How to Segment Your B2B Mailing Lists According to Buyer Personas

Before the terms “targeted” and “content” became inseparable in B2B marketing speak, marketing databases like executive mailing lists were typically segmented according to crude criteria like demographics and company profile only. Today, these segmentation methods are no longer up to the task of facilitating laser-precise content mapping with email and other marketing activities. B2B email marketers need more thorough segmentation techniques for mailing lists to match content and audience, generating prospects of the highest quality.

In the blog post “Six Smart Ways to Cut B2B Email Lists into Precise Segments for Targeted Campaigns,” we briefly discussed the idea of segmenting mailing lists using buyer personas. This post dives deeper into buyer personas and shows you how to do this method of slicing your mailing lists.

Buyer personas are categories of prospects based on certain unique characteristics they have, particularly their role in the buying process. These help us to better map our content to the right audience. As such, buyer personas can enhance our lead nurturing efforts to produce true qualified leads.

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Top 5 Tips for Sending B2B Mobile Emails That Get Read and Acted Upon by CEOs

Mobile devices are creating new B2B marketing opportunities and challenges. Right now, email marketing is one of the areas being revolutionized by mobile devices. With statistics all pointing toward a shift in email consumption toward mobile devices, traditional email marketing methods and practices may no longer apply. We have to rethink our campaigns to facilitate sending emails to mobile device users in our mailing list. This post gives you five basic tips to help achieve exactly that.

Evidence supporting the rapid transformation in email readership is overwhelming. According to Return Path, around 81% of email opens were done through mobile devices with smartphones accounting for 27%. The number of emails opened through mobile platforms jumped 82.4% for the same period in the previous year.

From a B2B marketing standpoint, the above trend is also reflected in the business setting. A separate study shows 64% of decision makers like CEOs and other executives are opening their emails through mobile devices. This leaves you with a new horizon in your email marketing campaign. So, take a look at the following tips to help you create and send mobile-friendly emails to contacts in your CEO mailing list.

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Buying Telemarketing Lists – C-Level Executives Lists

Telemarketing is a marketing medium which is made use of by many types of companies and businesses. It is also a very successful industry in itself, having built up a reputation for services such as lead generation and appointment setting, as well as for various other functions. That being said, companies that have enough of a budget on their hands sometimes seek to emulate this approach, integrating it into their own marketing scheme and establishing in-house telemarketing departments. Through their telemarketers, they try to get in touch with their target company decision makers such as C-level executives. And since telemarketing is a direct marketing approach, it is quite effective in getting to these contact persons. Read more

How to Generate Feedback from Your C-level Email Recipients

In email marketing, it’s not enough to just grab your reader’s interests alone. Generating feedback from recipients is an equally-important step in email campaigns. This is even more essential when dealing with contacts from a c-level executive list. Because insights from these decision makers are quite valuable, you have to be able to get their take on issues, and here’s how. Read more

Some Practical Tips on Consistency in Small Business Email Marketing

As human beings, we all have a natural tendency to favor something that is consistent. In fact this desire is so great that we tend to look for consistency everywhere we can. As a marketer, you can use the power of consistency to your advantage. Take a look at these practical tips on maintaining consistency to maximize the returns from a mail list service. Read more