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Choosing the right database/contact list provider

posted by Margaret Spencer on September 29, 2016

Choosing the right database/contact list providerThere are an overwhelming number of database and contact list providers globally and each of them comes with their own edge and potential issues. Given this, choosing one could really get challenging. So here are some of the key considerations that would guide you in picking the right match.

  • Create a data set that satisfies your business’ data standard and segmentation criteria (So if you do not have one, you ought to lay it out now.)
  • Served and/or still serving reputable clients and have a major base of operations in North America
  • Verify and maintain the accuracy of their data to ensure its high quality. They should be able to keep up with people changing jobs, job positions, addresses, contact numbers, etc. and must gather their data from reliable sources or from personal interaction with the key contact persons.
  • Keep in line with FCC and CANSPAM regulations. Database and contact list providers compliant with these regulations does practices such as filtering out spam traps or steering clear of DNC registered numbers to avoid putting their client’s reputation and sender score at risk
  • Specialize in the industry you are targeting. Although, a lot database and contact list providers now specialize in a wide array of  industries and are pretty much flexible in customizing list for meticulous clients.
  • Offer Data Integrity Guarantee. That is, in the event that they have sold some outdated records, they will replace it without asking for additional charges.
  • Excellent client service (because it always boils down to those three words).

Never keep your guard down when selecting a database/contact list provider for your business. Always remember that substandard management and service begets substandard list. Take your time in contemplating who to select and do not be hasty. This way, you end up with nothing less than the best.

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Treading the Same Grounds in B2B Leads: Content and Call List

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 11, 2016

They’re not so different when it comes to B2B leads.             It is easy to perceive that content marketing and calling campaigns have different means in B2B marketing. The former earns the confidence of these B2B leads by employing the creation of content which is significant and useful to address business solutions sought by these […]

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Essential Queries in Telemarketing

posted by Margaret Spencer on September 11, 2015

In every call of your telemarketing agent in telemarketing, one very important thing needs to be asked. Why so persistent in asking? Should it be really that necessary in every call you got, you keep on asking all over the same question?  Should it all about the product or something? Should it sound like not […]

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Efficient Telemarketing Tips

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 4, 2015

The peak of the B2B telemarketing is to close a sale no matter what. Easy said than done and as far as it goes, most telemarketers are struggling to close a deal. Whenever you try to think about the clients that never had any interests in dealing business, telemarketers tend to be drowned in frustration […]

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Standing Guard

posted by Margaret Spencer on March 19, 2014

What would happen when a customer registers an invalid email address into the marketer’s online registration or enrollment page? When clients are asked what the rate of their typos is, their responses mostly comprise of “if it rebounds, my ESP sifts it out and eliminates it from my list. It is not a big deal.” […]

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How to – Succeed at Buying Lists

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 17, 2012

If you’ve read our previous post on how to fail at buying lists, then here we’re going to turn the tables and talk about how you can succeed at buying business lists. After all, buying business lists are an essential part of how some companies and businesses keep their sales pipelines filled with business contacts […]

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Buying Telemarketing Lists – C-Level Executives Lists

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 4, 2012

Telemarketing is a marketing medium which is made use of by many types of companies and businesses. It is also a very successful industry in itself, having built up a reputation for services such as lead generation and appointment setting, as well as for various other functions. That being said, companies that have enough of […]

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How to Instantly Fuel Your Sales Pipeline with Leads

posted by Margaret Spencer on October 10, 2011

Your clients are the lifeline for your business. Without them, you would only be sitting in one corner of your office, twiddling your fingers; provided you still have a business to run at this point. Simply speaking, no clients means no sales and no sales means no income. No income means no money to run […]

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