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How to Choose Wisely When Buying an Email List

posted by Margaret Spencer on April 5, 2016

Every company needs a batch of emails in order to send out advertisements of their products and services. It is undeniable that looking for the right batch of contacts, managing them, and keeping them updated is one tiring job. This particular demand had encouraged the sudden presence of email list providers. When the company would opt to buy email list they have to ensure that their email campaigns are far from being categorized as spam once it reaches its recipients’ email addresses. This mechanism helps when the company sends out promotional emails on a daily basis.

Choose wisely when buying an Email List

However, when the company should purchase an email list, they have to see to it that the database provider had kept the said list updated and devoid of any error. If the provider does not stipulate this clearly in their terms, it is better not to purchase their offered list. The company purchasing the list should keep in mind the importance of acquiring targeted data, else their email marketing campaigns will have been for naught. Assuring themselves with quality data safeguards their company by assuring their brand name of its credibility.

Here are some questions we want our clients to qualify in choosing an email list.


  • When you upload a list of recipients for your email send, are all names properly capitalized?
  • Have you excluded bad email values from your list?
  • Are you referencing only the most up-to-date field created by marketing operations?


  • Is your language inclusive of all of your audience’s business types?
  • Are you adhering to company-wide spelling/capitalization guides?
  • Does all dynamic content appear correctly across devices/email servers?


  • Do image borders adhere to your style guide?
  • Have you written custom descriptions for all uploaded images?


  • Is your send’s scheduled time in the correct time zone?
  • Have you left, at minimum, an hour between completion and schedule time, allowing for last-minute changes?
  • Are tokens correct?
  • Is the proper email and list referenced?

Email marketing is all the rage nowadays since apart from the fact that sending messages through the Internet is fast and more effective than snail mail. With email marketing services, the company can do a better job in targeting their customers and the results of their advertising campaign will have higher success rates. This makes this kind of marketing very cost effective than any other marketing method. Not only does the company acquire more contacts, but they are also getting acquainted with the needs of their targeted niche.

When the company is already familiar with what their customers demand from them, it is now time for them to imbue what they had researched into their next advertising campaign. Collecting statistics and relevant information are great updates to source an email marketing list. When this mailing list is assembled, this should provide the marketing team with information that is accurate and very useful.

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