The Four Areas in Your B2B Email Campaigns Where Twitter Proves Its Worth

A couple of blog posts ago, we saw how LinkedIn could be effectively combined with your email marketing in growing B2B lists, broadcasting content, and becoming a thought leader in your niche. Today, we’ll take a look at another extremely powerful social media tool you can use to enhance your B2B email marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Although having some similarities with LinkedIn in terms of impact on your email marketing projects, Twitter lends itself to other key areas in your campaign.

Over the years, Twitter has grown massively and now has around 500 million registered users. Each day, about 33 billion Tweets are made around the so-called Tweetersphere by its most active users, 50% of whom follow companies’, brands’, or products’ Twitter pages. That’s why 57% of companies engaged in social media marketing use twitter with 82% dedicated to B2B marketing – and for good reasons.

Twitter holds enormous B2B marketing potentials. In fact, B2B marketers who use Twitter are doubling their leads generated per month. Around 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow while 67% of US Twitter users say they’re more willing to buy followed brands.

These figures by themselves make it easy to see why B2B email marketing stands to benefit from adding Twitter into the mix. You can plainly see that Twitter can help you with such things as expanding your B2B email databases, promoting your brand/products, and elevating your online presence. But how exactly does this social site boost your B2B email campaign results? Here are four key email marketing areas where Twitter does its magic:

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Six Ways to Boost Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign with the Help of LinkedIn

With 161 million users and counting, LinkedIn is certainly the largest professional networking site today, growing at a rate of 2 new subscribers per second. As such, LinkedIn is one of the top destinations for marketers to generate online B2B leads. LinkedIn offers new opportunities for B2B email marketing with many features and functionalities useful to our campaigns.

This post talks about six tactics for B2B email marketers to enhance their results through incorporating LinkedIn into their projects.

The idea of using social networking sites to boost email marketing results is certainly not new. Studies have shown that 36% of B2B marketers integrate social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as part of their email marketing strategy. Of these, around 25% prioritize building leads database and B2B mailing lists while 35% say they use these sites to announce upcoming email newsletters and other content.

Exactly how LinkedIn fits in your B2B email marketing campaign depends on the purpose you want to achieve. These goals are basically three-fold: to build mailing lists, to syndicate content, and to gather/share information. This post gives you two tactics for each as follows:

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