B2B Marketing Stats and Trends in 2016 to Guide You this 2017 (Social Media Marketing)

It’s time to step up your business’ marketing approach towards social media this 2017 in line with these major B2B social media marketing trends in 2016.

  • This year, there are over 219 million new social media users.
  • Daily average time spent social networking is 1 hour and 51 minutes. (Global Web Index)
  • 1 in 3 minutes spent online is devoted to social networking and messaging. (Global Web Index)
  • 97% of online adults globally say they have visited or used a social network within the last month. (Global Web Index)
  • B2B content marketers employ an average of six social media platforms. (CMI)
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are the top 4 social media platforms for B2B. (CMI)
  • Facebook remains by far the top service globally for membership (82%) but YouTube maintains a lead for visitors/users (85%). (Global Web Index)
  • A whopping 96% of consumers report that videos are helpful in making purchasing decisions. (Oktopost)
  • 40% of internet users are LinkedIn members. (Pew Research center)
  • LinkedIn had 969 million site visits in May 2016. (SimilarWeb)
  • 94% B2B organizations use LinkedIn to distribute content. (CMI)
  • Effectiveness ratings for B2B social media platforms; LinkedIn (66%), Twitter (55%), and Youtube (51%). (CMI)
  • 93% of B2B organizations use social media content as a content marketing tactic.
  • Social media is ranked second (27%), surpassed by email by only 1%, for the most effective channel in content distribution. (Regalix)
  • B2B marketers rate social media at 40% – placing it on the second spot in terms of tactics most critical to content marketing success in 2017. (CMI)
  • 51% of B2B marketers use social media ads in their paid content distribution efforts. (CMI)
  • In 2016, social media marketers have allocated 10.6% of their overall marketing budget to their social activities. This figure is expected to increase to 20.9% this 2017, making it one of the largest marketing expenditures alongside content and search engine marketing.