Business Email List Tips – Be Serious Or Be Seasonal?

If you find the title odd, here is a brief explanation between what is serious, what is seasonal, and how there seems to be a dilemma between the two when you are finally blasting a message to the contacts on your business email list:

  • Serious – If you are in B2B marketing, there is a tendency to be serious even when the goal is simply to promote your business and draw attention to it. Your message simply contains the hard facts on the problems you are trying to solve and you believe a prospect should pay attention to.
  • Seasonal – Going seasonal means you are tying your message to the current season. It shows that your business is aware and is capable of sending a pleasing message that is not static and can align itself with a theme. For example, you use brown or orange colors in your templates to express the season of autumn and Thanksgiving.

Both approaches appear to run counter to each other. Going for a seasonal theme sounds more like a consumer marketing stunt while a serious approach is clearly too rigid. However, which is the truly effective email marketing approach?

What Does It Say On Your Business Email List?

Well like all dilemmas, the best answer may not be one or the other but an attempt to strike a balance between both. The truth is you may not always make enough sales leads out of your business email list with only one. But first, take a look at your business email list and see what it has to say:

  • What is the average size of your prospects’ businesses? – Good business email list vendors can package their information and limit to a certain size. So for example, if you purchased your list with the intention to target larger business, then of course you should try the more professional approach (with perhaps just a little seasonal decoration on the side). On the other hand, if you are targeting small business owners, try going for something lighter (you can even argue that marketing to them feels like marketing to consumers at times).

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  • Where is your prospect located? – This can be a minor detail for some but can be more important if there are prospects on your email list who are living in different countries. In fact, it might have been your objective to target exclusively foreign businesses in a particular country. If you are going seasonal, it is their seasons you should consider, not yours. If you are going for a serious approach, it is their local problems you must look up, not yours. Either way, prospect location is something to consider.

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  • What is the industry of your prospects? – If your business email list is also organized by industry, there are a lot of fun things you can do to tie your message (be it a seasonal one or a more serious one). Tackling industry-specific problems make you most relevant while seasonal imagery can mix with the already existing theme that industries represent. Be it one or both, never ignore how a prospect’s industry factors into their impression.

Both the need to be serious and seasonal have very understandable reasons. For one thing, they both try to express relevance in their own way. Though on further reflection, that actually makes mixing both easier! There is no need to put your email marketing services though such a pointless dilemma!