Why it’s better to use Emails rather than Cold-Calling

Why It’s Better to Use Emails Rather than Cold-CallingWe have three marketing strategy that marketers are currently using, Email Marketing, Telemarketing and Social Media Marketing. Although these three are effective and much reliable in getting prospects’ attention, it doesn’t mean that it’s a sure close sale for marketers.

Picking which strategy to use may be difficult if you don’t know the cons and pros of each strategy. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop marketers around the world to try out new things before concluding what marketing strategy they will use as a medium for their business.

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Effective marketing strategies for Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while now, and it seems that it’s one of the most effective marketing strategy, businesses are currently using. Aside from being able to send out what you want your prospects to know about your business. It also helps you to familiarize how useful email marketing is.

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Marketing your Marketing Services

How many B2B marketing company is in there? Can you even count the number of marketing company around the globe? Do have any clue that even yourself is an asset of the marketing process? Most, probably people don’t have any idea that from the moment they buy a bottle of water or can of juice, they will become an asset of the marketing strategy of the brand. Take a look at the label of your bottle and you will realize that upon buying that, you are encouraging other people to buy that product. Read more

B2B Marketing – Finding the Long Term Solutions

The main point of B2B marketing is to establish connections between businesses in the community business. Looking at the point of view of a good business man is sure to sell services or products to a large number of consumers and make profit. Yes. That is true in the short time period but how about for long period of time? Read more

Time To Do Some Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is the term used when cleaning out during the spring time in preparation for the cold weather. This is somehow a way to formulate a definite place more habitable in the cold weather to come. The utmost communal usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from topmost to bottommost which would take place in the first warm days of the year usually in spring, hence the name. However, it has also come to be synonymous with any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. An individual who gets their businesses in order beforehand an audit or examination could be said to be doing some spring cleaning.

And that is exactly what cleaning emails is all about.

Time to Take Out the Mop, Broom and Cleaning Agents!

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Evade The Deception

Spam traps are so sneaky. They sneak up to marketers when they least expect it. Avoiding the deception is the best defense a marketer can use against it.

The bulk of the spam traps and honeypots in use today are dormant email accounts and closed domains. The reviews coming from Internet Service Providers regarding list of members each year correspondingly immobilize accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time. The ISPs clear out these mail slot and let the accounts sit disabled for a few years, during which time legitimate marketers should notice the hard bounces and remove them from their lists. The ISPs then restart these email statements in an effort to apprehend spammers. The ISPs recognize that anybody referring to these freshly rebooted addresses either procured an old list, castoff software to tug email addresses from websites (this is also known as scraping) or has not been carrying out elementary email sanitization functions.

There are a number of spam tracking services expended in websites in order to apprehend spammers. These companies generate email accounts by the hundreds and station them on idle websites, pages concealed in the interior of websites. When spammers probe around the internet for email addresses, they discover these web pages and files, and download the addresses as supplies used to build their own lists. Spam trackers recognize that any mail directed to these email addresses are from “scraped” or picked up as non-opt list. Read more

I Trust You!

Everyone needs to trust somebody. In the world of online marketing, marketers would need to establish reliability between their customers. But before catering to the needs of customers, marketers should start off with building a trustworthy email list.

Question is: how can a marketer assemble trust through their email marketing campaign?

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Comedy and Subject Line

In stand-up comedy bars, comedians usually have this punch-line that can make audienceroaring in laughter in their seats. For this to happen, comedians need to think up of a witty and comical statement on the spot. They may or may not repeat their punch-line for the entire comedy session; it would be bad enough if they would repeat it on the next show since the audience will quickly grow weary of it and will no longer find it amusing. They might even find it annoying.

This might also go for marketing. How long should a subject line be used? Advertising may need the wits and light-heartedness of comedy.

Rather than punch-lines, the subject lines are much more like an argument. A good argument, to be more precise. Asking email experts to simply describe the “correct” subject line method.  If in comedy bars it would be like watching the audience laugh, for email experts, it would be a prolonged discussion of lengthy, branding, personalization, capitalization, symbols, punctuation and, above all else, the words like “free”, “giveaways” or whatnot.

With the ongoing debate, should a marketer have faith in on their own perception to write a catchy and attractive subject line? Sadly, that method is not reliable. All of which is very annoying since the subject line is one of the key signals used by recipients to decide whether or not to take a closer look at an advertising email. Read more

Email Cleanliness is Next to Success

Health is connected to personal hygiene. People who know how to clean themselves are healthy people and do not get sick too easily and when people do not get sick easily, they function more efficiently in their personal life and work. When people are clean, they are more presentable to other people, making them more pleasing to the eye and actually have higher chances of being gauged by other people, people who could make a difference in their life.

The same can also be said for online marketers. Marketers need to have healthy practice of database hygiene. They need to clean out their databases once in a while in order to make more spaces available and remove those inactive and dead emails.

Be clean about it

  • Clean the Registrations. Whether it is bounced, inboxed or routed to the junk folder, the single most important and influential trait is deliverability. The most critical metrics influencing reputation are hygiene based. Wisely handling and segmenting the list before email deployments provides chances of less deliverability issues that the marketer needs to worry about. Read more

Being on Familiar Terms with Data

Not all things are alike. This is also true for email advertising. In order to have efficient online advertising, marketers should send out the correct offers to the right customers with the correct email address. Of course it is common knowledge that advertisers should know which customer is interested in their product. If not, then they would just be wasting their time and effort. Advertisers should also pay attention to data since not all customers are alike. This is why knowing the data or being au fait terms with customers is important.

Knowing the whole thing about every customer as well as building the bridge of communication is vital in making the most out of mass communication without a minute’s hesitation.

The long-established methods of sectioning are obvious. The data used to persuade a directed messaging line of attack for specific customer clusters.

Tips for Keeping Data in Mind

  1. Deep and insightful. Despite having a small number of data in the database, its contents should be looked into. The more useful information it holds, the better it is. It would not matter if the marketer holds thousands of data when they do not even possess the crucial information that the marketer needs to know about their customers. Surmising preferences, wants and needs are vital to marketing company in order to pass the right offers and discounts. It can also help in making out the statistics of customers which that can help advertisers to work on which product to offer and on what they should be putting discount tags to. Read more