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5 Calls to Action Tactics To Boost Your Email Campaign

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 26, 2016

CTA Tactics To Boost Your Email CampaignCalls to action or CTAs in an email campaign are likely your B2B prospects’ way in to conversion funnel. Given this, are your CTAs compelling enough to deserve their click? If you answered yes, you’re on the right track and keep it up! If no, have these potent tactics aid you.

Keep it Short 

Don’t beat around the bush. Condense your CTA down to its essentials. Utilizing CTAs with short verb such as “click here” or “subscribe now” will directly reveal what you want your prospect to do.

Mind its Perceptibility

Don’t give your prospect a hard time. Your prospect should be able to tell and locate your CTA right away. To do this, you have to be particular with your CTA’s color and size. Do not use colors that will have it mixing with your email design because it will not stand out. Also, its size must be big enough but not overpowering that it takes your prospect away from your email’s content. In addition, you might want to code your CTA buttons with CSS and HTML (not just CTAs in picture formats). There are instances of images turned off by default. Make it convenient to respond despite images being deactivated.

Employ Urgency

Express the need to respond to your CTA right there and then to your prospect (e.g. “Get 25% discount while supplies last!” and “Only 100 products/slots available. Lock in your order now!”). Pressure and limiting tactics are bound to have anyone signing up.

Connect it to a Landing Page

Link your CTA to a landing page that corresponds to the email campaign you have send them. You don’t want them to be directed to your website’s homepage where they still need to find the offer you are talking about. That would be a major turn off and could lose you B2B leads.


What better way to find out your CTA effectivity and come up with better ones than testing it? Explore on what urges the best response from your prospects. One example of CTA testing is A/B split testing.

Creating powerful CTAs can give you more than just names and email contacts, B2B leads and conversion.

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Social Media Marketing: 2 Ways to Generate B2B Leads through LinkedIn

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 25, 2016

            Compare to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is said to be the most viable social media platform for B2B leads generation. A recent study concluded that more than 80% of B2B leads from social media are generated from LinkedIn. Well, why wouldn’t that be the case? Linked in is like a huge […]

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Purchase an Email List! (Move on From the Lies!)

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 18, 2016

Some people in the field of business say that purchasing an email list is a bad investment and with this, email list providers kind of get a bad rep. But this is undeserved, there are ignorant lies that needs to be straightened out with regard to purchasing one. Most likely, the problem lies in the faulty […]

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Email Marketing and Email Database: A Must in B2B Leads Generation

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 3, 2016

I found articles that say, “Email is Dead” and “Buying an Email List is a No-no” a faux. It’s definitely not the case, not if you know how to make your email marketing strategy a killer and purchase an effective email database. Email marketing is one of the distinct ways in B2B marketing strategies that […]

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Here’s How to Attract Customer Using Your Business Email Database

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 14, 2016

The making of database made it simple to collect, store and analyze the customer information. The contact data can be easily updated and can be notified through all incoming concerns especially about discount, promotions and product upgrades through emails delivery. The management of contact information should allow the end-user to import organic contents while expanding […]

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Five Lead Generation Habits You Learned in your Kindergarten

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 7, 2016

Demand generation marketers spend their job working out complex lead acquisition and engagement motors, however in some cases it’s great to take it simple—path back–as in, back to the things we learned in kindergarten that still remain constant in today’s marketing scene. Pretty much as the ABCs are crucial to reading and writing, a portion […]

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Better Use of Contact Database in Overcoming Marketing Challenges

posted by Margaret Spencer on February 15, 2016

There are many organizations that acquire and cross-sell did not end well with the results. Traditional marketing media are super expensive, and modern marketing media are starting to underperform. There are many problems that these organizations encounter from the quality of their business prospect and customer data, and also lack of marketing channel options. The […]

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Three Reasons Why Your Email Marketing isn’t Effective

posted by Margaret Spencer on February 10, 2016

There comes a time when Email is the best way to reach customer when internet is just starting. However, over the course of time, customer have grown their understanding about emails, that they use filters. Just to find those interesting emails. Now with the combination of spam filters and Gmail’s folders, marketers face a huge […]

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Why Purchasing Record Lists Can Be Rewarding (In Business and in Love??)

posted by Margaret Spencer on February 3, 2016

“For three years of being single, who would have thought that I would find someone unexpectedly when I purchased a list? I met someone that is caring, understanding and a business owner like me. And now, we’ve been thinking of merging our business together. Thanks to a set of lists, I found my perfect match. […]

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Email Marketing Mistakes (That’s Killing Email Marketers) Part 1.

posted by Margaret Spencer on February 3, 2016

The only reason why Email marketing is dead is because some emails have low open rate and the worst part is that some emails are going straight at the spam category, which isn’t really a nice sight to see. But let me reassure you that Email Marketing isn’t dead, if and only if email marketers […]

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