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For B2B Startups: What to Put in Your Lead Scoring Matrix

posted by Margaret Spencer on October 31, 2016

Knowledge and application about lead scoring are critical when entering the B2B  enterprise. It is a strategy that makes an objective system for ranking B2B leads. That is, potential clients are distinguished by attaching values to them in view of their actions concerning a product or service. Though these values may differ among companies, for the most part, it is featured by the leads’ interest towards the business or their places in the purchasing cycle.

For B2B Startups: What to Put in Your Lead Scoring Matrix

Lead Scoring Matrix is a tool used to facilitate such ranking of B2B leads. It is composed of two categories, explicit and implicit.

1. Explicit – refers to the fundamental information about B2B prospects that determines how significant are they to your business’ target demographic. The following fields should be found in this category:

*Company Name




*Job Title

*No. of Employees

*Products Purchased



*Lead Source



*Environment Technologies (CRM, ERP, etc.)

*Email Type (personal, professional)

2. Implicit – pertains to the behavioral information of your B2B prospects (i.e engagement activities they have done pertinent to your business) that determines how ready are they to begin a conversation with your sales. The following fields should be found in this category:

*Website traffic (Frequency, pages viewed, and the duration)

*Phone calls (No. of phone contacts with reps and length of conversations)

*Press release (No. of views, article type, and article sharing activity)

*Books/eBooks (Publications viewed, ordered or downloaded)

*Requests (White papers, infographics or product manuals viewed or downloaded)

*Subscriptions (Newsletters, updates, news or other progressing content)

*Video (Frequency, tag searches, and duration)

*Webinars (No. of webinars attended, duration of attendance and most recent event attended)

Lead scoring is an essential practice that can enhance your general sales efficiency. It guides other businesses, not just the B2B enterprise in recognizing potential clients, organize leads in view of their suitability and interest level and enables you to assess whether a prospect should be nurtured first or advance through the sales pipeline.

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Don’t Expect for a perfect Data List(And Here’s Why)

N.T.K about Data Purchasing: Don’t Expect for a perfect Data List (And Here’s Why)

posted by Margaret Spencer on January 6, 2016

I bet you’re wondering what’s N.T.K  and here what it means Need To Know, and I bet all of you have that same question going through your mind every time you’ll think about purchasing a Data List. “Will it be accurate or Will it be Perfect?” but as an Online Researcher, I could honestly say, “Don’t […]

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Comprehensive Categorization of Content Marketing

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 11, 2015

Many writers and editors dilemma are into producing new and authentic topic by not compromising the quality of work, especially in b2b content marketing. This happens when these people ran out of new ideas of what to present in a weekly basis or daily basis even. The problem is not the lacking of idea but […]

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Efficient Telemarketing Tips

posted by Margaret Spencer on August 4, 2015

The peak of the B2B telemarketing is to close a sale no matter what. Easy said than done and as far as it goes, most telemarketers are struggling to close a deal. Whenever you try to think about the clients that never had any interests in dealing business, telemarketers tend to be drowned in frustration […]

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Data Cleansing Tips for Lead Optimization

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 30, 2015

Looking for a qualified lead is just like finding a needle on a pile of haystack. The chances of getting the right are one in a million. Looking at the point value will sometimes make it hazy to point out what is really important in the set of data. Lead generation firm are finding the […]

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Amplifying Data and Expansion of Email Interaction Tip #2

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 23, 2015

Statistical Data and Attitude is another way in emailing strategy. Before anything else, in starting up in distribution of your email, you can begin with using the data wherein you can factor out the Statistical data of your prospects. This statistical data should include the following and then after you can follow up the pattern […]

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Quality Audience Data and its Origin

posted by Margaret Spencer on July 14, 2015

One trend in database management in B2B marketing and lead generation come the quality of data being gathered and used in the business. Database manager’s most common problem is how will they look and find a quality target in their database. Often they would come up with the idea of prioritizing quality leads in order […]

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Putting Business in Touch

posted by Margaret Spencer on May 22, 2014

It is with no doubt about the fact that B2B telemarketing is an intense, gruelling job that is not for the faint at heart. However, one can certainly make things easier by following time tested techniques that have been implemented by the best telesales of all time. The first among these tactics for effective B2B […]

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Leaving Nothing To Waste—The Contact Database For Email Marketing

posted by Margaret Spencer on September 23, 2013

Examples of manual advertisements include referring out flyers and renting ad spaces in magazines, newspapers and billboards, and in other forms of media. These are widespread approaches of advertisements in order to reach out to a great deal of audience; this is deliberated to be the classical technique to promote company products and services.Advertising complete […]

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Online Interactions With The Business Email Service

posted by Margaret Spencer on June 19, 2013

These days’ interactions have been made easier with the utmost common medium: the internet. When it comes to reaching out to customers, marketing companies use it and spend its uses devoid of constraints in order to raise their company and generate fresh and original customers. The internet and emails has under no circumstances lost its […]

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