Catching Attention

Any email marketer would want their marketing campaign to be a success. This is why they spend time consulting email experts. But despite consulting different experts they will probably tell marketers the same gist: “Deliver value to your subscribers.”

The reason for delivering value is to catch customer attention. More customer attention would mean more revenues and returns for marketers. It is a very good advice to deliver information, facts and figures to customers, however these important mails are simply useless if these do not catch the attention of the recipients. Despite all of that accurate data and meaningful content, it would just be a waste of inbox space when the subscriber simply scrolls by.

Catching Attention in Six Ways

  1. Value should be explained. Subscribers will always wonder what these emails are for and what data they hold. They would probably wonder what information they would know and how they would be educated with the product their marketer is selling to them. Information presentation and explanation should be in the sign-up copy. When the marketer has got that covered, it is time to reinforce the value on the confirmation page. However, that should not end there; do not simply disclose by expressing gratitude but also inform them of more discounts bound to come.
  2. Value with links. Subscribers would know where to look when there are provided with links to see a sample of email. A screenshot of the confirmation page will also do. It is like providing subscribers a lead and what to look for whenever they would open their inbox.
  3. Value with designs. A marketer should have their own signature design for customers to quickly discern them from the others. The subject line style and elements of design can help make a name for themselves compared to standardized and bland emails.
  4. Value and Time. There should be a precise time when to send out emails.
  5. Value and regular sending. Sending out too much will irk the subscriber, but sending out so rarely will make the subscriber what they had subscribed to the marketer for.
  6. Value and customer cycle. Customer interaction is what keeps the ball rolling in marketing. When marketers know the cycle of their customers, it creates an impression to customers that marketers pay close attention to what they want.