3 Reasons Why We Offer a Data Verification Service

No matter what industry you cater, one thing is for sure, you need accurate and consistent information to get your business started, and to get that accurate and consistent information means you need to purchase it or make your own.

And we all know making our own data will take a lot of our time. So the only thing we can do for the time being is, to purchase a data list.

Although there are some companies that sells data, we aren’t quite sure whether these data lists are accurate and consistent. That’s why some are asking for a Verification service, which some database companies offer.

There are reasons why when you purchase a list, companies will also include a replacement service if there’s something wrong with the list you purchase. Of course, there won’t be an additional fee. Because they know that their lists aren’t perfect.

Of course, we also offer a Data Verification Service to our clients that will purchase some of our lists and here’s 5 reasons why we offer it

  1. We know that some of our Data will be inaccurate and inconsistent when we will take it out in our Database.
  2. We always give our best, but sometimes our best isn’t enough, so we try to make it up with our clients by offering them our Data Verification Service free of charge.
  3. By knowing what our clients really want, we can further our services by giving them accurate and consistent lists the next time they ask for a replacement.

When our client purchases a list, we try to make it to the point that every single list is accurate. We feel that our client deserved the best.

Data Profiling 101: Don’t stop searching for what they ask of you

Agreeing to be 100% accurate means suicide for the online researcher, that’s why some online researchers will say what clients wants to hear but gives them only 80% of its work. And the sad part of it, is that within these 80% record lists, some of them are inaccurate and duplicates, which isn’t part of the agreement.

Yes, data profiling isn’t that bad, but still, being an Online Researcher isn’t exactly what you call a trusty career. But of course, being an online researcher means that you can do it at home. But some professionals are doing it as a part-time job for extra income, which is perfectly fine if it won’t disturb your primary job.

But the main point to this Blog/Article is that, why do we have to make a perfectly made lists if they will only buy it for a low price? Well, if you think about it. Yes, they will pay you like .50 to 2 dollars per record, and it’s a lot for someone who’s just doing it as a part-time. The reason why clients pay you low or below what you are expecting is that, they know some of the Online Researchers will only give them inaccurate and duplicate lists.

Searching for the right information can help you get better results as well as getting a name in the marketing industry and here’s some tips for you, in order to attain/obtain a name in the marketing industry.


Accurate lists are what makes businesses grow, without accurate data’s, some businesses will have a hard time launching their business in the marketing industry. But if you give off accurate list, they’ll surely recommend you to another company that is looking for a list to help them launch with a positive result.


What clients often seek are how much does your records/lists cost. If your price is too much, then no clients will ask for your lists, even if its 100% accurate. But if your pricing is just enough to be negotiated, your clients will lend their ears to you.


Some data’s aren’t easy to find. Some information might take you, three to five minutes before you find the right one. It will take up your time, but it will be rewarding at the end.

Although some might still doubt your capabilities in online profiling, it doesn’t mean that you should quit. It means that you need to show them that you are the best online researcher there is.

What makes Data purchasing worth every penny

With every purchase, we tend to rethink our decision. Whether or not our decision will be worth every penny we’ve spent. But as time passes by, our way of thinking became more rational. We often hear ourselves ask this type of question “Is this going to help me?” “Will this guarantee my business success?” “Will this last long?”  if we will purchase or not the item we need or want.

When it comes to Data purchasing, we are unaware whether it can help our business grow. We are gambling, whether this data can provide us with useful information or not. But nevertheless, we take on that gamble and with only 50% chance of having a 75% working data, we still push on our gamble to find out whether we can use the 75% of the data we purchase. But nonetheless, we are still trying to find out what makes a data purchasing worth every penny, if we are only given an 75% accurate Data.

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Should we focus on Hot Leads Rather Than Cold Leads?

At some point in our B2B marketing career, we began to wonder whether we should only focus on Leads that meet our qualifications. Some will think that “Hot Leads are Better rather than Cold Leads, We won’t have to convince Hot Leads. So Why, bother?” Well, at least, some of you have already grasped the idea of Hot and Cold Leads, but the truth is, we are always going to convince them to buy our product or service, whether it’s Hot or Cold leads.

The idea of marketing is to negotiate what you can provide in order to get something in return. Back in the days, we barter, yes, you read that right. Barter is defined as “Exchange (goods or service) for other goods or services without using money” but let’s not dwell in bartering and focus on Hot leads Cold Leads

Defining Hot, Warm, and Cold Leads

As many of you already know there are three kinds of leads, Hot, Warm and Cold. Hot leads are those who has all the qualifications in the B.A.N.T (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline) while Warm has only two to three qualification and Cold has one or none. This is how Leads are being categories.

But as far as I’m concerned, leads are leads, no matter how you put it. Even if the prospect doesn’t have the budget, authority, need and time. It doesn’t mean that we should put less concern and focus on prospects that have all four of the qualification. Yes, the main thing why we are doing B2B Marketing is to make a sale, but other than that we put less care whether what company they are.

Comparing Generating Leads To Relationships Building. 

We might think that if we don’t generate leads, then it’s all over. Yes, it’s true, that’s why my tip for you is to stop thinking of generating leads, and focus on building a relationship towards that company. Yes, you are making a sale and you don’t need to build a healthy relationship with them. But you’re wrong, you need to build a strong relationship in order for you to make a great Sale.

Don’t be Satisfied with Past Information, settle with sufficient and correct Data

When you Data Profile, you need to know how to get the information correctly. It isn’t about just getting all the information on the internet without reviewing it, this may cause confusion for the client once they got the information you provide, if they found out that the information you’ve given is incorrect or out of date.

Many of us might have the same problem regarding in obtaining profiles from the internet. Although you have Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as a source, it doesn’t mean that it’s accurate enough for you to profile. Some might be a dummy account to cause confusion to Online researcher.

Being satisfied with information that is outdated, isn’t a promising effort to be honest. If you’re satisfied with outdated information, might as well give it for free. You need to know when to say “This is all I could do, I hope this will be enough” when you finished profiling.

Having said this, there are some few things I want to share with you that might help you with Data profiling.

You can’t easily copy and paste the information on the web

Like I said before, copying information that isn’t well studied or well researched and inputting it in your database  can bring chaos in your database. You need to study what you’re searching for before encoding it.

Outdated Data can destroy your database

Data’s which you’ve handed out to clients can be returned with an add on note that some businessman don’t want to receive and that note is, REFUND and REPLACEMENT. And if that happens, you need to go back to all your database and start all over again.

You need to remember three things before inputting the acquire data

  • Company names can change anytime or yearly, so keep an update on every company you’ve encoded in your database
  • C-Level Decision makers doesn’t show their domain and company email in their website or social media page, if you want to get it. You must call them first, and this will be an added work for you
  • You shouldn’t be satisfied if what you searched for came up right away, you need to further analyze the information before you input it in your database

Purchasing Record List can help your small business grow (And here’s why)

As a small business owner, I never would imagine that purchasing a list of companies can help my business launch with ease, and what’s more surprising is that with this set of companies I can call them or look up their website whenever I want and see if I could talk to them, through phone or for a video interview.

There are some cases that I receive insufficient or dull lists, but the fact that there’s already a company name gave me plenty of time to rethink and re-strategies what I need to do, in order for me to launch my business with ease. This is what I’ve been doing since I’ve received a list that have minor problems or incorrect data.

A friend of mine, who runs a pastry shop said this to me. Of course I could support this because there’s no assurance in a list that has incorrect data, but nevertheless purchasing a list is a must for businesses that is having a hard time launching.

The truth about growing a small business

Sadly, the truth about growing a business might want you to pause for a while and rethink whether you should start your own business. As for me, I run a small pastry business, it isn’t that big like any other pastry shops but it still helps me get by. So what I’ve learned so far is the truth in growing a small business.

Data list is essential for all start up business – Whether your into mechanic or Info technology, you will still need a data list that will help you find possible prospect or client.

Not every company will like your business – The sad part  here is that you’ll be questioning your business idea. Most companies don’t like small business that can’t promise them anything. As to why, some small businesses might have a hard time launching.

Sometimes we just need to understand some business in order for us to strategies, how we can get them to agree with us. But nevertheless, you shouldn’t force them.

N.T.K about Data Purchasing: Don’t Expect for a perfect Data List (And Here’s Why)

I bet you’re wondering what’s N.T.K  and here what it means Need To Know, and I bet all of you have that same question going through your mind every time you’ll think about purchasing a Data List. “Will it be accurate or Will it be Perfect?” but as an Online Researcher, I could honestly say, “Don’t expect much on your requested list”

Email list or Phone list is essential when you’re into email marketing and telemarketing, without these lists, you’ll be the one searching for it and prepare the necessary adjustment. With that being said, you definitely think about data purchasing, but you also need to know that some of what you’ll ask will not have the same result as you wished and here’s why:

  • Industries in a certain place/country are limited
  • Not all company’s personnel give personal/private information


Yes, you read that right. There are industries in a certain country that are limited to profile. If you’re lucky, you can get a hundred or more data records. So don’t expect too much of that industry in a certain place, just limit your request into a maximum of 550 records. But if you can ask them how much they can give you, then go for it. But still, don’t expect for it to be a perfect set of Data.


The thing about personal information such as Emails and Phone number both company and personal are sometimes hidden within the person itself. You don’t expect for it to be placed in plain sight, and if that’s the case, then profiling would be a piece of a cake kind of job wouldn’t it? But let’s go back to the topic, personal information must be directly asked by a caller that can profile correctly, and if you only ask for an online researcher to do a calling job, then don’t get mad if you receive it late, because that list must be perfect and it takes time.

Expecting a perfect list takes time and it takes a well-trained researcher to do it, but of course, you can’t possibly expect a list to be that perfect, and be reminded that some of those companies might not want to get an email or call from you or us.

Data Profiling Tip: Clean your mind from distractions

Data profiling or Data gathering isn’t all that if you think about it. It’s basically all about searching for something that your client asked of you, and if you gave a wrong set of records or list, then it’s your fault for handing out useless lists not the client. Being an Online researcher suck doesn’t it? But what if I told you that what you’ve read is just a distraction to keep your mind wonder if it’s true or not?

It’s true that it doesn’t give you anything in return. In fact, it just gives you stress. But what we don’t know that each time we search for a certain topic or information, you’ve gained a little insight on what that topic or information is all about. Although you might not realize it at first, it will slowly help you out when you need it the most. For instances, A student who read a certain topic doesn’t really learn it that day, but after a day or weeks, that student will recall what he/she have studied.


It’s a big NO if you think you can profile using only half of what you’ve been using. Our mind isn’t at its full capacity if we rarely use it, of course, there’s no doubt we use it all the time. But let’s not kid ourselves, Sometimes we always wonder “Are we using our mind to its full potential?” of course, there are instances that we use its full potential, but that is when we are in danger.


I just watched the movie “Lucy” last night and I was fascinated with their theory, and that is, “we only use 10% of our brain”. Of course, I know that it’s just a movie and the fact that we only use 10% of our brain is just a myth (Researched), but what if this myth is real? Would we be able to accept it?

Well, honestly, there’s something that our mind can do that we don’t know, yet. You might wonder “What is he saying?” Well, our mind can produce something that we are unaware of, but that’s another blog.