B2B Marketing: What Will Your Brand Archetype Be? (Part 5)

The Lover

A soul archetype and has a “social” cardinal orientation. Also known as the partner, friend, intimate, enthusiast, sensualist, spouse, team-builder, companion, matchmaker, hedonist and romantic. Its mantra says “You’re the only one.” The lover is a figure that is passionate, sensual, intimate, romantic, warm, committed, idealistic and appreciative. They yearn for intimacy and sensual pleasure and wishes to be in a relationship with the people, the work, the experience and the surroundings they love. As an epitome of love and intimacy, they fear to be alone, to be a wallflower, to be unwanted and unloved. They are susceptible to losing their identity as they are the type that does anything and everything to attract and please others. They can be shallow and obsessive.

Businesses with the lover brand archetype display themselves as glamorous, with an emphasis on sensual pleasure and building relationships (i.e. creating intimacy, inspiring love, giving off the vibe of being appreciated and belongingness). Victoria’s Secret, Godiva, Marie Claire, Reeses and Chanel are brand examples of this archetype.

The Magician

The magician is a self archetype and is categorized under the “ego” cardinal orientation. Also go by the names the catalyst, charismatic leader, medicine man, alchemist, mentor, and shaman. “I make things happen.” is their chant. They are intelligent, visionary, charismatic, imaginative, idealistic, spiritual and driven. They’re great in finding win-win solutions and make the complex appear simple; That sometimes, their ability can be considered supernatural. They are powered by their desire to understand the fundamental laws of how the world or universe works, and it is their ultimate goal to make their dreams come true and create something special. Unforeseen negative consequences of their exploration agitate them. They are likely to be manipulative, dishonest and detached from reality.

Businesses that wears the magician’s hat build up themselves as the gateway to transformative, expansive knowledge and experience, that is, promise to transform their customers or present a transformative product or service. Brand embodying this archetype are Disney, Apple, Axe, Xbox and TED.

The Outlaw

A soul archetype whose cardinal orientation is “freedom.” The outlaw is also called rebel, revolutionary, wild man, the misfit, activist, gambler, maverick, and reformer. Fittingly believed in the expression “Rules are made to be broken.” They are free-spirited, brave, iconoclastic, wild, catalysts, outrageous, rule breakers and fights for radical freedom. They are driven by desires of revenge or revolution and intends to destroy what is not working (for them or the society). Being powerless, ineffectual and trivialized apprehend them and are inclined to go over to the dark side, be destructive, out of control and nihilistic.

Businesses who takes on this archetype promote themselves as an agent of change, advocate for the disenfranchised and either help retain values that are threatened by emerging ones or pose themselves as an alternative to the mainstream. They break with industry conventions and allow people to do so. Brands wearing rebel well are Harley Davidson, Diesel, Virgin, and Betabrand.