Watch Out For These 6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams! (Part  2)

Fake Business Websites

Scammers create a fake business website where they offer popular products or services at great discounts or at unbelievably low prices. If you happen to come across such a website and get too excited with the offers, indiscriminately putting in your personal information like credit card details without checking if it’s a legit business site, well, you know the drill.

Tip: If possible, purchase from business websites you know and trust. If you want to place an order on an unfamiliar site, check for their contact number and physical address on the site. Try calling to see if you can reach a sales or customer rep during business hours. It is preferable to purchase from business websites who uses HTTPS web encryption. Scammers are unlikely to intercept any information from this kind of web encryption. Do search for customer reviews. The more, the better (though keep your eyes out on the fakes). Lastly, it is suggested to use credit cards when buying online so that you can dispute charges if something goes wrong with your order.

The Refund Sham

Scammers send you a message from a made up or popular business brand that says “wrong transaction” or “click for a refund.” They want you to click a virus-filled link and infect your PC or mobile device.

Tip: If you haven’t made any transaction from that particular business that merits a refund,  don’t bother to respond and immediately delete that particular message. Remember to install a reliable security software so that in case you accidentally click the virus-filled link, it won’t do any damage to your device.

Fraud Charity

Along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the holidays. The season of giving are fast approaching, and while you may be in the spirit to do so, that doesn’t include giving out to scammers who mask themselves as a charity organization, exploiting your generosity.

Tip: Before donating to any charity, always check if it is a legitimate organization.

It pays to be a smart, cautious buyer. Make sure your money goes a long way and gets to where it is due.