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Top 10 Tips in Creating Excellent Transactional Emails for B2B Marketing Purposes

leads database, fresh leads, email listsA recent survey conducted by SendGen reveals that transactional emails are helping expand the B2B leads database of many companies while enabling them to better retain existing clients. The study closely follows the correlation between the increase in email-triggering web apps and the sending rates for transactional emails which have now topped 600,000 per month. SendGen’s data also show that 26% of the email marketers surveyed are using transactional emails in the B2B setting.

This post discusses ten best practices in creating and sending transactional emails to recipients from a targeted B2B leads database.

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How to Identify and Target B2B Influencers in Your Email Campaigns

leads database, contact database, marketing databaseAlthough technically not a part of the “target” segment, influencers play a key role in the purchasing decisions of your target audience and should be included in your B2B marketing database resources. This post looks at a few basic guidelines to help you confidently identify and precisely target B2B influencers with your email marketing campaign.

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Six Practical Tips on Leveraging Videos in B2B Email Marketing for Startups

business lists, sales lead database, b2b mailing lead listsIn an article posted on Forbes Online titled “For Startups: Video Rules, Text Drools,” Mark Evans makes a compelling case that startups stand to benefit more from video advertising/promotion compared to text-heavy forms of marketing communications. He mentions audiences generally prefer video over text because the former conveys a great deal of information in a more “digestible form” than the latter.

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Five B2B Email Marketing Campaign Areas Where the 80/20 Rule Usually Shows Up

mailing list, b2b mailing listThe Pareto Principle, more popularly known as the 80/20 Rule is a seemingly self-fulfilling prophecy that states 80% of outcomes are brought about by 20% of the events that caused them and, inversely, 20% of results are caused by 80% of the preceding events. But there’s nothing magical about this tendency. In fact, the figures don’t have to be 80/20; they can be 70/30 or 99/1 or whatever. The whole point is that, sometimes, less contributes more while more gives less.

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How to Annoy or Even Anger Your B2B Email Marketing Contacts: Some Worst Practices to Think About

contact database, contact database provider, b2b contact databaseLet’s start off with a bit of a disclaimer. Don’t let the title fool you. In no way does this post encourage or recommend email marketers to do any or all of the below-numbered worst email marketing practices. Instead, this entry serves as a warning and a reminder to anyone engaged in emailing recipients from a B2B contact database for marketing or sales purposes. Watch out for the following items and avoid them at all costs.

The below list is based on a blog post by Corey Eridon published in Hubspot Blog (see link at end of text). Corey mentions 16 flat-out incorrect (even illegal) email practices that many B2B email marketers are vulnerable to commit. For our purposes, we’ll take a look at eight of the most serious of such mistakes and explain them a bit. Without further ado, here they are:

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Five Serious Reasons Why Using Humor in Your B2B Email Campaign is a Good Idea

mailing list, managers mailing listB2B email marketers should seriously consider applying a touch of comedy in their campaigns. Certainly, the business world has room for a little bit of laughter brought on by a well-timed email every now and then. As we’ll see, this type of content can earn you more than just a few moments’ worth of giggling from contacts like those in your managers mailing list and can take your campaign to places otherwise unreachable.

This post looks at five reasons why occasionally including comedy in your email marketing isn’t such a laughable idea after all – even for the type of audience B2B marketers typically encounter.

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How to Plan and Run an Effective A/B Split Test for Your B2B Email Campaign in 10 Easy Steps

Good email marketers test; great email marketers test, test, and test again. Consistent

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and regular testing enables you to find which aspects (content, schedule, B2B email list, etc.) of your campaign need fixing or improvement and allows you to see which strategies work before implementation. However, without a sound system, your tests and test results aren’t worth considering.

This post looks at a very simple yet extremely effective evaluation approach known as A/B split testing. This entry also covers the steps to follow for planning and conducting A/B split tests in your email marketing campaign.

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Seven Essential Tips on Applying Thought Leadership in Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

contact database, business contact database, executive business contact databaseEmailing the C-suite to promote your company, brand, or products/services can be a serious cause of headache for many B2B email marketing practitioners. But, when done right, the rewards can certainly be worth more than your while. So, how do you email the recipients in your C-level executive business contact database the “right” way?

The answer is through thought leadership. Thought leadership is the state of being recognized by your audience as a source of useful information about a particular field. This is primarily achieved through educating your prospects, customers, community, connections, etc. Thought leadership builds credibility which, in turn, builds trust and loyalty.

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Six Ways to Develop B2B Email Content that Actually Get Shared

email list, email list provider, executive email listGetting recipients like those in your C-level executive email list to read your messages is already an achievement in itself, but what about having them click those share buttons at the bottom of your emails? This would really be reason enough to give yourself a pad on the back. Think about the boost in brand recognition and online presence this would bring. But before you drool imagining this possibility, let’s first talk about a few ways you can use to actually get there.

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How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your B2B Email Content: Ideas from a Content Marketing Guru

business list, business list service, managers business listThe average corporate recipient sifts through 105 emails a day, according to IBM’s Email Deliverability Report. A study published by the Nielsen-Norman Group reveals that email users typically spend about 51 seconds reading a single newsletter. This means emails already take up 1.5 hours from the daily schedules of contacts like decision-makers in your managers business list.

Knowing that such a workload faces your contacts, what reasons would you give them to open, read, and respond to your emails?

The best answer would be distributing relevant and timely content. But, as you may fully be aware of, content doesn’t grow on trees. It takes a great deal of time and effort to think of and produce useful content. Content development is such a daunting challenge for every B2B marketer that this activity is usually delegated to someone else. However, for those who can’t find “someone else” to produce content for them on a regular basis, they have to rely on their own creativity which waxes and wanes unpredictably.

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