Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #3

The last step I can give out in terms of expediting your email marketing. Now that you have set the volume of relevancy of your email according to your consumer, you can now formulate the type of email. Take consideration in putting some money on your dedicated IP address. This would actually increase validity for your email.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails have high chances of being tagged as spam and will be automatically goes into the junk mail. This will lead your email being unread or worst ‘unopened’. In today emailing system, the obvious form of spam can be automatically detected by superior emailing address. In this area of innovation, one must not consider to exert effort on blasting marketing email. In the end, it does not give so much ROI.

Transactional emails

While the word said it’s so, transactional email is the opposite of marketing email. Transactional email has higher chance of readability and open rates.  Since transactional emails are actually based on the data prior to the behavior of your consumer. Its relevancy is high and once relevancy is high, open rates are high too. The best way to practice this is to send your email on a separate IP address for better monitoring, tracking delivery rates (failures) and troubleshooting without sacrificing your main email address.

Email Type

Further into details, in which your email type should be considered. One instance is how you follow-up a service retention email. Provided that you already know the outcome, you may send a special offer so to speak with.  Not only that, you also have to isolate customer service support mail.

The main goal for these blog is for you to deliver the best experience as possible for your consumer. It means directing your attention on consumer and much possible, making your emails to communicate directly to your consumers.