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From Dashboards to Contact Lists: Making Metrics Count

contact lists, leads database, business listNot everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

While the origins of the above quote is still debatable (whether it came from Albert Einstein himself or someone else), its meaning is quite clear and it’s profoundly true in many situations including modern email marketing campaigns. As email marketers, we try to measure things in our projects by using metrics, but that’s only part of the difficult process. From our campaign dashboards to our email marketing contact lists, we have to make our metrics count, not just count them.

We rely on metrics and analytics to give us snapshots of our campaign and its components, but we’re still the ones who have to interpret, filter, and act on the picture they provide. Our campaign dashboards can only tell us how fast we’re going, how far we’ve gone, or if there’s still gas left in our campaign; it’s our task to steer the whole thing to where we want it to go as well as decide how to get there.

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Using Feedback to Hear Your Leads Database More Clearly

leads database, business list, calling listThe legendary Jimi Hendrix was a genius at using feedback to create unique, out-of-this-world, and powerful guitar lines that few musicians have been able to match. In the hands of a novice, feedback is just unwanted noise but, under the control of experts, it’s an art form in its own right. Feedback’s usefulness isn’t limited only to sound and music but extends to marketing as well. We should also be using feedback to create something meaningful in our marketing campaigns – like understanding the people in our business leads database even better.

Although the analogy may not be as clear-cut at first, it’s not as outlandish as what you might think. As marketers, we’re constantly engaged in a process of communicating with audiences, and feedback is a necessary component of communication. Feedback is one of the ways we gauge how well our messages have been conveyed through the various mediums and channels we use. It’s also how we understand our audiences themselves.

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6 Ways that Your Email Content Can Guide Potential Customers in Your B2B Contact Lists

sales leads database, contact lists, contactdb, leads databaseAlthough content mapping has been mentioned in many of our earlier posts on contact lists segmentation and lead nurturing, very little has actually been said about it throughout these blog entries. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire write-up on this crucial concept in B2B email marketing. This post follows the generic buying cycle that prospects typically go through and provide some tips on the type of email content that’s most appropriate for each stage.

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Top 8 Tips on Optimizing B2B Landing Pages You Can’t Afford to Ignore

contact database, contact listsIn B2B email marketing, emails begin the conversation; landing pages start the conversion. As such, a landing page is the continuation of your email message and is where the call-to-action is (or isn’t) taken in its entirety. But are your landing pages really “converting” as much recipients from your business contacts list as you planned? Here are eight easy-to-apply tips to make sure that they do:


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Top 7 Personal Traits that Successful Professional B2B Email Marketers Have in Common

Business Database, Contact Lists, Sales Lead Databases, Contact DatabaseAbout 88% of B2B marketers make use of email marketing and sales lead databases as part of their main toolkit. Among other things, this figure means that there’s fierce competition within the ranks of B2B email marketers and, in the zero-sum game of email campaigns, some of them will lose while others will bask in marketing glory. But what makes a B2B marketing winner?

As you might think, there’s no straight answer to the above question. Success in B2B email marketing depends on a myriad of factors: active contact list management, relevant content creation, timing and frequency, and many others. This post, however, tries to answer the previous question by looking at the personal characteristics of B2B email marketers that ultimately affect their professional performance. In general, successful B2B email marketing practitioners are:

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Top 10 Tips in Creating Excellent Transactional Emails for B2B Marketing Purposes

leads database, fresh leads, email listsA recent survey conducted by SendGen reveals that transactional emails are helping expand the B2B leads database of many companies while enabling them to better retain existing clients. The study closely follows the correlation between the increase in email-triggering web apps and the sending rates for transactional emails which have now topped 600,000 per month. SendGen’s data also show that 26% of the email marketers surveyed are using transactional emails in the B2B setting.

This post discusses ten best practices in creating and sending transactional emails to recipients from a targeted B2B leads database.

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How to Identify and Target B2B Influencers in Your Email Campaigns

leads database, contact database, marketing databaseAlthough technically not a part of the “target” segment, influencers play a key role in the purchasing decisions of your target audience and should be included in your B2B marketing database resources. This post looks at a few basic guidelines to help you confidently identify and precisely target B2B influencers with your email marketing campaign.

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Six Ways to Boost Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign with the Help of LinkedIn

b2b leads, leads database, mailing lists, b2b mailing listsWith 161 million users and counting, LinkedIn is certainly the largest professional networking site today, growing at a rate of 2 new subscribers per second. As such, LinkedIn is one of the top destinations for marketers to generate online B2B leads. LinkedIn offers new opportunities for B2B email marketing with many features and functionalities useful to our campaigns.

This post talks about six tactics for B2B email marketers to enhance their results through incorporating LinkedIn into their projects.

The idea of using social networking sites to boost email marketing results is certainly not new. Studies have shown that 36% of B2B marketers integrate social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as part of their email marketing strategy. Of these, around 25% prioritize building leads database and B2B mailing lists while 35% say they use these sites to announce upcoming email newsletters and other content.

Exactly how LinkedIn fits in your B2B email marketing campaign depends on the purpose you want to achieve. These goals are basically three-fold: to build mailing lists, to syndicate content, and to gather/share information. This post gives you two tactics for each as follows:

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Five Tips Every B2B Marketer Should Follow When Joining Niche-Specific Online Communities

fresh leads, leads database, B2B leads databaseMainstream social media is dominated by a few names so overwhelmingly that many marketers tend to overlook smaller sites that serve a particular niche or sector. However, B2B marketing practitioners who actively participate in industry-specific online communities are discovering that these lesser-known channels are excellent websites to find leads in. Aside from generating fresh leads, B2B marketers are reaping the benefits that come with the quality of feedback and level of information sharing in these communities.

This post gives you a few pointers to help you become highly effective in using niche-specific online communities as part of your B2B marketing toolkit. But first, let’s have a look at some of the advantages you’ll likely get from participating in these online platforms.

While skeptics of industry-specific online communities prefer to operate within the boundaries the major social networking sites, advocates of these smaller platforms are tapping into more targeted audiences. Apart from growing their B2B leads database, the latter group of markets also uses sector-specific communities as a low-cost source of information, brand recognition media, customer service extension, and market research facilities.

To help you experience the full benefit of industry-specific online communities, apply these five tips in your own campaign:

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Six Best-Kept Secrets in Nurturing B2B Leads for IT Sales & Marketing

fresh leads, leads database, IT leads databaseSo you got yourself some fresh leads from your marketing efforts and your favorite B2B database vendor. Now, what do you do with those? That’s right: lead nurturing, and this post tells you six of its least-known secrets and how each applies to you, the IT marketer.

Although you may be quite familiar with this concept, it still bears repeating just to make sure we’re on the same page here. Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in touch with those in your leads database. It helps you discover and build relationships with your prospects by engaging with them in ways appropriate to how far in the conversion cycle they are.

Lead nurturing improves the efficiency of marketing/sales processes. Research claims that businesses that do well in lead nurturing grew the number of their sales-ready prospects by one-half while reducing related costs by one-third. Another study finds that organizations practicing proper lead nurturing saw 9% more sales reps reaching their quotas and shortening the wrap-up time by 10%.

Here are six powerful tips to help you apply lead nurturing effectively in your B2B marketing campaign:

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