How An Email List Should Point To Industry Culture

All right so your company is done with development, done with production, and now you have acquired an email list with details that will get in you touch with players in a new industry. But wait up, are you sure this is as easy as dropping down an email list vendor’s site, making a beeline for an industry category, and just clicking ‘Buy’?

You may not realize it but you have already skipped one or two critical steps to take before marketing to a new, unfamiliar industry!

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Importance of an Accurate Calling List

calling list, business contact list, contact listAs Confucius once said that success depends on preparation, and which preparation there is sure to be failure. This saying also goes for a telemarketing company; every company and business would like to succeed, no matter how big or small. They will always anticipate any trouble or glitches that would come along the way in terms of advertising and investing. This is why calling lists are used; the target customers are more contacted easily. However, taking Confucius’ words, the development of the list needs to be thorough for the customers are the life of a company. It could take some time to develop it. This is a crucial list; quality and accuracy should be the bases of structure this seat in order to better accomplish the business goals of the company. Accuracy of the data of is what sets this list into gear; it more than data or even the numbers called and addressed, but a way of organizing and expanding product advertisement.

A good quality contact list will contain the people who will most likely purchase the products and services offered by a certain company. Figuring out who are the target customers is one way how to obtain worth out of the said list. When the list is already established, it is now time to shape out a strong relationship with these people. The targeted names on the list helps businesses make cuts on time contacting other people. From a good foundation of this list means that there will be more business leads and leads, which means more revenue. So building a good foundation is a must for success.

Developing the business contact list must be the main effort of any business or company. With this list can attract more customers, and that means more profit. Outsourcing the list is a more effortless option; the company can be spared from a very tedious work. It must also be taken into account not to bother customers with e-mails or constant calls about substandard products. So it is a good strategy not bothering the customers too; taking care of them will increase the sales leads.

Strategize, Adapt and Expand the Contact Database

contact database, mailing list provider, business mailing listIn the army, generals need to strategize in order to win every battle or war and expanding their control on a certain geographical location; according to the infamous Sun Tzu in his art of war that “opportunities multiply as they increase. Same goes for business expanding business. Every company needs to do a lot of research and sought help from advisers which may have been gotten from books, magazines and other enthusiastically obtainable sources. Investing a lot in terms of money, time and effort in order to get the business of the ground isn’t easy…not to mention costly. Expanding the contact database will increase the opportunity to be in contact with more shareholders, customers and dealers.

The mailing list provider, with its collection of names and addresses, will aid in expanding contacts. Communicating with speed is second nature when companies want to be in track with the latest news in the stock market, shareholding and whatnot. Companies who take their time in aligning themselves with a similar genre of business can expand rapidly; good mailing lists would increase the chances of good marketing and partnership. Indeed, mailing lists have augmented the accuracy and while appropriately sharp lists can serve as pivotal catalysts for tremendously successful direct mail advertising campaigns. Lists with outdated information or inappropriate targets for the company’s advertising message can cripple a campaign from the outset.

In order to boost business, it is better to have a contact database. With the use of these lists, a company that be in touch with other business that belong with another industry or market which are complementary to their own. For example, if you’re into printing services, your business mailing lists may reflect paper or printer manufacturing companies. These businesses can be the best associates when a company would like to spread up to superior markets.

Private business operators would look for a list that would provide the highest number of replies at the lowermost cost. Like most obtained materials needed for business, lists contrast in attribute and rate; generally, the more costly the list, the better the quality. There are many factors that can influence the costs of lists as well.

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Building Your Business Contacts List: A Hedge Against the “Fiscal Cliff”

business contacts list, contact databaseHow can building your business contacts list save your company from the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ in 2013? Well, all by itself, list building can’t do much. But if it’s part of a broader marketing and business strategy to address the potential crisis ahead, then it can be one of the most effective measures to let your revenue-generating activities bear the brunt of the possible economic fallout early next year.

As you may very well know, the clock is ticking down for Congress to get something done to avert the detrimental impacts of the simultaneous occurrence of tax hikes and spending cuts at the end of the year. What do all of these have to do with building your business contacts list? Does the word “recession” ring a bell? Depending on who you talk to, the economy is expected to contract by at least 4% as a result of the fiscal cliff.

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5 Reasons Why Sending Direct Mail in Your B2B Sales Lead Database Works

sales leads database, b2b contact list, contact databaseIn a digital world, it’s not easy to come up with good reasons to justify carrying out a direct mail marketing campaign with your B2B contact list. Why should you go for slower and clumsier direct mail when you can have the lightning-fast and laser-precise advantage of email? Well, it turns out that, although direct mail may not be as speedy as email, it can still achieve the targeting and conversion power of its digital cousin when done right.

In 2009, direct mail marketing saw its near-death experience when related activity slumped to all-time lows but, contrary to what most marketers believe, this channel didn’t actually die. It simply took a three-year vacation and has now returned with an exclamation point. In fact, recent data saw a 4.6% increase in direct mail spending to just above $50 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow steadily at 2.3% over the next few years. So why should you consider sending direct mails to your sales lead database entries? Take a look at the following:

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Building Your Business Contact List: A Hedge Against the Fiscal Cliff

contact list provider, business contact database, contact list, business contact listHow can building your business contact list save your company from the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ in 2013? Well, all by itself, list building can’t do much. But if it’s part of a broader marketing and business strategy to address the potential crisis ahead, then it can be one of the most effective measures to let your revenue-generating activities bear the brunt of the possible economic fallout early next year.

As you may very well know, the clock is ticking down for Congress to get something done to avert the detrimental impacts of the simultaneous occurrence of tax hikes and spending cuts at the end of the year. What do all of these have to do with building your business contacts list? Does the word “recession” ring a bell? Depending on who you talk to, the economy is expected to contract by at least 4% as a result of the fiscal cliff.

In times of economic difficulties, marketers have prudently shifted their focus toward maximizing revenue generation from an existing customer and prospect base through repeat business, up-selling/cross-selling, and other similar activities. Without a substantial pool of customers and prospects in an updated business contact database to tap into, finding such opportunities may become harder during the crisis. That’s why, as early as now, you need to build and grow your list in preparation for tougher times. Here’s how:

1. Reach out for influencers. The indirect route to your target marketing audience is an alternative path you need to consider. Fill your lists with personalities that your desired audience looks to as a source of guidance. Influencers can help you spread your message to more receptive ears.

2. Turn on the offline tap. Contact list building doesn’t have to be conducted completely online. Consider offline sources of business contacts to complement your web-based or digital efforts. This also brings the added benefit of pre-qualifying potential opportunities as interactions in real life often happen with a relatively higher level of engagement and sense of purpose.

3. Prioritize and rethink. Adapting to the changing times requires you to refocus your priorities and even reset your goals and objectives. Make sure to set your priorities according to what the situation demands. In terms of list building, consider what contacts you really need to serve and what information you need.

4. Rebuild and they will come again. The well-known saying, ‘build it, and they will come,’ needs some re-evaluation. Whatever tactics you use to grow your contact list, you need to keep in mind that your focus isn’t extracting short-term lead generation or sales results but for the longer-term perspectives of retention and loyalty.

5. Get all the help you need. Consult experts that can help you out with your list building efforts while you still have the resources at your disposal. Also, you need to consider partnering with a quality contact list provider who can be called upon to improve the usability of your databases.

Of course, whether officials are going to sit idly by and let the nation fall off the fiscal cliff is still very much a big ‘if’ at this point. Nonetheless, taking the necessary precautions against it is really worth giving some serious thought. You don’t want to be caught completely unprepared when the worst happens.

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How to Build Strong Long-term Relationships with Your B2B Contact Lists

contact lists, b2b contact lists, b2b email marketing list, b2b mailing listHow long are you planning to engage with the recipients in your B2B contact lists? If your answer to this is somewhere along the lines of “until I’ll be able to squeeze enough sales opportunities,” then you need to carefully think about your approach to communicating with your B2B email marketing list. The best way to succeed in email marketing is through building strong and longer-term relationships – that is, beyond the current marketing period or buying cycle.

Having a great contact list relationship enables you to boost your branding, marketing, and sales potential not only in the next couple of quarters but well into the future. Good relationships with the individuals in your targeted B2B mailing list increases the likelihood of actually winning their business, building customer loyalty, and generating repeat sales – all of which wouldn’t be possible with a shorter-term orientation. And so, here are some key email marketing communication guidelines to help you out:

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6 Tips to Balance Email Marketing with a Contact List

contact list, contact lists, contact database, sales contact databaseIn many ways, running a modern email marketing campaign is like walking on a tightrope that needs balancing between delivering useful content and sending promotional sales material to recipients in your contact list. You have to know which side to concentrate on as you proceed along the wire or else fall off and disappoint your audience. As such, let’s try to see what we can learn from tightrope walkers and apply them to our email campaign.

1. Know that spectators’ expectations differ. While you may simply see the crowd as a single entity, the individual level tells a different story in terms of expectations from your high-wire act. Some might be anticipating some sort of a heart-stopping performance while others might simply be contented with an uneventful crossing. It works the same way for your contact list recipients. But, unlike the tightrope example, you have the ability to appeal to specific audience groups through proper segmentation in email marketing.

2. Deliver what the crowd came for. Once you start making your way down the wire, you have to make a genuine effort to put on a great show and strive to meet everybody’s expectations. Of course, you don’t do this in one go, but at various points in your performance. The same holds true for email marketing. You don’t try to please everybody with just one email blast – it just won’t work. Instead, you continually engage with different audience segments at different times.

3. Learn to shift your weight. As you proceed along the tightrope, you’ll find the tendency to hobble toward either side at specific points on the wire. To compensate for this and avoid falling, you need to shift your weight to the opposite side until balance is restored. In email marketing, this is identical to how you should distribute your focus between telling and selling. You shouldn’t have too much of either.

4. Trust the wire you’re walking on. Without confidence placed on the very thing that keeps you in the air while tightrope walking, your doubts will eat away your ability to concentrate with what you’re supposed to be doing. Think of the rope as your email campaign itself. If you’re not sure about the soundness or quality of component in your business contact list for your campaign, you’ll end up hesitating to take decisive steps like send a promotional email at the right opportunity.

5. Keep the end of the rope in focus. It’s always better to make sure the part of the tightrope that meets the other platform is always within your sight. Don’t look to the sides and, most of all, don’t look down. Working with email lists for marketing is essentially the same. Keep your goals in mind and strive to achieve them without fail.

6. Have a safety net in place – always. Even with all your practice and preparation, there will always be a chance for failure. That’s the whole point of having some kind of safety net placed underneath. Similarly, email campaigns with your marketing and sales contact database is likewise riddled with uncertainties. It’s good practice to always have some sort of a backup plan or contingency measure to fall back on when things don’t go your way.

Again, the whole point of taking the tightrope as an analogy for email campaigns is that, as email marketers, we’re caught in a balancing act between providing value-added content and purely promotional sales material. While it’s vital to deliver educational or enriching content for our prospects, it’s also necessary for us to make our offers and actually get the revenue engines running. The important point here is to really be aware where in the campaign you and your target buyers are and understand what they expect from you at such point.

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How to Create 15-Second Email Messages for Recipients in Your B2B Contacts List: Lessons from a World-Class Marketing Coach

contact database, contact lists, targeted business listCan you explain some idea, proposal, or offer to recipients in your active B2B contacts list through an email message that won’t take them more than 15 seconds to read and act on? If you can, then stop right here; you don’t have to read on. For those who answered “no,” don’t worry. This post will help set you on your way to creating and sending short and effective email messages – the kind that your business recipients care about.

The ideas discussed in this entry (specifically #’s 3 through 5) are mostly based on the insights of Carmine Gallo, a business communications expert who has been serving several well-known brands as a coach. Carmine Gallo believes in delivering short, simple pitches that focus on one main point with three supporting benefits and key facts to reinforce each benefit. He proposes creating a “message map” to help develop pitches that promote anything from simple consumer items to sophisticated multimillion-dollar business software platforms.

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Six Early-Warning Signs That Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign is Doomed from the Start

contacts list, email contacts list, contactdbWhy do some B2B email marketing campaigns seem to unexplainably fail? There are a lot of possible answers to this question – poor planning/execution, misuse of direct email contact lists, bad timing, dull content, etc. However, the most striking reason would be that some email campaigns weren’t meant to succeed long before they even begin, and this isn’t due to bad luck or external forces but a consequence of the email marketers’ own doing.


Here are six signs to look for during planning and shortly before implementation to determine whether an email marketing campaign is bound to blow up sooner or later:

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