B2B Marketing: What Will Your Brand Archetype Be? (Part 4)

The Hero

With the ego as its type and as well as its cardinal orientation, hero is an archetype also known as the warrior, crusader, rescuer, superhero, soldier, dragon slayer, winner, team player, athlete, and liberator. This figure believes in the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” and possesses a courageous, honorable, strong, confident, inspirational, competent, disciplined and determined nature. This archetype is powered by the desire to prove his worth by doing courageous and arduous acts and achieve the ultimate end of using mastery in a way that would improve the world. They’re fearful of cowardice, being weak and vulnerable. They are inclined to arrogance, aloofness, belligerence and ruthlessness.

This archetype is evident in businesses who submit themselves as high quality and superior to their competition. They thrive on making a positive mark to the world through inventions or innovations, solve major problems and enable/inspire others to do so. Brands with the hero archetype declare triumph. Anti-virus software brands, Adidas, FedEx, BMW and  Duracell are examples of the hero brand archetype.

The Innocent

Belongs to the ego type with “order” as its cardinal orientation. Also called the utopian, traditionalist, naive, mystic, saint, romantic, dreamer, child, and idealist. “We are young and free.”, is the innocent’s motto. They’re like the epitome of a child; strives to be good, is young and pure, trusting, spontaneous, optimistic, simple, moral, romantic, loyal and dependent. They want to experience paradise and just wanted to be happy. They fear punishments the most, and because of their innocence, they tend to be naive or boring.

Businesses who assumes the innocent archetype exhibits qualities such as purity, simplicity, goodness and reliability and mostly incorporate nostalgic themes and natural and unfussy imagery. The good examples of this innocent brand archetype are Dove, Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry’s, McDonald’s and Charmin.

The Jester

A self type with a “freedom” cardinal orientation. The Jester is also known as the fool, trickster, joker, practical joker, comedian, clown, entertainer, provocateur, and shapeshifter. They believed and lived by the motto “You only live once.” They are joyful, fun-loving, full of sense of humor, light-hearted, mischievous and energetic. They want to live in the moment full of enjoyment and aspires to have a great time and bring joy to the world. Given their nature, they ‘re likely to be impulsive, irreverent, frivolous and waste time. They are anxious about boredom and being seen as boring.

Most noticeable among businesses who targets younger people. The jester brand archetype makes use of outrageous imagery, fondly teases customers frequently and help people have a good time. They want to express themselves as a brand that can make people live their lives easier and more bearable by providing them with joy. Skittles, M & M, Cadbury, Taco Bell, Motley Fool and Old Spice.