Watch Out For These 6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams! (Part  1)

You just have to love Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With fantastic deals at low prices being offered, a good haul is in your hand’s reach. However, you’re not the only one feeling the love. Scammers are all hyped too. These two biggest shopping days of the year are one of their playgrounds, and you certainly don’t want to be their playmate. Here is a list of scam games they’ll likely trick you into playing.

The ‘Click and Receive’ Stunt

A lot of shoppers place their orders online to avoid the inconvenience of waiting in line. However, scammers exploit this. They send fake emails that request you to click on a link and enter your personal information to rearrange or confirm a supposed delivery. If you do fill it up, scammers will steal your identity or gather enough details to get into your bank account. They wouldn’t tell what product you have purchased in their email, but if you happen to be unsuspecting because you have indeed placed an order online and is expecting a delivery, you could be deceived into giving your personal information.

Tip: Don’t give out your personal information or click links as scammers might have tinkered it to download malware on your PC or mobile device and weaken its security system. Be skeptic if it’s not mentioned in the email what product have you purchased. Track your order online if it’s possible and contact the company you’re expecting a delivery from.

Text Phishing and Vishing

Scammers send you a text warning you about a suspicious activity in your bank account (Well, with all the Black Friday or Cyber Monday mania going on, who wouldn’t be alarmed receiving a text like this?). They’ll ask you to immediately call a phony mobile number to reactivate and secure your account. The moment you dial that number, it will attempt to access your address, SS number, and other information. Or, scammers will talk you into giving it. Vishing or voice phishing is similar. However, scammers will be the one to call you.

Tip: Don’t panic. Instead of contacting the number the scammer is demanding you to or further engaging in a conversation with a scammer who claims to be from your bank, directly call your bank and verify such notification.

Bogus Coupons, Vouchers, and Gift Cards

Scammers dupe coupons, vouchers and gift cards from a legitimate brand and act as third party sellers of those above or simply make their own couple with a supporting website. They tempt you into availing such and signing up your personal information by offering it with a too good to be true discount, convincing you that it comes with a ticket to winning most coveted items (usually electronic devices) or plainly making it free. Only to find out that it’s not authentic, already used/expired or the product is a complete counterfeit and the money in your bank account already splurged.

Tip: Purchase only from official and reputable websites.