10 Best Practices on B2B Landing Pages (Part 2)

Add Video     

Making your prospects read in your landing page is not the only way you can can share information about your business, service or proposal. You can also make them watch it. After all, solutions and services in B2B can be intricate. You can wrap it up with a video. Correspondingly, according to the latest released by Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span is only 8.25 seconds. It implies that if ever you consider a video for your landing pages, make it short and powerful.

Trust Marks

In most intances, gaining your B2B prospects trust can seal the deal for conversion. What better way to get their trust than displaying the trust of past and existing clients? Include their testimonials or logos on your landing page now.

Say Thank You

After B2B prospects filled and submitted their form. It isn’t bad to send them a thank you with another page. Aside from using this to show your gratitude, this can also give you the opportunity to provide additional information such as other services you have or the delivery of a promised content (e.g. ebook, newsletter & etc.).

A/B Test

Everything needs to be tested in your landing page; from the lay-out, head line, images and videos and CTA down to the colors used. These A/B Tests can help you improve your landing page and drive the best results for your business.

Landing Page Longevity

Usually, B2B landing pages are employed for short term campaigns. You have to keep track on their expiration. It can cause you issues if some people stumbled on it on the web and become interested only to find out that offers in it are no longer available or are already outdated. Create a custom 404 error page to avoid this incident.

Inspect your B2B landing pages now and make a difference for your campaigns.