Contact Lists – B2B Holiday Shopping

Is it a bad idea to buy contact lists this holiday season? You might think so given that a list of businesses and their owners is not much of a gift compared to the latest toys, brand shoes, or a sleek, new iPhone. However, your business is still a much cherished part of your life. Even if you are planning some holiday leave or taking a break from work, shopping for contact lists can be your way of giving it a present.

How To Turn Contact Lists Into Holiday Gifts

Now another reason why contact lists do not seem viable is that lower B2B activity could mean lower response-rates and lower sales leads. Whether it is telemarketing, email, or even direct mail, only fewer and fewer decision makers will find time to respond as Christmas day draws near. What purpose would contact lists serve then?

Here is what: They give you a head start.

More specifically, they give you something to start with once holiday breaks are over and everyone is punching back in.

It is not so complicated. The less time you spend browsing and buying contact lists, the more time you can spend actually using them.

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Think about it:

  • B2B business activity is mostly on hold – With decisions either too focused with shoppers or already on leave, businesses are more or less frozen. Any likely change that would normally affect the quality of your contact lists (e.g. change in staff) are frozen along with them.
  • You and your people have your own holiday time – You do not want to ruin the seasonal mood by worry about what to do next year. Stocking on new business contact lists could be all you need save time and take a break yourselves.
  • Possibility of discounts – Some list vendors take a leaf out of a retailer’s book and offer seasonal discounts on their contact lists. You should at least browse a bit before denying yourself a bargain. It is not like B2B suppliers cannot have a Black Friday of their own.

Of course, it also helps to have a basic plan in mind to go with the contact lists you are buying. Try the following suggestions:

  • Set a date – Mark the lists with a date that reminds you the best time to start using them. This gives you a day to look forward to after a long, winter’s break.
  • Time the date properly – Do a little research to help you determine the best date to start. For instance, your contact lists might contain industries that work earlier or later than others.
  • Make a brief review – Write down the basics of what you learned and planned. This is a failsafe in case you end up losing sight as to what your goals you had in mind in buying these contact lists.

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So what are you waiting for? December is still early but you can already start early with your B2B lead generation strategy for the new year. Start browsing for contact lists and give your business its own holiday shopping experience!