5 Things in Your Campaign that Has a Big Impact on Your Emailing List Audience

Are you really sure that you’ve already covered every tiny bit of detail in your email campaign? Well, most of you will probably blurt out a vehement “yes” at this question without a moment’s notice, but not everyone who thinks so can readily supply a good explanation for his or her reply. The truth is there are things about email campaigns that get easily overlooked because, compared to the grander scheme of things, these components are considerably small. Nonetheless, some of these “small” items do have a big impact on your emailing list audiences and are thus worth pondering upon.

As practitioners of the science of email marketing, we’re naturally drawn toward things in our campaign that can easily be observed or measured. However, email marketing is an art as well and requires recognizing elements that can’t be gauged directly in order to produce a masterpiece. This post looks at five of such intangibly small things as well as how and why each appears to have a huge effect on recipients in your business mailing contact list.

1. Premiums in Exchange.

What do you offer to your email recipients in exchange for the time and effort they put into reading or responding to your messages? Typically, these “premiums” take the form of free resource materials and other benefits delivered in some relation to your email messages. Providing premiums to your email readers give your audiences reasons for continuing to engage with your brand through your email campaign.

2. Listening & Learning.

Sales 2.0 has been largely shaped by the evolution of Buyer 2.0, a transition which firmly places buyers at the helm of much of how marketing content is produced and distributed. As such, your email campaign audiences expect you to listen to their needs, learn from their preferences, and conduct your campaign accordingly. This further implies that your email campaigns should take the form of a dynamic conversation rather than mere static chatter.

3. Extra Bit of Effort.

Putting in an extra bit of effort at developing, delivering, and managing your emails can take you a long way with recipients in your email marketing contact database. Readers can quickly distinguish haphazard emails from those which have been thoughtfully prepared. The added effort you devote at content research, copy development, template design, proofing, etc. pays for itself while cutting corners only leave you losing in the end.

4. Courtesy.

How does putting a simple “thank you” line take your messages and campaign further? On your part, politeness tends to show respect for your recipients which in turn starts spinning the wheels of relationship-building. Of course, courtesy and politeness aren’t limited only to expressing gratitude; they’re also shown through such actions as how you manage your email frequency and timing as well as realizing that your messages do occupy precious inbox space.

5. Accountability.

The things that demonstrate accountability on your part are actually just a set of tiny steps you have to consistently take. For instance, responding to an inquiry or following up with questions doesn’t involve much on your part, but it shows accountability for a previous action or promise.

There you have it – a quick outline of five of the most basic considerations in your email campaigns that go a long way with your mailing recipients. If you were to evaluate your campaign, how well does it apply these items?