Data profiling: 100% accurate data? It’s a Hoax (And here’s why)

Data Profiling isn’t your average, “get that information and be done with it” type of job. The main reason why some companies offer Database it’s because they know that some companies will have a hard time in getting information over the net. And that’s because some business owners aren’t good at computers. But that’s only some.

When you think about it, 100% accurate can be tempting. The fact that you’ll be given a list that is somewhat perfect is a dream come true. But don’t let it fool you because it’s a hoax. To be honest, No one can give off a 100% data, not even experienced Researcher.

That 100% accurate data they are saying is just for attention, so that they can have has many views as possible, and what’s more is that some might even find it appealing. Who wouldn’t go for that 100%, when some companies can only offer 90% or 95% accurate lists.

100% Accurate Data? IT’S A HOAX!

There’s no such thing as 100% accurate data, just like there’s no such thing as magic. But of course, there’s such thing as ghost and demons. But let’s not dwell on that and focus why I said 100% Accurate Data is a hoax.

As an experienced Online Researcher, I could honestly say that. The only time you are given a 100% accurate list, is if you pay much more than what we ask of you. If you pay us below, you’ll be given only 50% accurate lists, and if you pay us by our asking price, you’ll receive 90%.

The truth is, our performance is based on how much our clients can give us. Even if it’s little, we will do the work 100%, but we won’t check whether some information is correct. But here at ContactDB, we put 100% of our time to finish the list on time.


I’ll be honest with you, give us more than what we ask for, you’ll receive 100% of our work. But if you give us less and treat us as such. Then you’ll be given only 50% accurate lists. But that’s

Is Phone Verification Worthless?

There’s one thing that most Online Researcher finds worthless, and that’s phone verification. You don’t really need to verify incorrect information, in fact, all you just need to do is simply change those incorrect information with what the client asked of you. For example, changing “Manager” to “IT Manager” just so you can finish the list on time.

But of course, I lied when I said “Most Online
Researcher Find it Worthless” Because it isn’t worthless, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Of course, there are some Online Researcher who doesn’t really verify incorrect data over the phone. But mostly, some of the Online Researcher relied on phone call to verify if they got the right information.

There are two types of information in the web, a helpful information and a deceiving one, and these two are the main reason why some Online Researcher will ask for a shorter deadline or a longer one. To be honest, Some Online Researcher knows that some information won’t be useful if it’s inaccurate and outdated. That’s why they are relying on Phone Verification and Email Verification.

IT ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE (Getting information on the web)

Yes, Information can be found on the web. Most of the information that Online Researcher rely on is basically on the Web. Which means that anyone can be an Online Researcher. But of course, only experienced Researcher are being trusted by some companies, but be cautious, because even though they are experienced, they can also be cunning and somehow unreliable. And trust me when I say this “Always verify their review before trusting them” you will never know if they’ll give you what they promised, Accurate and consistent list.

And also don’t trust what you always see on the internet. Sometimes, it can be deceiving, knowing that some information may be copied and edited and some might be outdated. That’s why some Online Researcher relied on calling that person to ensure they got the right information.


Phone verification can also be applied in Data Profiling, Data Verification and Data Cleansing.