12 Elements to Consider when Selecting an Email Service Provider (Part 2)

End-User Experience

Consider this right away when you’re selecting an ESP. Don’t be like those other companies who have taken them prospects or clients complaints before questioning their ESP about this matter. Remember that it is not just about your convenience of delivering emails but also the convenience of the email to be received, managed and responded to by the recipients.

A/B Testing and Reporting Capabilities

You can say that businesses who does dedicated email marketing do not take for granted A/B testing. The data extracted from it have always been exploited in pursuit of boosting email performance and increasing the success rate of email campaigns. Probe on your prospect ESPs A/B testing capabilities like what parts of your email can they test (CTA, subject lines, images, etc.), whether the test function they offer is built-in or have to be done manually and etc. Furthermore, you also have to check for the availability of reporting tools and their limitation. Reporting tools provide metrics that helps you track the performance of your email campaigns. Metrics such as the number of emails sent, notifications read, emails read, documents downloaded, documents viewed and email replies are some of the avenues in your email campaign you can explore using reporting tools.


One of the findings in a recently conducted study state that about 68% of emails were opened on a mobile device. In addition to this, another survey way back 2014 manifest that if an email does not display correctly on mobile, 71.2% will delete it immediately. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the ESP you can optimize you emails for mobile.

ESP Support

You’d want an ESP who will provide you hassle-free, round the clock admin support. Having to face an infuriating email issue late at night or at dawn without a prompt aid from your ESP or being passed around from rep to rep before reaching the actual technical resource will surely burst your bubble.


An ESP should guarantee you the privacy and safety of your email data. With that being said, it should operate on a standards-based encryption and protections to keep your emails secure from threats. Also, look over your prospect ESPs’ IP evaluation from Internet Service Providers. If they fall below a certain score, emails they send are bound to be automatically rejected and will be classified as spam.


When doing a pricing research, be inquisitive and delve into ESPs contract terms and fines for cancellation. Don’t be lured by those appealing introductory rates. Save yourself from being inconvenienced by inflexible contracts, hidden charges and heavy fines for cancellation. Remember to not ever settle on a mediocre service in exchange of saving money.

             Choose your Email Service Provider wisely!