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How to Create Emails that Contact List Recipients Can’t Ignore

contact list, leads databaseAfter surviving a long, treacherous journey and finally arriving at the recipients’ inboxes, your emails can take a well-deserved breath of fresh air. But this doesn’t mean their troubles are over – not by a long shot. Once in the inbox, your email is just one of about 110 messages that your contact list recipients have to content with on a typical day. With time already at a steep premium, how can you make your target audience open and read your messages?

Apparently, the odds are stacked heavily against most emails being opened and read by the intended recipients. Although IBM says that a good 83% of messages arrive at their desired inboxes, message overcrowding exerts a more influential pull on the fate of your emails. According to the Radicati Group, daily inbox traffic is expected to grow from 105 messages per user in 2011 to about 125 emails per user in 2016.

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Anyone Can Build a B2B Email List, But…

business email list, b2b mailing list, mailing list providerIn principle, building a business email list is a fairly straightforward process. You just have to find ways and means to get your target subscribers to fill out your sign-up forms and let gravity take your contacts further and further down the funnel. In reality, however, things are not as simple. Gravity often lets you down, and you have to do much of the work yourself. Surely, anyone can build a list, but only a handful become really successful at growing it.

Although this blog entry looks at the things that could possibly go wrong in organic list building, this post does NOT recommend avoiding this method at all. If anything, organic list building should be a part of your campaign because of the numerous advantages it brings to the table. However, like everything else in real life, this strategy does have its share of disadvantages that’s also worth looking into. In general, organic B2B mailing list development may:

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5 Exciting Ways to Segment Your B2B Leads Database

contact database, leads database, b2b marketing leads databaseB2B Sales leads come in all shapes and sizes but, more crucially, they come from different stages in the purchasing cycle and play varying roles in the buying decision. As such, it’s important to tell them what they want to know precisely at the time and state-of-mind they’re in – that is, if you intend to keep them engaged all throughout. In addition, efficiency requires prioritizing the most promising leads accordingly. This is where leads database segmentation comes in with bells on.

At this point, we need to make a distinction between static segmentation methods and more dynamic (and thus, more exciting) techniques for segmenting a B2B marketing leads database. The problem with static segmentation is that it fails to take into account that today’s B2B marketing campaigns are dealing with moving targets. The traditional demographic-based prospect profiling simply cannot catch up with leads as they proceed with their buying journey.

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5 Things in Your Campaign that Has a Big Impact on Your Emailing List Audience

emailing list, contact list, contact databaseAre you really sure that you’ve already covered every tiny bit of detail in your email campaign? Well, most of you will probably blurt out a vehement “yes” at this question without a moment’s notice, but not everyone who thinks so can readily supply a good explanation for his or her reply. The truth is there are things about email campaigns that get easily overlooked because, compared to the grander scheme of things, these components are considerably small. Nonetheless, some of these “small” items do have a big impact on your emailing list audiences and are thus worth pondering upon.

As practitioners of the science of email marketing, we’re naturally drawn toward things in our campaign that can easily be observed or measured. However, email marketing is an art as well and requires recognizing elements that can’t be gauged directly in order to produce a masterpiece. This post looks at five of such intangibly small things as well as how and why each appears to have a huge effect on recipients in your business mailing contact list.

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Top 6 Qualities of Great Content for Your B2B Email List

contact database, b2b email list, targeted business email listWhat are great email content materials made of? A lot of basic elements comprise content, but only a few taken in the right amounts can really make the difference between emails that get the job done and emails that end up in the junk folders of recipients in your B2B email list. To give you some light into this essential issue, this blog post looks at the six most important qualities that all great content materials have in common.

Content-driven marketing is gaining better traction among practically all B2B marketers today. In a study that surveyed 1,092 B2B marketers, as much as 9 out of 10 respondents cited using content marketing as part of their strategies for various channels. Separate research findings also highlight that B2B companies with proper content marketing and lead nurturing campaigns generate 50% more qualified leads at a third of the cost.

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5 Low-Tech Tips to Personalize Emails for your US Contact List

uk contact list, contact lists, uk business listsIf your email marketing campaign revolves around working with an active US contact list, then a little bit of personalization can take your project a long way. With the vast amount of data available online and offline to help you profile your contacts, there’s almost no excuse for neglecting to personalize your email marketing communications to an acceptable level. But how do you really accomplish personalization? Where do you start?

According to data from the Aberdeen Group, personalized emails register 14% better click-through rates and 10% higher conversion rates than indiscriminate email blasts. With such impressive showing, it’s not surprising that 68% of email marketers are planning to enhance the level of personalization for emails sent to recipients in a US company list, UK business lists, and other specialized databases.

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5 Key Areas to Prioritize for Your Business List of Email Recipients

business list, UK email lists, UK business listsAn insightful UK-based study collaboratively conducted by B2B Marketing and Circle Research shows current trends and benchmarks for email marketing in the B2B setting. The report highlights several key findings, most notable of which is the ranking of specific areas in a typical B2B email campaign according to priority given by study participants. These trends can be very helpful in your own campaign, especially if you’re working with a UK business list or similar contact databases.

The 2012 Email Marketing Benchmarking Report compiles results from a survey of 250 client-side B2B marketers, sharing their email best practices and strategies as well as future plans for the medium. The study finds that email is still a dominant item on the marketing agenda, citing that more than half (53%) of the respondents intend to increase email marketing spend in the future. Furthermore, participants rank a number of email campaign components that they attribute to their email marketing success.

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4 Quick Tips on Leveraging Blogs to Grow Your UK Contact List Fast

contact list, contact database, UK email listNearly 4 out of every 10 B2B marketers (39%) say that blogs are their most ‘valuable’ content property. That’s according to data released by Eloqua just recently and, to some extent, this revelation comes as no surprise if you take into account how active blogging is helping brands engage with their audiences. Companies have been successfully leveraging blogs to boost various business activities, and you should too. Today, we’ll look at a few quick tips on using blogs to grow your UK contact list to its full potential.

Active blogging is an excellent way to build any contact list because of the distinct advantages that this medium offers. Blogs are more than just an online collection of your articles; they’re actually a community of likeminded individuals drawn toward value. As such, blogging is a way of hitting the proverbial two birds with one stone: a receptive target audience and the premium (value) in exchange. This makes the act of letting your blog followers sign up for your UK email list virtually a completed transaction.

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Statistics for Direct Mail

Direct Mail | Contact Lists | Mailing List ProviderFigures for direct mail marketing for the year 2012.

Article source:

Contactdb is one of the largest business mailing list provider in the U.S.A. Our database of 20 million targeted business sales contact lists is updated daily by a team of dedicated marketing professionals. Whether your purpose is to find additional contacts or to update the information you already have, our contact database provides you with fresh and accurate data. We’re passionate about searching and organizing complete business information.

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Trying to Build a Bigger Sales Lead Database? Make it Smaller First!

sales lead database, calling listHerein lies the irony: how can you expand your sales lead database by compressing it? The answer is more obvious than you might think: quality over quantity. It’s utterly pointless to stuff your leads database with as much prospects as you can without considering how qualified or warm each entry actually is. In this way, you’re not really growing a solid list; you’re just blowing an empty bubble which is bound to burst sooner or later.

This post is based on a highly thought-provoking op-ed by Dan McDade published in the Direct Marketing News website in early July (see link below). Dan shows the importance of a smaller yet more manageable targeted B2B sales lead database where reps can source and follow genuinely promising prospects as opposed to leaving everything to chance with a cumbersome list of questionable prospective business buyers. Here’s how Dan outlines the process of streamlining marketing or sales databases to truly let them grow:

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