Top 5 Reasons That Drive CEOs Toward Social Media and Why These Matter To Your B2B Marketing

Around 57% of CEOs think social media will play an increasingly important role in their business over the next 3-5 years. This is according to IBM’s Global CEO Study which surveyed over 1,000 chief executives more than 60 countries. Accordingly, B2B marketers must go beyond this headline numbers and examine the reasons beneath such a trend in order to help them make more informed decisions in terms of lead generation, contact list building, branding, ads, etc.


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Top 5 Tips for Sending B2B Mobile Emails That Get Read and Acted Upon by CEOs

Mobile devices are creating new B2B marketing opportunities and challenges. Right now, email marketing is one of the areas being revolutionized by mobile devices. With statistics all pointing toward a shift in email consumption toward mobile devices, traditional email marketing methods and practices may no longer apply. We have to rethink our campaigns to facilitate sending emails to mobile device users in our mailing list. This post gives you five basic tips to help achieve exactly that.

Evidence supporting the rapid transformation in email readership is overwhelming. According to Return Path, around 81% of email opens were done through mobile devices with smartphones accounting for 27%. The number of emails opened through mobile platforms jumped 82.4% for the same period in the previous year.

From a B2B marketing standpoint, the above trend is also reflected in the business setting. A separate study shows 64% of decision makers like CEOs and other executives are opening their emails through mobile devices. This leaves you with a new horizon in your email marketing campaign. So, take a look at the following tips to help you create and send mobile-friendly emails to contacts in your CEO mailing list.

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How to Interpret Your B2B Email Open Rates

One of the most commonly-used email marketing metrics today is the email open rate. Despite its apparent popularity, however, it’s also one of the least-understood indicators of email campaign performance. The following are ways to help you correctly interpret open rates of B2B email blasts to contacts in your mail list.

  • Know how it’s measured. Before you work with any performance metric, it’s a good idea to have an understanding on how values like email open rates are measured and computed. Typically, email open rates are based on two kinds of activities that take place on the email page which are the loading of images and recipient’s clicking actions.
  • Don’t take it in isolation. A lot of email marketing metrics make little or no sense when taken separately from other indicators. For example, analyzing your open rates along with bounce and click-through rates from a round of emails to your CEO mail list offers better insight into the marketing strategy’s effectiveness.
  • Look at industry benchmarks. Email open rates may significantly vary from one industry to another or from one segment to the next. An open rate of 20% might have substantially different implications among two sectors. A good mail list provider can also give you information on various open rate averages.
  • Consider errors and inaccuracy. If you’re astute, you might have noticed something troubling about how open rates are measured. The measurement process depends on factors that may or may not take place even if your emails are actually opened by your mail list contacts. As such, it’s a good practice to account for discrepancies and errors when interpreting the results.

These are four steps that enable you to really make sense of your email open rates. Because this indicator tends to be misleading when taken out of context, it’s important for you to have some idea on how it works and under what conditions you should rely on it.

How You Can Grow Your Market Share through an Updated Business Mailing List

Reaching targets is the main goal of the marketing division of all companies regardless of size, sales revenue, location or industry. Every one wants to meet the projections made. If possible, all dream to exceed the quota. But then again, they are battling with the difficulty of finding prospects and bringing them to pipeline. With financial pressures and intense competition aggravating the situation, it is harder to reach marketing targets.

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What Should Your Business Mailing Lists Be Like

Obtaining an opt-in business mailing list is a pre-requisite in your direct mail campaigns. You highly need it to be assured that you will send your marketing messages to targeted prospects. If you want to invite them for seminars or trade shows, you can do as long you get the accurate mailing addresses of invited guests. If you want to showcase your goods or services, a bulk mailing can be done for as long as you are transmitting the letters or the brochures to existing addresses. Just imagine how an absence of a contact database can harm your marketing programs.

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Buy a CEO Mailing List From a Database and Technology Center

Gathering fresh contacts is a demanding, time-consuming and expensive engagement. For companies that cannot allocate some of their resources, or don’t have the expertise, they choose not to generate their own business contact list. Instead, they buy one. If they do, they are not just relieved from the heavy burden of making daily updates, paying people and utilities and dividing their time. Purchasing a database makes it possible to save every cent and second to what they want to focus on – marketing and selling products and services.

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Questions That Need Answers in Buying A CEO Mailing List

Are you planning to market your solutions directly to the chief executives? But unluckily, have no success in generating a database containing their business data? Well, do not give up hoping that you can talk straight to the CEOs. You still can get a business contact list storing their contact information. And that is by purchasing a CEO mailing list from an accomplished list seller. Before you choose the list broker, ask these following questions to them, hear their answers and evaluate if it satisfies you.

Do you have a database and technology center?

Why mind asking this query? Simple. You have to obtain a sales list that is only fresh and accurate. And having a database and technology center means that the service provider is making daily updates on their data banks. This makes their lists up-to-date and error-free.

Do you generate direct email addresses of the targeted CEOs?

There are some brokers who only provide generic mails, e.g. These addresses do not go to the inboxes of the executives. Instead, it leads to the email of the company. Make sure that the mailing list provider is only giving the specific email ads for you to communicate directly to the higher-ups.

Do you provide a data integrity guarantee?

You can get the most out of the business database if it is flawless. To ensure the data record you’ll buy is not erroneous, ask for a data guarantee. If the seller does, you can request for a free replacement of every outdated record.

When the chosen partner answers yes to these questions and demands a reasonable price tag, there is no doubt that you have landed to the right company.

A Powerful Sales and Marketing Instrument Courtesy of CEO Mailing List

Companies need direct interaction with the decision-makers to close business deals as cheaper and faster as possible. This necessity is driven by two different yet related factors. First, the competition is intense and fierce. Rival companies are doing anything to outplay other competitors. They will not allow their enemies to snatch potential customers away before they can concert them as their clients. This is why speed in landing in front of prospects is a pre-requisite in marketing and sales. Second, you need to spend wisely your money. You don’t have the luxury of cash to fund long-term activities that produce little results.

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