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Contact Lists – A Better Choice over Pay per Lead?

posted by Margaret Spencer on April 1, 2016

The value of a lead lies in the end result: the possibility of a sale. If such an end-scenario were not present, then leads would be worth near nothing because businesses could not use them to their advantage. However, since it is true that leads can open doors and yield potential profits in the future, companies that want to find more prospects covet them. At often times, however, we may be paying for more than what we get in return when we buy leads. As such, purchasing contact lists is often a better choice than paying for each and every lead you buy.

Which is better - Contact Lists or Pay per lead?

What a “lead” is can actually be different in definition when you ask a sales executive or a marketing executive. However, both agree that leads, are in fact, a good thing. Basically though, a lead can be viewed as…

A lead represents a person/entity that expresses an interest in the products and services you offer.

That being said, a lead is without a doubt a valuable resource to your company. However, at times, we do not have the manpower and funds at our disposal to do our own lead generation. As such, we turn to third parties that whose specialty is the service of lead generation with the intent of buying the leads they have. The thing is… are we really getting what we paid for?

Imagine this scenario:

Out of the entire lead database that your leads provider has, you only purchase a single one out of a thousand others. Now you have a prospect to chase, however, you are unsure that you are going to get the end result you want: a sale. When that lead does not play out to your liking, you buy another one. And when that does not yield the desired results either, you make another purchase; and so the cycle goes on.

When you buy marketing contact lists however, things change. Unlike when you pay for a lead, you part with your money and get a list full of potential leads instead. Rather than pursuing a single prospect without the assurance of a sale, would it not be better to obtain a list that contains plenty of potential business partners? You will have more options open to you, and in a way, you get more worth out of your purchase than with buying a single lead.

Contact Lists over Pay per Lead

But how exactly does purchasing contact lists, or a contact database, seem like a better choice than buying qualified B2B leads?

Actually, it comes down to being more practical. When it comes to spending their marketing dollars, some companies do not exactly have that high of a budget at which they can acquire what they need in order to make more profit, leads being included. And as we know, some providers charge a rather high price per lead that they sell. Even if the lead is qualified and can be replaced if it does not work out, the time it takes to go through the sales process with your prospects is still present and has to be dealt with. So rather than pursue a single lead, would it not be more efficient to market to more prospect companies and have more leads to work with rather than just one?

For the sake of efficiency and being practical, buying contact lists seems like a better choice. But if you have the budget for it and find it more effective, then this post should not dissuade you from availing of pay per lead services. Although, consider buying lists as an alternative to your pay per lead program.

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