Sending HTML Newsletters  to Executives? Here Are 3 Things You Should Be Reminded Of

Experiencing difficulty with your HTML newsletter project? Getting baffling outcomes from your executive list? Ideas not taking off? In case you responded “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re not the only one. Making and sending newsletters to executives can be demanding for most. The succeeding reminders will help you get to your HTML newsletter, all the more, get your message across your readers.

First, maintain a harmony between picture and content. HTML newsletter permits you to incorporate detailed designs and illustrations into your messages. In any case, this doesn’t give you the indulgence to exaggerate. It’s a great practice to incorporate a few pictures in the newsletter, yet these need to stay inside the context. Graphics can boost the visual interest of your newsletter. Be that as it may, their usage ought to be constrained. You risk losing the pith of your newsletter if you depend on design excessively. Some email platforms may not show your pictures appropriately, or worse not display them at all. So restrain from including essential messages or information as pictures.

Second, have a plain-content form of your HTML newsletter. Again, with some email platforms not supporting all of the HTML features in your newsletter, it may be reasonable to send a text-only version newsletter. In spite the fact that you may think this takes away the visual quality from your newsletter, it has the upside of ensuring delivery. Utilizing a text-only version additionally makes your newsletter more receptive to inboxes, giving it a lesser chance of being sorted as junk mail by recipients in your executive list. There are email marketing platforms that is configured to automatically decide whether to send an HTML or a plain-text version of your newsletter to a particular contact according to the platform he or she uses. You may need to discuss your contact database provider for more on this feature.

Lastly, always incorporate the option to unsubscribe. Ensuring that your recipients have the alternative to suspend their subscription to your newsletter is a big plus factor for your campaign. This shows how much thought you give to your subscribers and permits you to keep up goodwill among your contacts. Likewise, contingent upon the location, you might be lawfully obliged to give an unsubscribe option to specific contacts in a list. Providing your recipients this option can assist you in determining uninterested prospects.

Indeed. Email has made marketing more convenient and effective yet we need to concede that it has brought new difficulties as well. Regardless, by taking a couple of simple strides, we can get around these obstacles and extend your message to where it is due.

B2B Marketing Stats and Trends in 2016 to Guide You this 2017 (Mobile Marketing)

Here are some relevant B2B mobile marketing stats and trends that should have you formulating such marketing strategy for your business if you still aren’t using one.

  • 73% of all the people on earth (5.2 billion) are mobile phone users. 40% of those (just over two billion) own smartphones. (Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends)
  • Search activity for those using a smartphone has intensified and there is 3X growth reported in mobile queries. This prompted Google to update its major mobile algorithm. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile, are bound to lose organic search rankings, site traffic and experience an increase in bounce rate. (Google)
  • 74% say they are likely to return to a company’s site in the future if it is a mobile-friendly site. (Google)
  • 48% feel frustrated and annoyed if a company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site. (Google)
  • 52% percent are less likely to engage with a company that has no mobile website. (Google)
  • 57% of consumers will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (Payfirma)
  • 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. (Payfirma)
  • 42% of B2B buying researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. (Google)
  • 49% of B2B researchers who use their mobile devices for research do so while at work. They’re comparing prices, reading about products, comparing feature sets and contacting retailers (even purchasing too). (Google)
  • 83% of B2B marketers said mobile apps were important to content marketing. (Strategy Trends)
  • 41% of B2B buyers access content marketing through a smartphone. (CMO Council)
  • Optimizing for mobile had a positive impact on the results of email campaigns for 40.74% of B2B marketers. (Email barometer)
  • 57.41% of B2B marketers did not know what impact optimizing their email design for mobile has on their results. (Email barometer)

Being Economical in Advertising through Email Marketing Services

Advertising online is all the rage nowadays. The advent of technology had made it easier and more economical than handing out flyers and paying for ad spaces. Email marketing services can provide the most cost-efficient way to market online and the chance for a company to spread out in their advertising campaign. The services for email marketing can provide a great chance for companies to reach out to new customer niches where it may be; this is a great asset since companies do not need to travel to a different place in order to market.

The email marketing services eliminates the need to meet personally with the customers in order to advertise. Companies are constantly ensnared with the prospect of how to advertise in the most economical method. There is a vast audience of customers and that means that more funds are needed in order to scour for these contacts. Services for email marketing helps in reaching out to these targeted niches in a creative way with electronic newsletters. Email marketing services has provided an easier alternative to achieve marketing objectives.

Though there is an apprehension that most people will not open or read promotional mail and their emails would categorize these mails are spam, there are still other contacts who will read the advertising material and even buy the advertised products and services. This method of communication is not restricted for introducing people to a product or services though. The services for email marketing can also promote customer relationships. Customers can be kept updated about the status of their account. Email marketing services provides specific information that compliments their interest through a modest email services. Since email is now the best method to communicate that disregards geographical barriers, it is the best medium to keep customers updated about product and services without the problem of disturbing them through phone or postal mails.

The business email list are one of the tools that help send out newsletters to the right contacts. The content of the newsletter is relevant to the products or services. The email list for business is very effective in targeting the potential audience and carry out the right results in a short period of time along with the benefit of building a bond of loyalty with their customers.

Updates on contact information are also important. The contact list provides updates on contact information that may have been changed on such short notice. This tool is such an advantage for advertising since companies will never waste sending out newsletters to dead contacts.

How to Boost Advertising Income with Prospected Business List

Standard techniques about advertising within any company don’t need the long duration of the time and benefits just to pursuit their contacts. They must search for a dependable supplier that procures contact information with their necessity. Advertising with a benefits of the business list may be persuading furthermore essential. The company can encompass a considerable measure from claiming customers for different methodologies of advertising.

Boost Advertising Income with Business Email List

Provider for business list helped various organizations accomplishes their objectives. Those provider that gives the best and also clean business list could give new information for the company. As far as generating leads, there will be a consistent compelling reason for new data so as with arrange the crazy methodology towards customers and prospects and also support in qualifying the lead generation process. The fresher the information, the better function, the finer possibility for the advertising campaigns. This may be the reason for existing ahead the reason organizations, if see to it that their suppliers are gifted also need aid from confirmed experts. The provider are the ones who provide for contact data to flyers from which organizations stage their merchandises with the end goal those trusts about expanding deals also serving clinched alongside change.

Increasing Profits Online

Those business list from the web should direct clients and prospects to the main company website with promotion of products and services. Those account that covers address and telephone information is amiable to the individual visitors who generally perceive the organization and has interest in contacting the company.

The list of emails for business can give benefits for the business by providing the right contact to the majority of people who are engage within the process. This accuracy is another way for company to save time and effort in looking for new contact information. The extra accuracy in their list will get them fewer unresponsive prospects.

Seeking brand awareness online.

Moving the advertising through the web relies on the web traffic of users in which the area of interest is measured through various and different approaches and channels.

Services for marketing through email has its own approach in making an appeal to the customers. After the company has accomplished all the needed contacts, it can now start reaching out with these people who are likely to buy or at least recommend their brand.

Three Types of Profiling in Marketing

Profiling programs are designed to guide the marketing automation platform in determining what category would your website visitor are into so to identify the marketing needs of those individual in the marketing process. Profiling software consists of scoring those individual in terms of content visit, email interaction and click rate ration. This helps business in segmenting what kind of strategy they will going to use in guiding their prospect in the sales process. Not only that it can also identify the demographic and firm graphic characteristics of the proxy of these individuals.

To understand this more, there are three major type of profiling programs that is available for you to harness and implement to save time and energy in the marketing process.

  1. Buying Stage Scoring
  2. Buyer Persona Profiling
  3. Pain Point/ Product Interest Profiling

Buyer Stage Scoring is capturing the proxy of the prospect’s point of view in the sales process. This is characterize by his/her website visitation, email interaction and content click rate. If you notice this would be high, a research or a call to action like feeding more the prospect with information would help them in the marketing and profiling process.

Buyer Persona Profiling is the next level after stage profiling. This is when visitors are more into technical aspects, strategic opinion and suggestion from your website. They are more likely to raise a question and interest in your service. They are most probably decision makers and make sure to get the demographic and firmographic proxy and measure them as well.

Lastly is the Pain Point/ Product Interest Profiling measures the prospects’ need and empathize with them. For most marketers, this is a desperate move when it comes to profiling and how it is done is less likely to give good results. But this is vital because it gives a full attempt for the prospect to be recognized his/her needs.

Machine Base Content Marketing

Machine-learning technology rising its way to the peak of its value. It has been hastily integrated in the marketing methods. Contact DB currently started its pavement through in using landing page optimizer that will be suited in using Adobe Experience Manager in helping marketers maximize their landing page potential.

Contact DB’s Intent technology uses machine learning to help marketers reach the intentional audience on social media networks. These new technique will help company transform their content production from system of non-stop guessing and estimating to one that is efficient and productive.

NLP machine learning will begin to understand user’s intent and what they want to see in your website, your content production system can pinpoint and target content that will keep customers interested in moving down the sales funnel.

The insights given by these machine can be used in modifying emails and customized CTAs that will speak directly to the user.

In the process, you can monitor and respond appropriately with the customers’ need to grow and adapt.

Software customers might need basic Web security software when they first make a purchase for their new startup. Five years later, they might need a more involved system to handle their growing organizations.

A system that can recognize changing needs can help make targeted efforts more productive.

These machine can utilize the gauging the content of brands quality and relevance by looking at the key signals such as:

  • Customer’s frequency in reference to the content
  • Content Variability
  • Predictive trending of content base on the current statistics

In B2B marketing, firm will continue to create more content and they will learn to add in their production of material of how they can uniquely manage their content in targeting their leads more efficient and helpful, improving the user experience and increasing personalization.

Stepping up in Lead Generation

It’s not new to us the multi-channel media has been a great asset in generating leads. It’s known too well by many B2B marketers around the globe and has been making a lot of innovation. The ground-breaking announcement of Facebook will lead B2B marketers to a whole new level again in looking for more alleys in lead generation. Last June 25, 2015 the biggest social media provider in the world announced that they will be promoting a lead ad unit.

This lead ad unit will make the user fill out some information such name and email address. This information as we know is vital in generating leads. The fill-out option will be submitted once the user agreed to send and receive notifications from the certain marketer or provider. But this lead ad unit still on the process of evaluation and improvements will come then after such period of time.

The action taken by the company to the user will not reflect Facebook nor will it have any obligations from any form of damages as such. The information generated from the lead ad unit will be only forwarded to the respective company and cannot be sold out to any third parties of the company. This is to protect the consumer’s proprietary information and their privacy as well. This lead ad unit will only help consumers from opening the third-party app and so to save their time as well.

On the other hand, issue will then arise in this situation. Since lead ad unit is still fresh. How will it solve the number of multiple Facebook account holder? Since we all know that an average user have 2-3 Facebook account, will it affect the quality of generating real leads for B2B marketers? How can we ensure that the data being gathered will not be redundant? Let just take some time in thinking and testing this newly added lead ad unit in the market.

Using Lead Generators for a Corporate Yard Sale

What are the usual goals of a yard sale? Mostly it’s just to get rid of old stuff you don’t need anymore. Still, it also involves selling old stuff you didn’t know you had but realized could make a few good bucks.

The latter can actually be an interesting business model for lead generators.

A corporate-style yard sale doesn’t have to be literal. You’re not going to start selling old, legacy servers out on the front of your office building any time soon. Rather, it’s a new way of looking at your business and finding something that could also be sold alongside your current product lineup.

ContactDB is one example. The company started out selling data but not we’re also offering our own marketing and lead generation services. Where did they come from? Obviously, there wouldn’t be all this data if there weren’t any call centers or email marketers to do the job.

Logically, it’s a cost-effective way to expand diversify your value propositions. Of course, it’s no magic bullet. There are several factors involved when successfully marketing your own corporate yard sale:

  • Prospects weren’t sure you’d sell it – In its early days, the search engine Google and the social network Facebook weren’t yet introduced to the idea of making a business out of their tools. They just built them. But then, time goes by and the possibilities opened up before anyone realized it.  Today both companies have a grip on the market purely because they’ve grown something really big in their garden. The same goes for your product. While you worked on an internal process or propriety piece of technology, your prospects have to be a bit unaware of any possibility to sell it.
  • Polish it real good – Just as you’d polish an old, mysterious ring you found in the attic, you should polish out all the kinks in your soon-to-be-new product/service. Pay close attention to customer feedback and how this secret product has already been affecting their current experience. Any problems you find could make its way when you launch it so start polishing now!
  • Market the changes as key features – The improvements you’ve made should be the highlight of your new offer. Suppose you’re in the healthcare business and you’ve decided to improve kinks in your home-grown EMR system. Competitors may have already made the same claim but at least you’ve had a good start on addressing what could’ve been a persistent problem. This would obviously make it easier to launch a product.

Selling something that you’ve long had shouldn’t be seen as some form of desperate move to increase revenue or an attempt to scam others with junk. Done right, doing a little corporate yard sale can help you present more value to potential prospects without adding to the cost.

Catching The Customer’s Eye in Six Ways

It has all the time been on the subject on transporting worth to online subscribers that professionals’ advice what to do. Irrefutably, it is a noble advice. Nevertheless, eye-catching proposals and matters are just a waste of inbox space if the email does not clasp the attention of subscribers’ responsiveness. The sad part is that if the subscribers do not even recognize the advertising email, the might brand it as spam and it will be subsequently be sent to the spam folder. This is quite troublesome; there is little consideration with this subject matter in the internet.  So the problem is now is how to find a loophole in that consideration.

This heralds the solution at the threshold in the procedure of signing-up. This reassures subscribers to recognize and seek out the emails of the said advertising company.

Catching the Customer’s Eye in Six Ways

  • Justify and Illuminate. The meaning of the emails in the sign-up replica. The supplement should be that worth should be secure in the approval page. There is more than just to simply say “Thank you for signing up!”; it would be more prudent to add: “Stay tuned for more updates and discounts!”
  • It is Linked. There should be a screenshot of the sample email in the confirmation page and it should be provided with a link. This is a guide to what subscribers are looking for in their inbox.
  • Stylish Subject line. In the opening emails, employ the use of the subject line style and the elements of design that can illustrate average emails. This sets a recognition configuration for forthcoming messages.
  • The Time is Now. There is also the timing on knowing when to send out emails; there is the best time when to send out emails. Experiments are employed in order to find out.
  • Constantly in Contact. Habitually directing out mails benefits out too. Assortment of addresses before referring out advertisements should not be held back for long. If the hiatus between mails grow into months, then recognition fades.
  • Right Place at the Right Time. Customer communication should be arranged soundly for a suave communication sequence. After subscribers have obtained a product, they are thinking what else the company could bargain. This is when “activating” emails are used to carry on with significant material.

Designs that standout and give the marketer a signature should not be overlooked; what better way than to give a lasting impression onto the customers with specific designs that gives the marketer a character?