Rethinking Email Marketing

Email marketing has been most and the rich source of lead generation by B2B marketers. It’s like a melting pot of rich and authentic contact list of people from different fields of work. It’s every granule of information make it the most convenient way of reaching out real people. It’s like a portal or roster of business people you may or never heard of. Yes, email marketing is the root of lead generation services since its first broadcast in 1965. But email comes from different shape and sizes. Email can be accessed through different medium.

This media can be divided into two, desktop and smartphones. A survey shows the percentage of opened email vs conversion vs usage conducted to have a comprehensive study for market research. The data shows as follows.

  • 70% of opened emails came from smartphones and 30% came from desktop PC. This shows that most of the sent emails are being accessed with smartphones and only 30% from desktop PC.
  • 52% of conversion from desktop PC and 48% from smartphone. This shows that most conversion prefer website rather than mobile application since client can focus more on the details using a desktop than using a mobile.
  • Time spent in mobile is average of 15 seconds and time spent on desktop is average of 15 seconds and above. This shows that most of the conversion takes time in detailing the content of the email rather than just skimming through it.

From the data above, we can see the relation of conversion via device per time usage. We draw from the report that most of the emails sent are read and being studied by prospects through the use of desktop and prefer the conversion in the same manner. We can now tell how we should utilize the report by having comprehensive utilization of email content using a desktop or mobile device.

Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #3

The last step I can give out in terms of expediting your email marketing. Now that you have set the volume of relevancy of your email according to your consumer, you can now formulate the type of email. Take consideration in putting some money on your dedicated IP address. This would actually increase validity for your email.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails have high chances of being tagged as spam and will be automatically goes into the junk mail. This will lead your email being unread or worst ‘unopened’. In today emailing system, the obvious form of spam can be automatically detected by superior emailing address. In this area of innovation, one must not consider to exert effort on blasting marketing email. In the end, it does not give so much ROI.

Transactional emails

While the word said it’s so, transactional email is the opposite of marketing email. Transactional email has higher chance of readability and open rates.  Since transactional emails are actually based on the data prior to the behavior of your consumer. Its relevancy is high and once relevancy is high, open rates are high too. The best way to practice this is to send your email on a separate IP address for better monitoring, tracking delivery rates (failures) and troubleshooting without sacrificing your main email address.

Email Type

Further into details, in which your email type should be considered. One instance is how you follow-up a service retention email. Provided that you already know the outcome, you may send a special offer so to speak with.  Not only that, you also have to isolate customer service support mail.

The main goal for these blog is for you to deliver the best experience as possible for your consumer. It means directing your attention on consumer and much possible, making your emails to communicate directly to your consumers.

Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #2

Statistical Data and Attitude is another way in emailing strategy. Before anything else, in starting up in distribution of your email, you can begin with using the data wherein you can factor out the Statistical data of your prospects. This statistical data should include the following and then after you can follow up the pattern of action or attitude of your customer when it comes to using or buying your service.


Specification of area or location is important for state-based or area-based promotions. This type of promotions requires the quality and necessity of the product based on the particular area. Funneling down the specific area can help you target the actual prospect that has a higher chance of buying your product. These includes offers as well which may in return needed in that place. The problem in this type of targeting is that it also includes the time. For example, Texas only needs more utility service during Fiestas and such, thus only have limited to offer such service. But given so, this targeting is effective overall.


Specification of gender is important for gender-based preference promotions. Referring to such change in nature of your data may require such changes as too when it come in changing the preference gender of your prospects. Say for example that your prospect today may not be the same gender after a year or even a month. Content email list also provides how your email will be effective against your prospect.


Talking about the age does necessarily mean the young or old or mid-aged. It is a wide bracket that behaves differently in time. It starts with people aging from 18 years and above. The age-based targeting goes along with gender-based category. The two will determine the type of target of email lists.

Job title-based

This is vital when it comes in sending the proper email to your targeted clients. Imagine that you will be mistaken in sending an email of an employee member to a CEO member. That will sure eliminate the chance of you getting a prospect. Being appropriately accurate of the job title will dramatically increase of your chance of acquiring a lead.

Average purchase-based

This targeting is minimal. You only need to analyze the average usage of your current client in determining what and how you would blast an email to them.

Latest interaction-based

Determining the latest interaction can secure and persuade the consumer. This comes along with the use of what they did the last time and will  be follow up by a good offer through emailing.

Using Lead Generators for a Corporate Yard Sale

What are the usual goals of a yard sale? Mostly it’s just to get rid of old stuff you don’t need anymore. Still, it also involves selling old stuff you didn’t know you had but realized could make a few good bucks.

The latter can actually be an interesting business model for lead generators.

A corporate-style yard sale doesn’t have to be literal. You’re not going to start selling old, legacy servers out on the front of your office building any time soon. Rather, it’s a new way of looking at your business and finding something that could also be sold alongside your current product lineup.

ContactDB is one example. The company started out selling data but not we’re also offering our own marketing and lead generation services. Where did they come from? Obviously, there wouldn’t be all this data if there weren’t any call centers or email marketers to do the job.

Logically, it’s a cost-effective way to expand diversify your value propositions. Of course, it’s no magic bullet. There are several factors involved when successfully marketing your own corporate yard sale:

  • Prospects weren’t sure you’d sell it – In its early days, the search engine Google and the social network Facebook weren’t yet introduced to the idea of making a business out of their tools. They just built them. But then, time goes by and the possibilities opened up before anyone realized it.  Today both companies have a grip on the market purely because they’ve grown something really big in their garden. The same goes for your product. While you worked on an internal process or propriety piece of technology, your prospects have to be a bit unaware of any possibility to sell it.
  • Polish it real good – Just as you’d polish an old, mysterious ring you found in the attic, you should polish out all the kinks in your soon-to-be-new product/service. Pay close attention to customer feedback and how this secret product has already been affecting their current experience. Any problems you find could make its way when you launch it so start polishing now!
  • Market the changes as key features – The improvements you’ve made should be the highlight of your new offer. Suppose you’re in the healthcare business and you’ve decided to improve kinks in your home-grown EMR system. Competitors may have already made the same claim but at least you’ve had a good start on addressing what could’ve been a persistent problem. This would obviously make it easier to launch a product.

Selling something that you’ve long had shouldn’t be seen as some form of desperate move to increase revenue or an attempt to scam others with junk. Done right, doing a little corporate yard sale can help you present more value to potential prospects without adding to the cost.

Achieving The Goals of Marketing

Consuming bulk email services is an economical, profitable approach that all businesses can implement to join and engage with customers during email-based communication. At the opening stage basics of online marketing is adequate, but as the marketer become more and more cognizant of these plans, there are many superior characteristics that marketers will definitely want subsequently. On the other hand, the marketer may not use them instantaneously since they need to know about these characteristics before they would opt for it.

For services made for email marketing, marketers would target specific public domain or segment that may be interested in their services or products. These online services are utilized to enhance the clientele and grow new business opportunity and for this kind of work, marketers would need to send direct mails to interested email database. Email marketing has a scope to send message to the right person at the exact time. By using the services the business can inspire relationships with their clients on the importance of expectation and trust.

Now that the relationship is established, it is then time to nurture them. A marketer cannot simply obtain a contact and simply leave it there hanging. After conversing with clients, marketers should write down the details of their conversation on their business card so that they can record the information on their database for future use. Once the marketer has started in networking actions, they will start collecting a lot of business cards. The marketer requires making sure that they have right database to which they can store this amount of information. The database of contacts is the place where these important contact details are stored.

It is important that the ease of communication directly top prospects and clients be established without spending too much money, time and other resources. However, marketers would need to expand their business that could mean that they would need to spend more on time and money in order to cover geographical challenges. The database of leads is what marketers should secure as the business and consumer contact material is stored in the data bank.

Don’t Let Them Go

When the word “Spam” is on the screen, it is dreadful to see on the inbox. However there is another “click through” link that customers never bother to click for it is the unsubscribed link. While there is email marketers that would agree that minimizing unsubscribes are in their greatest importance, it is most likely the final measurements that ought to be checked. There are so many different measurements to follow-up on: deliverability, opens and conversions. However, there is the cumulative effect of even minor reduction in the unsubscribe rate that can have a noteworthy impression on the database files and revenues over time. Looking deeper into information and data other than superficial facts can help examine the root causes of subscriber desertion and all the valuable insights of the email program altogether.

Way Ahead of the Fundamentals

A good judgment dictates that in order to uphold a fit subscriber list, the emails then need to have an additional worth. They must pass criteria of several tests: Read more