B2B Marketing: What Will Your Brand Archetype Be? (Part 3)

The Caregiver

Under the ego type with “social” as cardinal orientation. Also known as the saint, altruist, parent, helper, supporter, angel, guardian, Samaritan, and healer. A caregiver’s motto is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Its characteristics are often associated with maternal roles; caring, nurturing, devoted, selfless, generous and compassionate. A caregiver’s goal is to help and is driven by their need to protect and care for others. They fear selfishness and ingratitude. Their weakness involves being prone to martyrdom, being taken for granted and exploited and can display masochistic, manipulative, and codependent tendencies.

This archetype is manifested by businesses who have a ‘social’ and ‘caring’ element at their core. They offer security and support to their customers. Their brands are presented as someone you can trust because they care and empathize. Johnson & Johnson, Campbell’s, TOMS shoes, Heinz, Allstate Insurance are good examples of a caregiver brand archetype.

The Creator

A soul type and under the cardinal orientation “ego.” Other names include the artist, inventor, innovator, musician, writer, dreamer, builder, muse, musician, writer, dreamer, entrepreneur, storyteller, and visionary. This archetype lived by the motto “If you can imagine it, it can be done.” They are creative, imaginative, artistic, expressive, innovative and non-conformist. They’re driven to create things of enduring value with the ultimate goal of giving form to a vision. Mediocrity is their fear, and their weakness is that they can be so much of a perfectionist, narcissistic and can be impractical.

This archetype is distinct in businesses who fosters imaginative and artistic endeavors and put forward self-expression (e.g. differentiate from “do-it-all” brands that leave little room for the imagination and use “do-it-yourself and save money” approach). Businesses who have a creator brand archetype empowers and prize its customers as much as it can express itself using its products. Brand examples of this archetype are Lego, Adobe, Etsy, Crayola, and Movado.

The Explorer

Is a soul type with a cardinal orientation of “freedom.” Alternate names are the seeker, iconoclast, wanderer, individualist, pilgrim, adventurer, generalist and pioneer. “Don’t fence me in.” is its motto. This archetype’s traits are independent, curious, adventurous, brave, ambitious, authentic and restless. Their core desire is to define their selves by exploring the world with freedom and is aiming to find fulfillment through discovery and new experiences. They are afraid of getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness. Their weak points are they’re susceptible to aimless wandering and becoming a misfit.

This archetype is apparent to businesses who promote themselves as a means to helping others be free in expressing their individuality and experience the new and unknown. Their brands prompt people to challenge themselves to discover the explorer within their selves. Examples of the brands which embody this archetype are North Face, National Geographic Channel, Patagonia, REI, and Jeep.