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What Your IT Prospects Want to Read in Your Email & How to Deliver the Right Content

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 26, 2012

contact list, IT contact listContent materials that offer “practical advice” are what technology buyers, like those in your IT contacts list, want to read the most, among other things. This is according to a recent study cited by the Content Marketing Institute where the respondents consisted of both vendors and buyers in the tech sector. As a subset of this group, the prospects in your IT contact list most likely share the same preferences.

This post takes a look at the content that your IT prospects want to read in your B2B email marketing blasts and discusses some ideas to help you meet their content demands.

The survey mentioned by CMI reveals a lot of useful information on the things that make up quality content from the point of view of tech buyers and sellers. About 65% of respondents prefer to read best practices; 59% wantcompetitive comparisons” while 54% are attracted towards how-to guides. From the tech vendors’ side, 64% use facts/figures as foundations for their offer, 62% include business/technical aspects, and 58% use recent developments.

Another area that the above study sheds light on is the effect of content age on readership. About 41% of tech buyers want to read information that is at most one year old, 28% accept information between 12 to 18 months old, and 31% say information more than 18 months old is still valid.


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Six Best-Kept Secrets in Nurturing B2B Leads for IT Sales & Marketing

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 12, 2012

So you got yourself some fresh leads from your marketing efforts and your favorite B2B database vendor. Now, what do you do with those? That’s right: lead nurturing, and this post tells you six of its least-known secrets and how each applies to you, the IT marketer. Although you may be quite familiar with this […]

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Five Little Tips for Big Results in Using Pinterest to Target IT Managers

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 6, 2012

Pinterest is fast becoming the next big social media phenomenon. Within a matter of a few months, site traffic has increased five-fold while its user base has grown around 150% since the start of 2012, giving new opportunities in social media marketing. Companies are now using Pinterest to boost marketing activities such as growing their […]

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Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #10 – Best Practices for Building and Maintaining Trust

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 1, 2012

The lack of trust from customers and prospects is one of the causes of failure not only in marketing but also in business as a whole. That’s why this blog post focuses on five best marketing practices to develop and maintain trust not merely to convert your IT leads into paying customers but to build […]

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Business Lists for IT Companies: Well-Made and Organized IT Lists

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 15, 2012

The IT industry is amongst one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. With the massive improvements in technology, entire companies and a lot more of other businesses are integrating IT with how they operate on a daily basis. Also, the development of newer and more efficient software has got many companies probing […]

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