Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Invalid Email Addresses

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Invalid Email Addresses

“What would happen when a customer registers an invalid email address into the marketer’s online registration, contact form or subscription page?”

Clients were asked  about the rate of their typo errors and their replies were mostly “If it bounces back, my ESP filters it out and removes it from my list. It’s not much of a struggle.” But truth be told, it is a struggle and is far more complex. It ought to concern any know-how email marketer.

Businesses ought to monitor the emails they procure. Customer emails are generally the life of their marketing efforts. It is okay to pay for them, yet spending excessively and not getting your money’s worth is bad by any means. The real cost of faulty email addresses is far more worrying than marketers, and the business as a whole, may anticipate. Certain implications ought to be put into consideration.

First, marketing investment are wasted. Odds are, that the lead that appeared on your site did not just accidentally wandered there. That it is your marketing effort that motivated that lead to take action and provide their email address and other personal information. In the instance that the business cannot reach out and engage this lead more, then the marketing effort and money you have invested, is good as useless.

Second, prospects left hanging. When there is a typo in the registration, it is a mistake. Anybody registering their email address on the business website does it in the belief of hearing news regarding new product or service updates, an email activity alert, or a promotional offer. At the point when that expectation is not met, the confidence placed by the customer has been broken. Worse, they may not even be aware that  business’ failure to connect was the consequence of their own typo error. They would then assume that they were not valued and is being neglected. The reaction would be disappointment, separation and a customer left to ponder what perhaps had turned out badly.

Lastly, decreased ROI. While coming up short on client expectations, there is an added (grudgingly) consequence to that and that is as the efficiency of those faulty email addresses are made smaller thus will be its Return of Investment in the email campaigns. Regardless of whether the business’ goal is an increase in sales, spur social appointment or petition for donations, undeliverable emails is a bane to the ROI.


Looking for IT Lists? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind


Looking for IT Lists? Here’s What You Should Keep in MindThe IT business is among one of the industry behemoths in the world today. With the fast-paced upgrades in innovation, businesses and a lot more are fusing IT in their operations. Likewise, the advancement of more up to date and more effective software has many businesses testing the market and opening their ways to potential IT providers who can give them quality service (and ultimately, help them at providing quality service too) for a reasonable value. On the other hand, IT companies themselves, dynamically search for approaches to acquire IT sales leads in which one of this approach is purchasing business lists. They can leverage such to reach IT managers and IT chiefs that they’re targeting.

While on the subject of lists, purchasing a list of IT chiefs and additionally list of IT managers is of an extensive advantage when you need leads. Utilizing an excellent list can bring in favorable outcomes like for example when your having a targeted email campaign and you purchase a mailing list of these mentioned prospects. Having a great number of contacts in your database in order to keep it loaded with potential prospects is a smart thing to do. However, there are instances where you need to manage any conceivable wasteful aspects that accompanies when purchasing business lists/IT mailing list from a business list provider. If you happen to have purchase an inaccurate and messed up business list, it would merely pull you down. As opposed to reaching prospects and working on business proposals immediately, you’ll rather need to first sort out the business list you purchase, which in itself takes up a lot of your time – time that should have better spent on closing sales and not struggling on your database.

So in case you’re in the IT business industry that is searching to purchase business lists from a business list provider, endeavor to choose a supplier that offers only accurate and well-segmented records. This can spare you significant time as well as help you in closing sales for your company.

Imperative Maitenance in Data-Driven B2B Marketing

Imperative Maintenance in Data-Driven B2B MarketingAs effortless as it may sound when said, maintaining data is not actually something that you can just breeze through. Even key employees, in many instances, acclimate to the gaps brought about by terrible data and the matter in question gets to distinctly escape the B2B marketing leaders. Taken cover behind those bounces and unsubscribes, is a hollow, brimming with wasted cash carelessly spent on B2B marketing of poor database.

A Data Hygiene and Enrichment Report conducted on 2015 gave way to the formulation of a five stage preparation as suggestion to enhancing contact database to boost client’s experience — and eventually, a B2B marketing’s potency. They are as follows; (1) Evaluate the current state of your database; (2) Build a data governance plan; (3) Formulate a data standardization strategy; (4) Identify channels for appending data and (5) Assess the tools at your disposal.

Creating a game plan for administrating and standardizing data are vital elements for a data driven B2B marketing. However, it is the initial step that is the most decisive: assessing the status quo of your database.

Correspondingly, this is the part where data check tools turns out to be very crucial: at the absolute starting point of the procedure. Coupled with a verification service to refresh obsolete records, dispose flawed data, and reaching out to past leads, you will take out a hefty portion of the email deliverability problems that always confront a large number of marketers.

Utilizing data to test theories and make choices has always been a much better solution for creating B2B marketing strategies than relying on instincts. However, it follows that if you want a data driven B2B marketing to work for you, prioritizing the quality of your data is a given.  For sub par data will throw off all your subsequent data and will also bound to hurt your B2B marketing endeavors.


How An Email List Should Point To Industry Culture

All right so your company is done with development, done with production, and now you have acquired an email list with details that will get in you touch with players in a new industry. But wait up, are you sure this is as easy as dropping down an email list vendor’s site, making a beeline for an industry category, and just clicking ‘Buy’?

You may not realize it but you have already skipped one or two critical steps to take before marketing to a new, unfamiliar industry!

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Five B2B Email Marketing Campaign Areas Where the 80/20 Rule Usually Shows Up

mailing list, b2b mailing listThe Pareto Principle, more popularly known as the 80/20 Rule is a seemingly self-fulfilling prophecy that states 80% of outcomes are brought about by 20% of the events that caused them and, inversely, 20% of results are caused by 80% of the preceding events. But there’s nothing magical about this tendency. In fact, the figures don’t have to be 80/20; they can be 70/30 or 99/1 or whatever. The whole point is that, sometimes, less contributes more while more gives less.

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Six Ways to Develop B2B Email Content that Actually Get Shared

email list, email list provider, executive email listGetting recipients like those in your C-level executive email list to read your messages is already an achievement in itself, but what about having them click those share buttons at the bottom of your emails? This would really be reason enough to give yourself a pad on the back. Think about the boost in brand recognition and online presence this would bring. But before you drool imagining this possibility, let’s first talk about a few ways you can use to actually get there.

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How to Segment Your B2B Mailing Lists According to Buyer Personas

mailing lists, mailing lists provider, c-level mailing listsBefore the terms “targeted” and “content” became inseparable in B2B marketing speak, marketing databases like executive mailing lists were typically segmented according to crude criteria like demographics and company profile only. Today, these segmentation methods are no longer up to the task of facilitating laser-precise content mapping with email and other marketing activities. B2B email marketers need more thorough segmentation techniques for mailing lists to match content and audience, generating prospects of the highest quality.

In the blog post “Six Smart Ways to Cut B2B Email Lists into Precise Segments for Targeted Campaigns,” we briefly discussed the idea of segmenting mailing lists using buyer personas. This post dives deeper into buyer personas and shows you how to do this method of slicing your mailing lists.

Buyer personas are categories of prospects based on certain unique characteristics they have, particularly their role in the buying process. These help us to better map our content to the right audience. As such, buyer personas can enhance our lead nurturing efforts to produce true qualified leads.

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The Four Areas in Your B2B Email Campaigns Where Twitter Proves Its Worth

email list, email list service, b2b email listA couple of blog posts ago, we saw how LinkedIn could be effectively combined with your email marketing in growing B2B lists, broadcasting content, and becoming a thought leader in your niche. Today, we’ll take a look at another extremely powerful social media tool you can use to enhance your B2B email marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Although having some similarities with LinkedIn in terms of impact on your email marketing projects, Twitter lends itself to other key areas in your campaign.

Over the years, Twitter has grown massively and now has around 500 million registered users. Each day, about 33 billion Tweets are made around the so-called Tweetersphere by its most active users, 50% of whom follow companies’, brands’, or products’ Twitter pages. That’s why 57% of companies engaged in social media marketing use twitter with 82% dedicated to B2B marketing – and for good reasons.

Twitter holds enormous B2B marketing potentials. In fact, B2B marketers who use Twitter are doubling their leads generated per month. Around 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow while 67% of US Twitter users say they’re more willing to buy followed brands.

These figures by themselves make it easy to see why B2B email marketing stands to benefit from adding Twitter into the mix. You can plainly see that Twitter can help you with such things as expanding your B2B email databases, promoting your brand/products, and elevating your online presence. But how exactly does this social site boost your B2B email campaign results? Here are four key email marketing areas where Twitter does its magic:

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Six Smart Ways to Cut B2B Email Lists into Precise Segments for Targeted Campaigns

email lists, email lists provider, b2b email listsA few posts ago, we touched the topic of B2B lead nurturing and the importance of matching content with audience. In email marketing, communicating with the “right” audience means slicing your B2B email lists into particular segments that receive emails of specific content. While you may be quite familiar with traditional segmentation methods for email lists, you really have to go beyond the basics and adopt more advanced techniques to come up with the best content-audience match possible.

This post discusses six segmentation options you can use to enhance your email marketing campaign’s precision and overall effectiveness. But, if you’re not yet convinced about the real benefits from segmenting email lists, take a look at the following real-world proof.

Surveys independently conducted by email marketing think-tanks show marked improvement in key metrics due to list segmentation of email lists. Open rates improved by as much as 18%; click rates increased by around 21%; and bounce rates dropped by 1.4%. Of the companies that practice email list segmentation, 39% saw better open rates, 28% observed lesser unsubscribe rates, and 24% noticed improved deliverability.

With these figures, it’s no surprise why 84% of B2B marketers use segmented lists in their campaigns, and you should too. Here are six smart ways to segment your B2B email lists:

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Top 5 Tips for Sending B2B Mobile Emails That Get Read and Acted Upon by CEOs

mailing list, mailing list provider, CEO mailing listMobile devices are creating new B2B marketing opportunities and challenges. Right now, email marketing is one of the areas being revolutionized by mobile devices. With statistics all pointing toward a shift in email consumption toward mobile devices, traditional email marketing methods and practices may no longer apply. We have to rethink our campaigns to facilitate sending emails to mobile device users in our mailing list. This post gives you five basic tips to help achieve exactly that.

Evidence supporting the rapid transformation in email readership is overwhelming. According to Return Path, around 81% of email opens were done through mobile devices with smartphones accounting for 27%. The number of emails opened through mobile platforms jumped 82.4% for the same period in the previous year.

From a B2B marketing standpoint, the above trend is also reflected in the business setting. A separate study shows 64% of decision makers like CEOs and other executives are opening their emails through mobile devices. This leaves you with a new horizon in your email marketing campaign. So, take a look at the following tips to help you create and send mobile-friendly emails to contacts in your CEO mailing list.

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