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Hiring a Data Shaman for Potential Leads

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 16, 2015



Imagine the data you have on your database is like a single spirit. Locating a particular data in a pool of a million data is more likely summoning a spirit in the afterlife. Although database automation has been tragically popular in the past decades, company still hires database specialist to navigate their way through this sea of data.

Speaking of which, the data has to be so specific in description. Company may have to consider hiring a Data Shaman along the way. Data Shaman as the word describes, the one who manage, navigate and most specially has the instinct to locate a particular data among data.


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Should A Business Email List Forge Your Identity?

posted by Margaret Spencer on November 21, 2012

There is a lot that a business email list can tell you about your market. However, just how far are you willing to let it dictate what your business does? Do you really have to send a message to every single prospect on the list or do you just prefer a select portion?

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Software Marketing Survival Guide: Tip #9 – How to Plan a Successful Product Launch

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 31, 2012

As much as 80% of products launched in 2011 failed. Perhaps no other group feels this pressure more than software developers because of the rapidly-changing industry they work in. In order to be successful and generate enough software leads or buyers, a new software launch must be carefully planned, and here’s how: Apply the 4 […]

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