3 Signs That You and Your ESP Are Not Meant To Be

A rough relationship with your Email Service Provider (ESP) can be very negative. With this in mind, it may be an ideal opportunity to either make a move to enhance the relationship or make a move to get out from it. Like all connections, a dormant one can plainly keep on worsening. The following are three signs your ESP relationship is in a bad shape. If any of these signs rings a bell, you have to make a move.

Poor or no communication at all. Some couple nowadays just stop talking when things are looking terrible and it appears to either one or both of them that there’s just no use in trying. The same can happen with your ESP. When you choose to back out from going to them to lay out your issues and simply go about or it could also be that your ESP is the one who surrendered speaking with you. If routinely disregarded, they’ll basically concentrate on different customers. We know that good communication doesn’t just encompass marital or romantic relationships. It’s basically one of the component of a healthy relationship whether it’s among parents and children, siblings, friends, even among bosses and subordinates all needs a fair rate of communication to survive and grow.

Clueless on how to bridge the gaps. Not knowing the issue is one thing but knowing it and not know how to fix it is another. This is a sign that sprouted from the preceding sign. When you or your team frequently voiced dissatisfaction with the ESP, or begin searching for workarounds instead of utilizing the platform, or—worse—abandon an objective altogether, something is seriously wrong.

Passive aggressiveness. Couples will remain with each other for a wide range of reasons, because seriously, separating is a really difficult thing to do—it’s heartbreaking. In a similar manner, marketers will hang unto their ESP to evade the time, inconvenience and cost of exchanging ESPs. Leaving an ESP comes with the bother of searching for another, getting your home all together so you can move, undergoing migration and implementation, learning the new platform, increasing the new IP addresses and gradually acing the new interface. If not having to experience all this trouble is the reason why your stubbornly putting up with your present ESP despite of receiving a substandard service, time to do a double take.

When your ESP is achingly becoming a problem than a partner, it’s certainly the time to decide whether to stay or go.