Opportunities Heralded By The Sales Leads Database

sales leads database, leads database, business mailing listFor every business, the goal is to promote their product to a wide range of audiences. Opportunities bring in new leads, especially those who are all set for the purchase. However, the firm does not know the “real” identities of their target markets; promoting to them can be a waste of effort and money. It is more practical to be more accurate with advertising their products and/or services. In order to eliminate this kind of problem, companies would need to have a good sales leads database.

This database assures the firm of successful prospects in their trades; it contains business contact information of targeted prospects. With this in hand, the company can get in touch with them, be familiar with their interest towards the offered products and services, and make arrangements to meet up with the purchasing team.

Companies ought to maximize the use of marketing campaigns so they should not confine the use of the database in simply acquiring new clients. This tool can be utilized in many ways, such as event telemarketing. The leads database can give the company all the necessary information of certain people who they should invite to trade shows, conferences, and even webinars. It is important for a company to be accurate with their audiences since it will really save them, not only time and effort, but money as well.


The benefits out of purchasing a business mailing list provide augmented sales leads. This is very crucial since as companies no longer have to spend so much on manpower services to complete their own business database. Providing their marketing campaign with precision targeted leads is a surefire way in closing more sales and achieving more profit.

A packed variety of plausible sales strategies can be put to good use when updated information about targeted prospects are acquired. The strategic point is to increase the cognizance among the customers about the products and services that are being offered. The result, there is an increase in marketing shares and a larger quantity of sales generated for the company. 

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Trying to Build a Bigger Sales Lead Database? Make it Smaller First!

sales lead database, calling listHerein lies the irony: how can you expand your sales lead database by compressing it? The answer is more obvious than you might think: quality over quantity. It’s utterly pointless to stuff your leads database with as much prospects as you can without considering how qualified or warm each entry actually is. In this way, you’re not really growing a solid list; you’re just blowing an empty bubble which is bound to burst sooner or later.

This post is based on a highly thought-provoking op-ed by Dan McDade published in the Direct Marketing News website in early July (see link below). Dan shows the importance of a smaller yet more manageable targeted B2B sales lead database where reps can source and follow genuinely promising prospects as opposed to leaving everything to chance with a cumbersome list of questionable prospective business buyers. Here’s how Dan outlines the process of streamlining marketing or sales databases to truly let them grow:

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Why Triggered Emails Boost Brand Experience for Recipients in Your Contact Database

contact database, sales leads databaseStudies have shown that well-developed and well-placed triggered or transactional emails can markedly increase revenue generation with an existing customer or prospect contact database. More importantly, however, these types of email messages enhance the brand experience that recipients encounter, resulting in better loyalty and retention in the long-run. We’ve briefly talked about this effect in the post “Top 10 Tips in Creating Excellent Transactional Emails for B2B Marketing Purposes” and now, we’ll delve deeper and examine why this is the case.

While triggered emails have contributed additional revenues amounting to approximately $3 million according to data released by Jupiter Research, other studies point out that as much as 26% of B2B email marketing campaigns rely on some form of transactional emails to boost branding as well. Despite being significantly automated, email marketers see triggered emails as a branding tool because, if properly implemented, these messages:

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6 Tips to Fire Up Your CRM for Email Marketing with a B2B Contact Database

contact database, sales lead database, email list providerA well-implemented CRM system and a top-quality contact database can take your email marketing campaign to levels you never imagined possible before. But you first have to take careful note of the terms “well-implemented” and “top-quality” and think about what these mean for your project. This post focuses on the CRM aspect of this tandem and provides some key insights on how you can optimize your CRM system for your email campaign.

A good CRM platform is more than just a piece of the marketing automation puzzle. It can potentially be one of your best tools to achieve strategic goals and business growth. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and shoot for the stars just yet. Let’s begin our CRM journey with a logical place to start – the email campaign.

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6 Tips for Developing Calls-to-Action that Yield Conversion Rates with any Sales Lead Database

sales leads database, b2b marketing database, contact databaseAlong with subject lines, content, and design, calls-to-action are among the most important elements of your email marketing campaign that contacts in your sales lead database and customer directory actually see and deal with. Calls-to-action are so essential that your emails simply can’t live without them. They tend to greatly influence conversion rates which are perhaps the most vital metric in your campaign. As such, it’s important that you get your calls-to-action strategy right early or throughout major junctures in your campaign.

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are what you use to point contacts in your sales lead database or some other B2B marketing databases to specific directions in your campaign. CTAs in email marketing are those components of your message (link, button, images, etc.) that offer a specific action, redirecting the recipients to another location called a landing page where further details can be found. As such, it’s really necessary to create CTAs that get the job done, and the following tips can help you do so:

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5 Reasons Why Sending Direct Mail in Your B2B Sales Lead Database Works

sales leads database, b2b contact list, contact databaseIn a digital world, it’s not easy to come up with good reasons to justify carrying out a direct mail marketing campaign with your B2B contact list. Why should you go for slower and clumsier direct mail when you can have the lightning-fast and laser-precise advantage of email? Well, it turns out that, although direct mail may not be as speedy as email, it can still achieve the targeting and conversion power of its digital cousin when done right.

In 2009, direct mail marketing saw its near-death experience when related activity slumped to all-time lows but, contrary to what most marketers believe, this channel didn’t actually die. It simply took a three-year vacation and has now returned with an exclamation point. In fact, recent data saw a 4.6% increase in direct mail spending to just above $50 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow steadily at 2.3% over the next few years. So why should you consider sending direct mails to your sales lead database entries? Take a look at the following:

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6 Ways that Your Email Content Can Guide Potential Customers in Your B2B Contact Lists

sales leads database, contact lists, contactdb, leads databaseAlthough content mapping has been mentioned in many of our earlier posts on contact lists segmentation and lead nurturing, very little has actually been said about it throughout these blog entries. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire write-up on this crucial concept in B2B email marketing. This post follows the generic buying cycle that prospects typically go through and provide some tips on the type of email content that’s most appropriate for each stage.

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Five B2B Email Contact List Segmentation Ideas to Apply in the Last Two Quarters of 2012

contact lists, email listsContact list segmentation for B2B email marketing is still a critical and evolving issue among many practitioners. While the more traditional methods of segmentation still hold some level of validity and usefulness today, these may no longer be as effective as they once had been, especially in the light of recent developments on how people access emails and consume information. This post looks at five additional segmentation criteria you can use to extend your present list management strategy.

The reasons why conventional contact lists segmentation methods may no longer be up to the challenges of today’s email marketing landscape lie in the changes that started taking place in recent times. Among these trends is the increasing use of mobile devices not only for accessing the Web but opening and working with emails as well. The next culprit would be the transformation in email filtering and management technology. Messages in an inbox are no longer sorted chronologically but according to the recipient’s preferences.

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Six Must-know Tips on Marketing Data Quality that Every B2B Marketer Should Apply

sales contact database, contact database, sales contact database, leads databaseRegardless of whether you’re running a multi-channel campaign or a single-platform project, your marketing efforts’ success depends, to a large extent, on the quality of data at your disposal. Nowadays, more than ever, B2B marketers rely on data stored in such formats as a targeted cold calling list, email/mailing list, marketing/sales contact database, and sophisticated CRM database. Social media also has greatly contributed to the data supply and demand situation as business insights become increasingly tied to customers’, vendors’, employees’, and competitors’ information online.

However, despite the growing focus on data-driven marketing campaigns, a lot of companies are still struggling in terms of having sound data quality programs. According to Forrester, only 12% of companies base key business activities on intelligence provided by quality data. This leads to considerable inefficiencies which the Gartner Group estimates cost the average firm about $8.2 million each year. Read more

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Top 7 Personal Traits that Successful Professional B2B Email Marketers Have in Common

Business Database, Contact Lists, Sales Lead Databases, Contact DatabaseAbout 88% of B2B marketers make use of email marketing and sales lead databases as part of their main toolkit. Among other things, this figure means that there’s fierce competition within the ranks of B2B email marketers and, in the zero-sum game of email campaigns, some of them will lose while others will bask in marketing glory. But what makes a B2B marketing winner?

As you might think, there’s no straight answer to the above question. Success in B2B email marketing depends on a myriad of factors: active contact list management, relevant content creation, timing and frequency, and many others. This post, however, tries to answer the previous question by looking at the personal characteristics of B2B email marketers that ultimately affect their professional performance. In general, successful B2B email marketing practitioners are:

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