[2018] Working with a Telemarketing Firm – Make the Most of an IT Contacts List and the Like

B2B advertising campaigns seem straightforward at first, but can be more complicated when you take a closer look.


Now let me ask you this first, Is your telemarketing doing a successful run? If you say YES, then skip the rest of the article, but if you say NO then you may proceed and hear what i’m about to say.

Simplified, a campaign needs to go from Point A, or the starting point, to Point B, where the company would like to be.

It’s the journey that isn’t so straightforward, as far as B2B advertising goes.

Running a successful campaign may feel like a daunting task, and maybe that’s because of all the work that goes into qualifying leads from say, an IT contacts database.

Research data has shown that more than half the calls made to verify a contact’s information or to determine a possible customer’s needs turn into calls with no follow-up value.

One way to make the whole thing easier for you, maybe so you can focus on other areas of your campaign, is to have a firm that offers telemarketing services handle those initial calls, forwarding only contacts that are promising.

For that to work, though, there are a few things you should do.


  • Determine what you need. Telemarketing includes several services like list qualification, appointment setting, and lead nurturing. Deciding which one you need for your campaign will help later on down the line. If you need more than one service done, it may cost a little more, unless your chosen vendor offers service bundles or something similar.
  • Talk about the specifics. Make sure you talk with the team working on your project so they understand your industry and know what you expect from them. If you need them to qualify leads, give them a list of qualifying questions to ask. If you’re looked to them for appointment setting, set realistic expectations for how many appointments you want to have per week.

By discussing the specifics, the team you’re working will have a goal, and you’ll be better able to measure the success of the campaign.  

  • Refine the telemarketing process to suit you. It’s obvious that you’d want to try and save money, and according to many in B2B companies, the different billing options don’t make much of a difference in the total cost. If you want to save money, what you can do is to refine the process so it doesn’t take as long – a win-win option so that the team you’re working with can handle other projects as well.

For instance, you can have your sales reps take note about which leads were good and which ones were duds.

Get their feedback and suggestions, and then talk with the telemarketing team the next chance you get to incorporate those suggestions into their process for your campaign.

Working with an IT contacts list or something similar may not be the easiest thing, but with the right vendor and the right moves, it can be done.


Btw, about the question…

What is the Difference Between Telemarketing and Telesales?

Here’s the most appropriate definition that we’ve found.

“Telesales is purely the function of approaching customers directly, possibly by using the information gleaned from your Telemarketing approach. Both have outgoing cold calling in common, but Telemarketing has a raft of approaches to increase brand awareness, while Telesales has one simple function: closing a deal.”

Source: cultivationmarketing.co.uk



[2018] Benefits of a Direct Marketing Database

First thing’s first.

Setting up a direct marketing database is crucial in today’s market.

A database allows you to manage and use an incredible variety of information easily.

One major key to the success of this database is to maintain order in what could be a very chaotic business environment.

Direct marketing is the interactive use of advertising to stimulate customer behavior in such a way that this behavior can be tracked, recorded, analyzed and stored on a database for future retrieval and use.

What is so unique about database and what are the major benefits it gives your business?

Interactive – Two way interaction is a fundamental building block of this type of marketing.

It will keep the information flowing. When the information flows, customers feel more in touch with your company which greatly affects the revenue of your business.

Variation of advertising media – When you have this type of database you can create messages that could be sent across different or a combination of different medium.

Using a combination of media is often more productive than using a single medium.

Track, record and analyze – Measurability is a hallmark of direct marketing.

If you have a database you can view the metrics that track spending, response or return on investment.

Future retrieval and use – Databases are very helpful in storing information about customers.

You can easily view their previous purchases, sources of response, and so on.

The use of this type of database is a fundamental building block for any business.

Look for a company who can give you a database and lets you store information in a way that it can be accessed, segmented and used for your future business strategies.

[2018] Qualifications of a Singaporean Mailing List Provider

Are you in need of a Singaporean contact database provider?

Before you say YES, you might wanna listen first to what i’m about to say.

Buying mailing lists has been considered one of the options in maintaining a leads database back in the days. Its too time-consuming for companies to mind this function, especially that they should be focusing on their core business.

Also, some of them may not have the researchers and data verifiers who will dig the business data.

And, it is very expensive if they engage in this undertaking, considering payments for labor, utilities and materials.

After all, no company has a monopoly of resources to do all the tasks in business.

And sometimes, there really is a need to ask for assistance from outside parties.

In acquiring a business contact list, it is of great importance to learn the qualifications of a mailing list provider. Because if you end up with an incompetent list provider, you will not be able to correct such mistake again.

You will lose not just your money, but also your precious time and efforts.

Here are the things to consider when choosing a  contact list provider.

  • It must have a database and technology center.

  • Updates must be made at least weekly. To keep every business data fresh and accurate, constant updates must be made.

  • The list must contain the basic profile, including name of the key contact person, website, phone number, mailing address and direct email address.

  • It provides a data integrity guarantee. Outdated records should be replaced for free.

  • Compliant to GDPR


Caution and due care ought to be guarding you from mediocre firms.

Keep in mind the aforementioned competencies so you can land in the right business partner.

If you have more questions and if there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate and leave us a message.