeding their needs with information.

Address the issue. Every day, we encounter countless issue and problems regarding of anything that is under the sun. In our case, marketing issues. Marketing issue has been already present even before the term marketing word exists. The right to address those issue has been a focus of content marketers, well most of us though. The thread of solving an issue is a wide correspondence of marketing firms. Not only is that, issue regarding with new marketing policies and such quite not easy to address. But let us not dive deeply into the lake of the problem but swim over to the solution that can be solves or at least so.

Provide helpful tips. Who else would give our audience an advice or tips in terms of marketing issue? Yes. After addressing the issue about who will be the next candidate of US presidency, let us too give an idea of who is good or not. This may come in the form of suggestions, tips, or advises. Be initiative in making tips. Think of a possible answer to a problem and present it to your audience.

In promoting your own product that should come at the end of your discussion and that is the whole point. Remember to position your product. Always leave a gist of your own product at the end of the presentation.