B2B Telemarketing: What to Do When Your B2B Prospects Do These…

The following are the three common problems, telemarketers experiences from B2B prospects during telemarketing campaigns and here’s how to tackle them.

Ignore your Calls

You’ve been reaching to a B2B prospect for how many times now. But, to no avail. Apparently, your calls are being ignored. The best thing to do in this scenario is to incorporate other method/s. Send your B2B prospect a personalized email or physical mail. These methods might bode well especially for B2B prospects who prefer email or other means of communication than telephone calls. If you still aren’t able to get a respond after doing this, set another follow-up call for a few months out and attempt again.

Hung up on your Calls

Even if it seems like your B2B prospect is just having an awful day or has a serious attitude problem, you should not dismiss the possibility that you might also be the one to blame. How many times would you say are you trying to reach this prospect? Is it accurate to say that you are constantly polite on the telephone? In this case, being assertive may aggravate the situation. You need to lay off this B2B prospect because you were off to a bad start. Go after another person inside that company instead and this time, employ a low-pressure strategy like sending brochures or postcards. Or, you can simply direct your efforts somewhere else.

Badmouths you

Mean prospects are sure to burst your bubble. However, don’t fight fire with fire. Contemplate first. It might have something to do with you than them. Take for example, calling at a bad time. Such times often draws out the bad in people and you’ve just subjected yourself as a person they can vent off of their negativity. With this, you should genuinely apologize and acknowledge that you have been intrusive. This often gets the tension loose. Since it’s clearly not a good time to talk, ask if it’s okay to call when the time is already convenient. If the B2B prospects concede, that’s a good sign. Set up another schedule you can ring them up. If they not and you certainly had gotten on the prospect’s bad side, it’s either you let that prospect go, or you can pass it on to your colleague (because someone might have better luck).