Comedy and Subject Line

In stand-up comedy bars, comedians usually have this punch-line that can make audienceroaring in laughter in their seats. For this to happen, comedians need to think up of a witty and comical statement on the spot. They may or may not repeat their punch-line for the entire comedy session; it would be bad enough if they would repeat it on the next show since the audience will quickly grow weary of it and will no longer find it amusing. They might even find it annoying.

This might also go for marketing. How long should a subject line be used? Advertising may need the wits and light-heartedness of comedy.

Rather than punch-lines, the subject lines are much more like an argument. A good argument, to be more precise. Asking email experts to simply describe the “correct” subject line method.  If in comedy bars it would be like watching the audience laugh, for email experts, it would be a prolonged discussion of lengthy, branding, personalization, capitalization, symbols, punctuation and, above all else, the words like “free”, “giveaways” or whatnot.

With the ongoing debate, should a marketer have faith in on their own perception to write a catchy and attractive subject line? Sadly, that method is not reliable. All of which is very annoying since the subject line is one of the key signals used by recipients to decide whether or not to take a closer look at an advertising email.

So now the question: how does a marketer pick the best subject line? The answer is then decided.

Comedy and Advertising

  1. Making the strong impression. There should be enough recipients in order to acquire the best and profound results. Speaking with the email expert for advice on test groups.
  2. Study the Metrics. The subject line is really important since that is the first thing that the customers will notice. The open rates should not be the only thing that should be given full attention. Remember that these lines are the ones that keep the ball rolling and keeps customers interested in the advertiser.
  3. Make it different! The difference between subject lines unambiguous so marketers can apply what they have learned to make their future subject lines more meaningful and appealing.

Social Networking and Growing Customer Data

Social networking sites are no longer rare; almost everyone has them. True, almost anyone can have them: most people have an account for their cat or their dog, or whatever pet they have and even sellers who market their product do it so through the site. It is easy to connect to people and acquire information about them. Marketers can use this to their advantage for they can easily acquire information of what their subscribers are looking for and even vice versa. Subscribers can simply visit the marketer’s page to see what they sell and what they have to offer.

However, social networking site can never be as responsive compared to emails. Though gaining subscribers can be gained through social networking sites, it is also strongly advisable for subscribers to be email correspondents as well.

Gaining Customer Data How To

  1. Don’t Miss Out. Marketers should announce to their subscribers in the social site that they should not miss out on the next email and that they should sign up in order to get information and discounts. Posting links can also help; grasping the value of the list is the reason why customers have joined the ranks of the contact list of the marketer. When people find out that they can exclusive discounts and benefits, signing up will be more attractive. Read more

Measuring Potentials

Marketers are trying to plot out the right segmentation and targeting course since their business is challenging an important flaw. A customer who does not show any interest in the marketer’s offer may either have no need in the offers or they do not want what is offered. Or it could be that the marketer’s effort and approach does not compliment the customer’s interest. If so, then there is a need for a method in order to measure the potential for a customer to engage and spend while incapacitating the barrier built by the preconceived notion of acquired customer data.

The Pointers

Great minds think alike: this seems to be what the clients are also thinking when it comes to how advertisers should approach them. According to clients, this is how potential measurements should go:

  • Quality over Quantity. The priority of how relevant and worthy the information a data contains should be placed over how many information is acquired.
  • Data perceptions. Data and information should provide insights and how it would be possible and achievable.
  • Computable and Delivered. The benefits are tangible and possible to produce. They should also be delivered properly to customers. Read more